Top 10 Best Baby Carriers in India of 2023

10 Best Baby Carriers

You may be anxious about leaving your baby in the crib or playpen while you go about your tasks. Or you may simply want to keep your baby close at all times. Whatever the reason, a baby carrier is a great option to consider. But from the plethora of choices, which one should you choose? To solve your dilemma, we’ve listed the best baby carriers in India. Take a look!

List of Top 10 Baby Carriers in India

Here are some bestselling carriers that you can consider for your baby. Also, think about its pros and cons, your baby’s age and her specific needs.

1. Babyhug Comfort Nest 3 Way Baby Carrier With Adjustable Infant Head Support

This 3-in-1 baby carrier allows parents to carry their baby in three different positions thus making it a comfortable experience for both the parent and the baby.

Product Description

Babyhug Comfort Nest carrier gives you three carry positions – face-in, face-out and also on the back. The carrier is designed with contoured shoulder straps for added comfort and has adjustable head support for the baby. It is ideal for newborns to 24-month-old babies and can hold up to 14.5 kgs.

2. LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier

This baby carrier supports 4 positions and has been made by one of the best baby carrier brands.

Product Description

It has mesh fabric, two adjustable padded straps on the shoulders, and a waist belt that gives lumbar support. The armholes and leg opening in this exceptionally soft baby carrier are cushioned for the ultimate comfort. It also offers a removable hardboard that supports her head and neck.

3. Babyhug First Blossom 3 Way Baby Carrier With Detachable Bib & Head Cushion

This baby carrier comes with a detachable head cushion to protect the baby’s little head.

Product Description

The carrier has three carry positions- face-in, face-out and back facing-in. The cushioned leg opening and the 3D mesh lining work in favour of your baby’s comfort. Suitable for babies from 0-18 months, it can support up to 12 kgs.

4. R for Rabbit Hug Me Elite Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is perfect for growing babies and is specially developed to lend proper support to the baby’s head, neck, spine and hips.

Product Description

It has a front carry face in, front carry facing out, and back carry position that gives parents the flexibility they need. It is suitable for babies between 6 months to 3 years of age. The breathable cotton material gives the baby a cool, padded and comfortable ride.

5. Mee Mee 4 In 1 Advanced Premium Baby Carrier With Expandable Seat & Padded Waistbelt

This travel-friendly and easy to use carrier can also be used in all weather conditions.

Product Description

This carrier’s ergonomic design ensures that the baby’s head, back and hips are correctly supported from birth. The foldable soft cushioning near the headrest and the cushioned seat aim at providing the best possible level of comfort to your little one. Suitable for babies from 0 to 24 months of age, it can support up to 15 kgs.

6. Babyhug Kangaroo Pouch 3 Way Baby Carrier Flexible Head Support

This carrier supports the upright position facing inward and outward; and easy back carrying positions, making it a versatile one.

Product Description

This Babyhug Kangaroo Pouch carrier has a padded pouch and adjustable back that can be folded to make more room for the growing baby. It has a front pocket that comes in handy for keys, cell phone, or the baby’s favourite toys, and can support up to 10 kgs. It is ideal for babies from 3 to 12 months.

7. Mee Mee Lightweight Breathable Baby Carrier

This Mee Mee carrier is designed to accommodate as many as 4 positions for carrying your tiny tot – front-facing and back-facing positions, and front-facing and back-facing kangaroo positions.

Product Description

The carrier is made of premium quality fabrics that are safe, breathable and gentle on your baby’s skin. The soft cushioning near the headrest help protect and support the baby’s delicate scalp and sensitive neck area. Suitable for babies from 0-2 years of age, this carrier can support up to 12 kgs.

8. Infantino 4 Way Carry On Multi Pocket Baby Carrier

The 6 pockets at different accessible areas of the Infantino carrier are what sets it apart from the other carriers.

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Product Description

The carrier comes with a smartly designed seat that can be adjusted to an infant-setting to support your newborn from knee-to-knee, with a rounded back. The carrier is suitable for babies from 0-4 years.

9. Chicco Myamaki Complete Denim Cyclamen 3 Way Baby Carrier

Thanks to its simplicity and versatility, this carrier follows the baby’s growth, so that the baby always feels comfortable and safe with it.

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Product Description

This baby carrier supports 3 carrying positions – on the stomach facing the person, on the back and on the hips. It can be used by babies up to 3 years and has the capacity to carry 15 kgs. It also comes with a hood which protects your baby from every possible weather conditions, and at the same time provides them with a sense of privacy and peace.

10. Babyhug Embrace 2 Way Baby Carrier With Detachable Bib

This baby carrier is one of the best as it is made from premium quality fabric and supports 2 carrying positions – face-in and face-out.

Product Description

This carrier is versatile as it has pockets that help hold essentials. The contoured shoulder straps provide added comfort for the little one. It can carry up to 9 kgs and is appropriate for babies between 0 to 12 months.

Baby Carrier FAQs

1. How Do I Choose the Right Baby Carrier?

Choose a carrier that fits your needs. If you have an older or heavier baby, opt for a carrier for older babies that can support up to 20 kgs while giving good back support. You also have to consider the duration for which you will be wearing the carrier. If you’re a breastfeeding mom, carriers made for moms will provide ease of breastfeeding. You can also go for a lightweight baby carrier to ensure your movements are easy and there isn’t any unnecessary weight on your shoulders and back.

2. How Long Can a Baby Be in a Carrier?

A baby can be in a carrier as long as it is comfortable for her. However, make sure the carrier has the right kind of support so as to prevent any discomfort to your little one. This is especially important for younger babies whose neck muscles haven’t developed.

3. Is It Safe for a Baby to Sleep in a Carrier?

Yes. When the carrier is fastened the right way, babies can safely sleep in them. The mother-baby bonding also promotes sound sleep.

4. What Are the Different Types of Baby Carriers?

Baby carriers are of three types – slings, backpacks and front packs. Sling carriers go over your shoulders so that your baby is in front of you. These were traditionally cloth carriers, but now there are modern and improvised designs of the same. Backpack carriers have a seat for the baby at the back and a frame that supports the parent’s back. Front packs have a seat for the baby in the front and straps that criss-cross at the back.

5. Is Baby Carrier Safe for My Baby’s Hips?

Baby carriers, which are designed to support the baby’s legs, are safe. The risk of hip dysplasia, which is the abnormal development of the hip, tends to increase when the baby’s legs dangle off the carrier and stay that way for a long time.

6. Do Carry Cots Help Babies Sleep?

A carry cot with a firm mattress makes your baby feel comfortable and snug and helps her sleep better.

These top-rated baby carriers give you an idea about the types of baby carriers out there. Pick the right carrier and enjoy the formative years of your baby’s life without worries.

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