Austin Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Austin Name Meaning and Origin

The name Austin has been a significantly popular name since 1980. The name achieved the highest level of popularity in 1995, with almost 1.3% of the US naming their boy child with this name. This name has a powerful meaning; therefore, it is an excellent name choice for your little sunshine. 

What Does Austin Mean? 

Understanding the meaning of a name makes it easier to select a name for your child. Similarly, learning Austin’s meaning can make parents sure to select this name. Therefore, the meaning of Austin is “great,” “majestic,” or “magnificent” in English. The mean translates to “useful” in Latin. It’s also the name of famous places in the US, being the capital city of Texas. Therefore, this name holds a strong position in terms of a boy’s name.


The name Austin originates from the Roman name Augustine. Its roots are also embedded in English and Latin. Although the name has been used diversely across many religions, it is popular among Christians.




  • Aus-tinn
  • Awes-tin


2 syllables


6 letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

You can find various other spellings for Austin across different cultures, which denotes the cultural significance of the name. These variations are of different origins that are found across the globe. Therefore, some of the Austin name variations are:

Name Origin
Austyn English
Augustin Czech, French, Slovak, and Romanian
Austen English
Agostino Italian
Augustyn Polish
Augustijn Dutch
Agostinho Portuguese
Agustín Spanish
Agustí Catalan
Augustinus Ancient Roman

How Popular Is the Name Austin? 

The name Austin received massive love during the mid-1990s. As per the Austin popularity index, the name maintained a stable position in the name ranking for quite a long time. However, its gradual decline in popularity can be observed according to the Social Security Administration data. 

The name remained in the top 50 list till 2007 – the name charted 23 in 2000, 25 in 2001 and 26 in 2002. It is followed by a ranking of 35 in 2004 followed by 48 in 2007. After this period, SSA data indicates the gradual decline in the Austin baby name ranking, falling out of the top 50 list. Austin ranked 55 in 2008, 64 in 2010, and 64 in 2013. Although the name reached up in the ranks during 2012, it didn’t stay there long. 

The name has slipped from the 70s rank in 2016, where it ranked 73 followed by 75 in 2017. After this, the name ranked 80 in 2019, 88 in 2019, and 89 in 2020. However, the slow decline of the name’s popularity doesn’t justice to this unique and powerful name. With the increase of unique names in the present decade, this name can come back in the future. 

Interest in Austin – Worldwide

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The interest in the name Austin is slowly declining globally, as observed in the last ten years. Although the name has maintained a rank of over 45, there is a steady declining curve. The name was highly popular in April, July, and August 2013. The interest in this name was also present in March 2014 and May 2015. The name’s popularity started further declining after October 2018.

Interest in Austin – US

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In the US, the interest in the name has mostly remained consistent over the last decade. The name’s gradual decline is observed from July 2019. The name’s popularity declined the most in April 2020. After this period, the name has observed a slight increase in popularity. 

The Popularity of the Name Austin


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Austin – Worldwide

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According to the search trends in the world, the name Austin is the most popular in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. In the last ten years, this name has been the most searched in these countries across the world, indicating the usage of the name.

Search trends of Austin – US

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The search trend denotes the highest popularity for Austin in Texas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Colorado in the US. This signifies that the search trend for this name has been popular in the last decade in these cities.

Middle Names That Go With Austin 

Middle names are often used to honor family members or historical figures. They form an integral part in respect to the overall name. Hence, some of the double names with Austin are:

Carter Everett
Parker Blake
Miles Sawyer
Ezra Eric
Charles Augustine
Isaac Harris
Jacob Edward
Wyatt Elijah
Dashiell Nathaniel
Henry Hunter

Famous People Named Austin 

The influence of celebrities can be identified in many spectrums of life. The naming trend is one such aspect influenced by famous people well. Therefore, some of the popular personalities named Austin are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Austin Butler American actor and singer
Austin Mahone American pop singer-songwriter
Austin Trout American professional boxer
Austin North American actor
Austin Nichols American actor and director
Austin Scarlett American fashion designer and artist
Austin Rivers American NBA professional basketball
Austin Krajicek American professional tennis player
Austin Davis Former American football quarterback
Austin McBroom Former NCAA basketball guard

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Austin have many other alternatives with different spellings but the same or similar meaning. This list comprises similar other names for Austin along with family names:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Magnus Henderson
Andrew Lopez
Benjamin Perez
Bentley Martinez
Miller Walker
Beckham Robert
Augusta Lee
Azim Wright
Balian Hill
Aku Young

Names That Sound Like Austin 

There are distinctive names present which sound similar to the chosen name. Therefore, some of the names that rhyme with Austin are: 

Martin Griffin
Collin Robin
King Owen
Gordon Chen
Kevin Odin
Joaquin Gavin
Ronin Devin

Sibling Names Related to Austin 

Naming all your children isn’t an easy task. This list makes it easier for you to choose sibling names with Austin. Hence, some of the suitable sister names for Austin and brother names for Austin are:

Sister Names For Austin Brother Names For Austin
Camille Connor
Jocelyn Jackson
Sarah Scott
Fiona Fletcher
Melanie Michael
Felicity Finn
Emily Edmund
Rory Rhys
Briana Brenden
Kayla Kenny

Nicknames for Austin 

Nicknames are the names given to us from childhood. They are often used more than the proper name. Some of the unique nicknames for Austin are:

Aus Aust
Astin Ausa
Auss Auzzie
Stin Tin
Stee Tintin
Austie Austini
Osten Austa

Austin’s name has been gradually declining in popularity in the last ten decades. The name’s decline is evident according to the trends in the US name. However, Austin is an impactful name with a great meaning. Due to this, the name has significant popularity rising in the name charts. This name also proves to be a great choice of name for your little boy. 


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