15 Best Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Girl

15 Best Gift Ideas for a 5-year-old Girl

Infused with abundant curiosity and energy, five-year-olds can bowl you over with their winning charm and dazzling smiles. The joy that they experience on being gifted something unique is unmatched and unparalleled. Some 5-year-olds love to play pretend, some love to create, and some love to just let their imagination go wild. Each child has their own individual levels of interest, and it is based on those factors that one should make the choice for the ideal gift for kids.

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Things to Consider While Choosing a Gift for 5-year-old Girls

At the age of 5, children do have lengthier attention spans. Girls, especially, are more mature than boys and tend to show a preference for learning new things and adapting themselves to the environment around them. To help them improve their level of focus, toys, games and activities that can hold their concentration for a long time are the ideal choices for great gifts. Five is the age when kids generally start school. So the best option would be to opt for a gift that will help with their education and also be fun at the same time. Toys which require a particular skill or something that garners and nurtures their native interest is the best way to start.

15 Innovative Gift Ideas for Your Five-year-old Girl

What do you get a 5-year-old for her birthday? Amazing gifts like princess dolls, mermaids, unicorn merchandise, tech toys, and more are the first things that spring to your mind. Take a look at these fantastic choices to just narrow down your decision for birthday gifts for 5-year-old girls.

1. A Karaoke Machine

Your little girl or anyone aged 5 would show a sense of rhythm by that age. A karaoke machine or a hand-held microphone with inbuilt tunes are sure to awaken the musical genius in her and make her feel like a rock star. Most of these machines can be easily connected to the television. This can be the perfect way for her to spend time with the family, because it doesn’t just make for a great gift for the little girl, but for the entire family!

Karaoke machine for kids

2. An E-book reader

It’s the day and age of technology, and kids today are super tech-savvy. If you are opposed to the idea of tablets, but want something that can store a lot of books, an e-book reader is a perfect choice. This is one way for you to inculcate the habit of reading in your little girl, and also, to have a ready collection of her favourite books in case you’re travelling on holiday with her and need to keep her entertained.

E-book reader

3. Lego

Lego toys for a 5-year-old baby girl is another ideal gift choice. Girls can put their fine motor skills to use with this set and build monuments. Legos are a great way to hone building and structure skills in your 5-year-old. You may be surprised by the creativity that comes forth.

Lego toys for girls

4. Remote-controlled cars

Who says girls don’t love cars? Your 5-year-old may love to race her car around the house. If you know that your daughter will enjoy this, it can be a great choice for her. While you’re at it, there are trucks, aeroplanes, and more to choose from.

Remote-controlled cars for kids

5. A Magic Set

If your kid has shown any interest in magic before, you can get a starter magic kit for her. You can also get this if you want to encourage her to build her creativity. Kids love tricks and your little girl will love it more when she can trick you with her skills.

Magic set for little girls

6. A Bedroom Makeover

This is something your baby girl will get to experience every day as she goes to bed. Get her bedding which has pictures of her favourite movie characters and she’ll love you for it. Let her dreams be filled with castles and dragons, and of princesses just like her!

Princess bedroom

7. A Clay Set

From getting messy to creating art, playing with a clay set is the perfect little way for your little girl to spend her playtime. Your little girl will enjoy making new creations of her own with this clay set.

Modelling clay set

8. Musical Instruments

From toy pianos to guitars, you can gift your little girl an instrument to spark her interest in music. You never know – this may turn out to be her true calling in the future, and gifting her an instrument may just lay the foundation for it!

Musical toys

9. A Hair Accessories Craft Kit

A fun craft kit for girls and their pyjama parties, with everything to create beautiful hair accessories in different colours and patterns, can make her absolutely thrilled.

Hair accessories kit for girls

10. A Jewellery Kit

For your little fashionista – a jewellery set lets your girl experiment with her innate sense of style and create necklaces and pendants that could make for gifts for her friends.

Jewellery making kit for kids

11. A Dollhouse

A dollhouse may be a dream for many girls. Playing ‘house’ with dolls living in a spectacular dollhouse is enough to get your girl imagining fun stories. The many different pieces will contribute to the stories she can create and will spark her imagination.

A dollhouse for kids

12. Books

From fairytales to fun facts, there are several books that cater to 5-year-olds that can make for the perfect gift. Inculcate a reading habit in your daughter early on, so that she can go on to be socially and academically ahead of her peers with good communication and language skills.

Books for little girls

13. A Bicycle

This is the perfect age to get your daughter her first bicycle. Make this gift a memorable one that she will cherish for life, as apart from the bike itself, learning how to ride one will be a wonderful experience for her.

Little girl bicycle

14. Puzzles & Board Games

Puzzles and board games like Monopoly, Chess, Snakes & Ladder, etc., can be great options to keep her occupied. These are gifts that can serve her for years to come and help her built her intellect in the meantime.

Puzzles and board games

15. Journal

Writing is something that needs to be cultivated from a very young age, and a journal will encourage your girl to pen down her memories and develop her language too.

Diary for a little girl

Even with so many choices, you may still seem to find yourself racking your brains to find the perfect gift. Just remember you do not have to spend a lot of money on your 5-year-old – each age is a milestone, and each gift could help her polish her skills and talents, as long as it is age-appropriate and keeps her engaged.

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