Mommy Or Daddy Baby Shower Game Ideas With Questions

Mommy or Daddy Baby Shower Game Ideas

Mommy or Daddy Baby Shower Games can be entertaining and revolve around different ideas. They can revolve around Who Knows Mommy or Daddy Best, and they can revolve around Who Knows Mommy Best. The play cards in different colors like pink, blue, green, and other colors can be printed to be handed out to the guests. You can print out questions that are already on the templates. You can also frame your fun questions. You can frame questions on mommy’s favorite chocolate, favorite ice cream, favorite corner of the house, etc. Questions are also often framed in clusters under different themes. You can play guess who mommy or daddy baby shower game to keep your guests entertained at the party.

What Is Mommy or Daddy Game? 

Mommy or Daddy Game is a fun, entertaining game that you play popularly at a baby shower. There’s a list of unimportant but amusing mommy or daddy questions handed out to the guests. Questions are asked, and the guests put the answers on the card. The soon-to-be mommy and daddy also participate in this baby shower game. 

What Will You Need to Play the Game?

The Mommy or Daddy game is very simple and requires very few things to play:

  • You can take prints of already available mommy or daddy game sheets
  • You can also create your list of 12-20 questions
  • Pens for each one to write

How to Play Mommy or Daddy Game? 

The mommy vs. daddy game is a simple game to play. If you are confused or do not know how to play, here are the rules:

  • You choose game sheets and print out the number of copies you want. 
  • Next, give out copies to each guest and ask them to mark answers to the fun questions on the sheet. 
  • The questions can be anything from who will change diapers to who will be more strict as a parent; from what’s mommy’s favorite food to mommy’s favorite color. 
  • You can give the guests around 3-4 minutes to complete answering. 
  • When the guests complete answering, you can collect a few sheets and read out the answers. 
  • This will surely induce some funny moments for the guests and the couple. You may or may not call anyone a winner. 

Theme-based Mommy or Daddy Game Questions 

If you are hosting a theme-based baby shower, here are some theme-based questions for you to play with:

1. Baby Shower Rubber Duck Theme 

Small cute rubber ducks are great toys to play in the bathtub, and they also create a cute theme for baby showers. You can print the game sheet below if you choose the Baby Shower Rubber Duck Theme.


  • Who is likely to engage in more conversations with the baby?
  • The baby will be fond of which parent more?
  • Who wants to have more kids?
  • Who will read out stories to the baby?
  • Whose name is the baby likely to call out first?
  • Who will be more protective as a parent?
  • Who will be the disciplinarian?

2. Baby Shower Jungle Theme 

This mommy or daddy ready-to-print sheet would be appropriate for your elephant-themed baby shower. It has 15 funny questions to entertain the guests. The grey and blue prints match each other quite well, and the adorable mommy and baby elephants make them suitable for a baby shower.


  • Who will be reading more to the baby?
  • Who will get the baby dressed?
  • Who will be the more helpful parent to the baby?
  • Whose appearances will the baby get?
  • Who will be more concerned about the baby?
  • Who will be the one to child-proof the house?
  • Who was born before whom?

3. Baby Shower Honeybee Theme

With warm and vivid colors, like oranges and yellows, this honey bee-themed mommy or daddy game sheet is a perfect combination for your baby shower. You can easily download the sheet and conduct the game to keep your guests entertained.


  • Who was more naughty as a child?
  • Who will do the potty training for the child?
  • Who was a trouble-causing teenager?
  • Who will pack the diaper bag swiftly?
  • Whose cooking will the child love?
  • Who has never changed a diaper?
  • Who was more challenging as a teenager?

4. Little Hearts Theme 

This theme is always great for a baby shower. You can decorate the setup with colorful little hearts or little hearts in soothing pastels. To keep your guests entertained, you can take prints of this heart-themed mommy or daddy game sheet.


  • Who is more expected to become the baby’s best friend?
  • Who will cry on the child’s first day of school?
  • Who will call the pediatrician more frequently?
  • Who will name the baby?
  • Who will sing to the baby?
  • Whose favorite is ketchup?
  • Who washes more dishes?

5. Baby Shower Floral Theme

Flowers make all events vibrant and joyful. So, if the soon-to-be-mom loves flowers, arrange for a brimming with flowers for a flower-themed baby shower. Check out the mommy or daddy game sheet to complement the floral essence.


  • Who slept tight as a baby?
  • Who is likely to prepare great food for the baby?
  • Who is likely to pamper and spoil the baby?
  • Who is likely to be carrying the baby more?
  • Who will be the more permissive parent?
  • Whose favorite flowers are lilies?
  • Whose favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla?

6. Princess Theme 

You can choose the princess theme if it’s a baby girl. Throw the most memorable baby shower for the angel of your life with this theme. Check out the mommy or daddy game sheet below for interesting questions. 


  • Who will fill up the whole house with the baby’s snapshots?
  • Who will get more games and toys for the baby?
  • Who was more mischievous as a baby?
  • Who has a bigger collection of shoes?
  • Who is a student of a catholic convent?
  • Who will help the child more with homework sessions?
  • Who thinks before spending money?

7. Baby Shower Baseball Theme 

When you know it is a baby boy, you can pick the baseball theme for the baby shower. This sporting theme would also be a huge hit with the friends of the daddy-to-be. Check out the mommy or daddy game sheet below.


