Interesting Facts & Information About George Washington for Kids

Interesting Facts About George Washington for Kids

George Washington was the first president of America. He was one of the founding fathers of the United States of America and also the head of the committee that drafted the American Constitution. It is said that his unparalleled leadership and strategic planning resulted in the victory during the American Revolution. He served two terms as a president and he could have easily served for a third term, however, he refused to do so, even though he knew that the public opinion was in his favour. If you want to learn more about George Washington and teach your kids about him, then read this article.

Interesting Information and Facts About George Washington for Children

Read on to know more about this great personality!

  1. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732, at Popes Creek in Westmoreland Country, Virginia, one of the thirteen colonies rules by the British. He was the eldest of all his siblings. When he was just 3, his family moved to Hunting Creek plantation near the Potomac river where his family owned another house. Three years later, in 1738, George Washington’s family moved to Ferry Farm plantation near Fredericksburg, Virginia, where young George spent most of his childhood.
  2. George Washington lost his father at a young age of 11, after which he helped his mother manage the vast estate of Ferry Farm, now known as Mount Vernon.
  3. Though George Washington was born in Virginia, he had British ancestry. His great-grandfather John Washington had migrated from England to Virginia in 1656. Virginia was the first British colony in North America.
  4. He was born to Augustine Washington and his second wife Mary Ball Washington, who had six children. His family owned several tobacco plantations, which is where George Washington spent his early life.
  5. George Washington’s two older half-brothers studied at their father’s alma mater, Appleby Grammar School and received classical Latin-based education. But George Washington could not go there because of his father’s untimely demise.
  6. George was homeschooled and tutored by a local schoolmaster in Frederickson. He had an aptitude for mathematics, Latin, and English classics. He also had a flair for cartography and draftsmanship, which ultimately helped him as a surveyor.
  7. In 1752, George Washington was appointed an adjutant of the Virginia militia by the Virginian Lt. Governor, Robert Dwinddie, despite his lack of battle experience.
  8. Within a year he was sent to what is now known as Waterford, Pennsylvania, where the French had encroached the land previously claimed by the British. George Washington was able to kill the French commander Coulon de Jumonville, however, he later surrendered to the French counterattack.
  9. In 1755, George Washington became an honorary colonel in British General Edward Braddock’s army. He was also given the commandership of the entire Virginia militia.
  10. A couple of years later, in 1757, Washington was sent home due to acute dysentery. He returned a year later to conquer Fort Duquesne, which he had earlier surrendered to the French. Later that year, in December 1758, George Washington left the army upon being rejected by the British to be commissioned.
  11. He returned to Mount Vernon and was soon elected Virginia House of Burgesses, where he remained until 1774, which was also the beginning of his political career.
  12. George Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis, a wealthy widow from Mount Vernon in 1759. She had two children from her previous marriage.
  13. Their daughter Martha passed away before the revolution, and their son John too died during the American Revolution.
  14. After retiring from the office of the President, George Washington returned to Mount Vernon, taking care of his plantation. He stayed there until his death on December 14, 1799.
  15. During his tenure at the Virginia House of Burgesses, Washington came to believe that the colonists should declare independence from the British rulers.
  16. In 1775, Washington was declared the Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army. In the next eight years, Washington was able to maintain the morale of a very poorly resourced colonial army. They lacked food, ammunition and basic supplies like shoes, however, Washington proved to be an effective leader.
  17. The American Revolution effectively ended after the French agreed to aid the colonial troops in capturing the British soldiers under the command of General Charles Cornwallis, in the battle of Yorktown.
  18. Soon after the American Revolution was over, George Washington was declared a war hero for his contribution towards America’s independence. He retreated to his plantation life in 1783, after the Treaty of Paris was signed.
  19. In 1787, George Washington was elected as the president of the constitutional commission. His leadership qualities impressed the rest of the delegates so much that they were convinced that George Washington should be the first president of the United States of America.
  20. George Washington wasn’t keen on the idea of becoming a president. He wanted to return to his quiet life in Mount Vernon. However, he went ahead with it and became the first president of the United States.
  21. The first presidential election was held on January 7, 1789. George Washington became the first president of America. He held the office until 1797. He was asked to serve a third term; however, he declined on ethical grounds.
  22. After leaving the British army, George Washington spent most of his time on his ever-expanding estate. His already vast estate of 2000 acres in Mount Vernon became an 8000 acres property after his marriage to Martha.
  23. George Washington’s interests included farming, raising livestock, riding, and politics. He kept himself abreast with the latest information on farming technology and science. He grew a variety of wheat and corn, planted fruit orchards, and built a fishery. He even explored different methods of soil conservation.
  24. If you want to tell a fun fact to your child about the first president of America, then try this one! George Washington was one of the tallest presidents of the United States. His was 6 feet and 3 inches.
  25. George Washington is known as the ‘Father of His Country’ by the people of America. The third Monday of February is also celebrated as Washington’s Day also known as President’s Day.

These are some facts about George Washington. We hope you liked them – tell these facts about George Washington to your children and enhance his knowledge. And if you know some amazing facts about the first president of America, do share with us in comments!

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