Baby Shower Game Questions & Answers For To Be Mom, Dad & Guests

Baby Shower Trivia Questions & Answers for To-Be Parents and Guests

The birth of a tiny little member of the family is celebrated in all parts of the world, but there are many cultures and traditions where celebrations also happen before the baby’s birth, also commonly known as a baby shower. A baby shower is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being pregnant to celebrate the arrival of your little one with your closest friends and family. This function is celebrated in different ways in different cultures, and one such way to enjoy it is by playing baby shower trivia with the guests.

Baby shower trivia is a unique concept that both entertains and informs you about interesting facts about babies. It is an excellent icebreaker for guests that are new parents or haven’t met your other guests. If you are intrigued to find out some fun facts and trivia associated with baby shower, it’s best to read the following post as we’ve compiled a list of entertaining baby shower questions to make this celebration a blast!

Interesting Baby Shower Questions and Answers

Here are some interesting questions to ask at a baby shower trivia:

1. At what age babies can taste salt?

Answer: Babies can taste sweet and sour, but it is only by 3 to 4 months of age that their taste buds can recognise salt.

2. Which is the first sense a baby acquires after birth?

Answer: The sense of touch.

3. Are babies born without kneecaps?

Answer: Yes, babies are born without kneecaps. They, instead, have cartilage that later turns into bone as babies grow and develop.

4. On average, how much does it take to raise a child from birth to 17 years, in America?

Answer: It may take approximately 285,000 USD on average.

5. At what age a baby can smile socially?

Answer: Anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks after birth.

6. How many bones does a newborn baby have?

Answer: A newborn baby has 300 bones in his/her body.

7. How long does it take for the fingerprints to appear on a baby’s fingers?

Answer: Newborn babies have shallow and fine fingerprints, and they become prominent after six months of age.

8. How far can a newborn baby see?

Answer: A baby can see only up to 8 to 14 inches.

9. Which is the colour that babies recognise first when their colour vision begins to develop?

Answer: Babies observe the colour red first then other colours, and by five months of age they can see the full spectrum of colours.

10. Name some popular baby shower games.

Answer: Bingo, Guess the Price, Feed the Baby, Sharing baby stories, You Can’t Say That, etc. are some popular baby shower games.

11. What was the most significant attraction in Khloe Kardashian’s baby shower?

Answer: There were adorable elephant sculptors that were made of flowers.

12. Which colours were used for Ximena Duque’s baby shower?

Answer: All the decorations were done in grey and pink colours.

13. What was so special about Eva Longoria’s baby shower?

Answer: The baby shower decor was done in a bright yellow colour!

14. At what age do babies start having actual tears?

Answer: Babies start crying at birth, but babies start having tears by one month of age.

15. Which colour was associated with baby boys in the 1900s?

Answer: It was the colour pink because the concept of associating colours with genders didn’t happen back then.

16. What are disposable diapers called in South Africa?

Answer:  Disposable diapers, which are usually known as Diapers in the US and Nappy in the UK, is called Disposables in South Africa.

17. What is the actual percentage of babies who are born on their due date?

Answer: Studies reveal that about 4 to 5 per cent are actually born on the exact due date. However, approximately 80 per cent are born anywhere between 38 to 42 weeks.

18. What is the highest number of children born to a woman?

Answer: It is whooping 69!

19. How many extra calories should a woman eat in the third trimester?

Answer: In the third trimester, a pregnant woman should consume approximately 500 calories over and above the regular calorie intake.

20. How long does it take for a baby to recognise/differentiate between familiar people?

Answer: By approximately 3 months of age, babies can differentiate between familiar and unfamiliar faces.

21. How can you say ‘baby’ is Japanese?

Answer: A baby is called Akachan in Japanese.

22. There is a scientific term for when a sperm and egg unite, what is it called?

Answer: It is called a zygote.

23. How long does it take for a baby’s eye colour to get fixed or permanent?

Answer: It may take up to 1 year for a baby’s eye colour to become permanent!

24. What was the birth weight of the heaviest baby born to date?

Answer: According to Guinness World Records, the heaviest baby born was 22 pounds and was delivered by Giantess Anna Bates in 1879. The boy survived only for 11 hours.

25. When can babies recognise themselves in the mirror?

Answer: Babies can begin recognising themselves anywhere from 18 months to two years of age.

26. What is the most essential ingredient required to make a ‘diaper cake’?

Answer: It is the Diapers!