  • Who will be the more amusing one?
  • Who will accompany the baby to a baseball game?
  • Who will wake up more frequently in the middle of the night?
  • Who is likely to nod to the child’s all requests?
  • Who will train the baby to play sports?
  • Who asked out for the first date?
  • Who is more rigid?

8. Pink or Blue Theme

If you have decided to do the customary pink- or blue-themed baby shower, check out the mommy or daddy game sheet below that goes with the theme. This sheet has 15 wacky questions, which the guests will love answering.


  • Who disclosed the news of the baby first?
  • Who will be the goofy parent?
  • Who will splurge on the baby?
  • Who is likely to take a bite of the baby’s food?
  • Who chose the baby’s first name?
  • Who chose the baby’s middle name?
  • Who loves blue?

9. Rainbow Theme 

While trying to find a cheerful and vibrant theme for a baby shower, you can think of a rainbow theme. It will be cheerful and will surely bring a smile to the face of the soon-to-be-mom. You can make copies of the ready printable games sheet with all the questions below.  


  • Who will get the hospital bag ready well in advance?
  • Who will be the first to put up the baby’s pictures online?
  • Who is likely to sleep when the baby cries?
  • Who will be more tolerant?
  • Who was easier as a baby?
  • Who takes care of all the finances?
  • Who was more challenging as a teenager?

10. Nautical Theme 

You can choose this theme when you know you welcome a baby boy. This theme is vibrant and stylish and does well with indoor and outdoor setups. You can check out this mommy or daddy game sheet and keep your guests entertained.


  • Who will put the baby to sleep in an instant?
  • Who was heavier as a baby?
  • Who usually takes out the everyday trash?
  • Who will take the child for the first boating experience?
  • Who keeps the car cleaner?
  • Who usually pays the bills?
  • Who cried out when they first discovered the pregnancy?

11. Forest Theme 

The forest theme baby shower is great if the soon-to-be-mom is an animal lover. As you spark up the site with adorable animals, you can take multiple prints of this game sheet and play the mommy or daddy baby shower game.


  • Who will have more queries for the doctor?
  • Who will be the one to sort out things in the house?
  • Who will attend the night feeds?
  • Who ate veggies as a child but now doesn’t even touch them?
  • Who was the larger baby at the time of birth?
  • Who ensures that the baby eats veggies?
  • Who is likely to ask around in the family and friends circle for parenting advice more frequently?

12. Giraffe Theme 

Here’s a bit of information on how giraffes give birth. When it’s time to deliver the baby, female giraffes push up the baby while standing, and the baby falls to the ground from more than five feet. You can choose this unique animal as your baby shower theme if you wish. You can check out the game sheet below containing all the questions.


  • Who will take care of the baby’s nappies?
  • On whom will the baby puke first?
  • Who will be teary when the baby utters the first word?
  • Who will train the kid to ride a bicycle?
  • Who will be late and will use the baby as an excuse?
  • Who is the driving expert?
  • Who is likely to be more forgetful?

13. Star Theme 

Stars are enchanting and are believed to give us direction, and they also make an amazing theme for baby showers. When the soon-t-be-mom has a dazzling smile like the stars and has a sparkle in her eyes, throw her a marvelous stars-themed baby shower. You can check this ready game sheet to keep all your guests entertained. 


  • Who will say “no” to the child more frequently?
  • Who will count stars with the baby in the night sky?
  • Who will dress up the baby in comic clothes and click pictures?
  • Who will keep the house neat?
  • Who will select the colors of the nursery?
  • Who will get beautiful star-themed bedspreads for the baby?

14. Farm Animals Theme 

If you have grown up on a farm, you surely miss the Did you grow up on a farm? Do you miss the sweet scent of the grass and the cute baby animals? Bring back those tender recollections with a farm-animal-themed baby shower. You can check out this mommy or daddy game sheet and keep your guests entertained. 


  • Who will organize the baby’s vacations?
  • Who is expected to keep a picture of the baby in their purse/wallet?
  • Who will cherish the phase of pregnancy more?
  • Who provided the baby nicknames already?
  • Who will make the child participate in feeding farm animals or pets?
  • Who smiled first as a baby?
  • Who will go to drop the baby at school?

15. Unicorn Theme

Unicorns are horse-like mythical creatures with magical powers. They make a wonderful theme for baby showers. You can go for soft colors for the decoration, and you can also bake a unicorn cake. You can take prints of this unicorn-themed game sheet. 


  • Who is likely to be more nervous in the labor room?
  • Who chose the baby shower theme?
  • Who will buy more clothes for the baby?
  • Who will be the helicopter parent?
  • Who makes up after a tiff?
  • Who will do funny voices and baby-talk?
  • Who will be the first to surrender when the baby cries for something?

This article will help you in a great way to throw a memorable and exciting baby shower. Whether the baby shower is for your best friend, your sister, or your sister-in-law, you can decorate the venue in a very attractive way. You can organize different themes for the baby shower. You can choose from the rubber duck theme, the giraffe theme, the farm animals theme, the star theme, the nautical theme, the farm animals theme, the rainbow theme, the baseball theme, the princess theme, the floral theme, and many other themes for the baby shower you will be organizing. Check out the article to know how to play the mommy or daddy baby shower game. You can check out the mommy or daddy questions in the game sheets above and get a wonderful way to keep your guests completely entertained. 

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