How to Remove Pencil, Pen & Crayon Marks from Walls

Simple Tricks to Remove Marks from Walls (Pencil, Pen and Crayons)

It is a moment of pride when you see your child turn into an artistic genius – however, not so much when his works of art are splashed along your walls! Children are curious. You give them a few pencils, pens, and crayons, and they are bound to scribble on pretty much any surface they see, and unfortunately, walls seem to be their most popular victim. Read on to find out easy ways to remove pencil, pen, and crayon marks from the walls in your house.

How to Get Pencil, Pen and Crayon Marks Off the Walls

You cannot always possibly keep an eye on your child and ask him to stop scribbling all over the walls. You can make your child understand that a paper or book is a better choice, but meanwhile, you will have to deal with the existing marks all over your house. So if you are wondering how to remove pencil and crayon marks from walls, then here’s how:

Ways to Remove Pencil Marks

Pencil marks are easier to remove, as opposed to pen or crayon marks. Here are a few ways to remove pencil marks from walls:

  • Using an eraser to strike off pencil marks is a no-brainer. You can use a good eraser to erase the marks on the wall gently. Make sure you do this slowly and gently; if you don’t, it might make it worse.
  • Art gum erasers are strong enough to absorb graphite. You can try removing pencil marks on your walls with this as well. They are available at stationery or art stores, and online too.
  • We all know that baking soda can do wonders when it comes to cleaning. This holds good for pencil marks across walls as well. Mix some baking soda in a bowl of water, and dip a clean cloth into this solution. Use the cloth to gently rub away the pencil marks.

Woman cleaning her wall

  • Your daily white toothpaste can do more than just cleaning teeth and killing germs; it can help remove pencil marks on walls as well. Squeeze a tiny amount of toothpaste onto a soft, clean cloth, and gently rub the marks off your walls.
  • You can try using a dry cleaning solvent as well. These are available at local stores. Dry cleaning solvents are used to remove stains and dirt from surfaces.
  • Melamine foam erasers or melamine foam sponges are another great way of removing pencil marks from walls. All that you should do is wet the sides a little and rub it gently along the marks. It is an effective abrasive cleaner and is used for cleaning stains on various surfaces like the walls, counters, and floors.
  • Mild detergent can be used to remove marks from walls as well. Dilute a very small amount of detergent in water, and use a clean cloth to wipe away the marks gently. Make sure you use a very mild detergent to avoid the removal of paint from the walls.

Ways to Remove Pen Marks

Here are a few effective ways to remove pen marks from your walls:

  • Nail polish removers can remove tough stains like nail paints, so it can come in handy while trying to remove pen marks along walls as well. Dip a cotton earbud in some nail polish remover, and gently try to remove the marks. Use it carefully, as rubbing too hard might cause the paint to come off, too.
  • Toothpaste, as we mentioned above, can help remove pencil marks, and it can help remove pen marks as well. Gently dab a small amount of toothpaste onto a soft cloth, and wipe it across the stains.
  • If these tips and tricks do not work, you can get yourself some commercial products from the stores like ink and stain removers that can help remove pen marks from walls.

Ways to Remove Crayon Marks

Crayon marks happen to be one of the most stubborn stains there are, as compared to pencil and pen marks. But removing these marks is possible as well, and here is how:

Ways to remove crayon marks

  • Crayons are usually wax-based products, which means they can melt. Use your hair dryer to melt the marks off your walls. Once the stains start to melt, gently wipe them away with a cloth and some mild detergent.
  • While mayonnaise makes for a great dip and spread, it can also work wonders in removing crayon marks from walls. Apply a large amount of mayonnaise over the marks, and let it be for a few minutes. After this, use a clean cloth to wipe away the crayon and mayonnaise. Once you have done this, use another clean, soft cloth and some water to wipe the wall.
  • Use a ruler or a flat object to scrape off the crayon marks. Do this gently. Once you have removed the most of it, wipe the area with some mild detergent and water.

Most of these methods work effectively. You might be tempted to go ahead and paint your walls, but do this only when you are sure that your kid has learnt to stop scribbling on walls. Before trying the methods suggested above for removing marks from your walls, do keep in mind the type of paint you have used. This is because some of these methods may not be good for specific types of paint and you will end up ruining the wall.

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