27. What is the highest number of teeth a baby is ever born with?

Answer:  Sean Keaney of the UK was born with 12 teeth! This record is also mentioned in the Guinness World Records.

28. What is the tentative age when babies start crawling?

Answer: Most babies start crawling anywhere between 6 to 10 months of age.

29. What can babies do that is almost impossible for adults?

Answer: Babies can swallow and breathe at the same time.

30. What is the average amount of steps that a toddler can take in an hour?

Answer: A toddler can take approximately 2400 steps in an hour.

31. What is the proportion of a baby’s head to its body at birth?

Answer: A baby’s head is one-quarter of the size of its body at birth.

32. What is another name for a pacifier in England?

Answer: A pacifier is also known as a dummy.

33. What is forbidden or is not a done thing for a pregnant woman in Turkish tradition?

Answer: Pregnant women should avoid looking at monkeys, camels, bears, etc. and looking at pleasant things is encouraged because it can help them produce a beautiful baby.

34. At what age the baby doubles his or her birth weight?

Answer: It is around 5 months of age that a baby is usually double his birth weight.

35. What was the weight of the lightest baby ever born and survived?

Answer: Saybie was the lightest baby ever born with a birth weight of 245 grams, in the US.

36. Which is the evil mythological character that is not used in a lullaby?

Answer: Lilith is the evil character that is kept at bay in lullabies because this demon was believed to steal the souls of children.

37. Which music group composed the famous song ‘Baby Love’?

Answer: The music group was ‘The Supremes’.

38. Who usually organises or hosts a baby shower for the mommy-to-be?

Answer: It is either close friends or family members.

39. What is the approximate rate of cesarean deliveries in the United States?

Answer: According to a study revealed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provisional, approximately 31 per cent of deliveries were by cesarean.

40. How long does an average pregnancy last?

Answer: It is for approximately 40 weeks.

Baby Shower Trivia Questions

Baby Shower Quizzes for Parents

These baby shower game questions and answers for parents will determine which partner would do what when the child arrives or admit that they would both be guilty as charged!

1. Who would rather do housework while their significant other cares for the baby?

Answer: The father prefers to do it because the mother must care for the baby around the clock.

2. Who do you believe will become obsessed with dressing up the baby?

Answer: The mother would be preoccupied with dressing up the baby.

3. Who is looking forward to the baby shower the most?

Answer: Of course, the to-be mother.

4. Who do you think would be good at singing lullabies?

Answer: The mother.

5. Who do you think would volunteer to change the diapers on a regular basis?

Answer: The father would assist with diaper changes.

Baby Shower Questions for Mothers

This baby shower quiz will provide an excellent opportunity for the expecting mother to reflect on her childhood experiences and plan the journey. Here are a few questions to ask at the baby shower to the mother.

1. What was your favourite nursery rhyme when you were a child?

2. What was your favourite book when you were a kid? Have you purchased books for your baby?

3. How did you tell your partner about the pregnancy? What happened?

4. Do you have any ideas for baby names? How did you finalise those?

5. Have you done any research on babies?

Baby Shower Questions for Mothers

Baby Shower Questions for Fathers

Fatherhood is not rocket science, but it also does not come easy. Trust us; it builds on itself. Just give love and care to your baby, and you will become a great father. Let’s check out some questions you can ask the to-be father to make the baby shower game more interesting.

1. What aspect of the baby’s arrival are you looking forward to?

2. What are your plans when your baby arrives?

3. Do you think you’ll be able to answer all of your little one’s questions while growing up?

4. How do you think you changed after finding out you were going to be a father?

5. Who do you believe would be harsher on the child, and why?

Question for the Guests for Baby Shower Celebrations

How can we forget guests? Here’s a list of some funny baby shower questions for guests!

1. Which celebrity baby’s development and growth have you been keeping track of?

2. How do you intend to balance work and parenting? Is there any advice from the group on this?

3. What advice would you like to give to our favourite couple today?

4. Where do you envision your first family vacation?

5. How do you intend to decorate the baby’s room? Have you chosen your colours?

These are just some of the interesting facts and trivia for the parents-to-be. You can collect more such data or even use personal information or fun incidents to make the trivia questions more fun and interesting.

Infographic: Baby Shower Trivia Questions & Answers for Parents and Guests

Interactive Baby Shower Trivia Challenge Your Guests' Parenting IQ! - Infographic

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