Thanksgiving 2024 - Popular & Exciting Thanksgiving Stories for Kids

Amazing Thanksgiving Stories for Kids

A time to be thankful and extend gratitude for all the blessings bestowed upon you, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm every year in the United States, Canada, parts of the Caribbean Islands and in many other parts of the world. Apart from sharing a Thanksgiving Day meal together with your family and friends, this festival is a reflection of all the things and experiences one is thankful for.

This is the time of the year when you can imbibe the virtue of gratitude in your kids. If your kids love listening to stories or reading stories then the best way to educate them on the value of this festival is by engaging them in some amazing thanksgiving stories. In this post, we shall be sharing some interesting stories that you can share with your little ones and get them in the holiday spirit!

Delightful Thanksgiving Stories for Children

Here are some thanksgiving stories that can help your kid to learn more about kindness and gratitude:

1. Pumpkin Pie

This is one of the short funny thanksgiving stories that you can narrate to your kids that will not only amuse them but also teach them about thanksgiving values.

The story revolves around an eight-year-old girl named Sally who lived in the countryside with her family. Being away from the city, the family seldom had guests over from the city. One day Sally’s father announced that he would be bringing two guests for Thanksgiving supper on his way back from work. The mother was busy the entire day to prepare the festive meal, while Sally helped in cleaning the house. The guests arrived in the evening, and everyone settled to enjoy the festive feast. After relishing the turkey cooked by Sally’s mother, it was time to enjoy the delicious pumpkin pie! Sally carved out the first slice and served it to her dad, which the dad passed on to one of the guests. Sally was amazed at her father’s gesture and cut out another piece and again served it to her father. This time again the father passed on the slice to another guest. This time Sally snapped at her father and said, “Don’t worry father, I will not serve a smaller slice to the guests as I have carved all the slices in the same size’’. Everyone had a big smile on their faces.

2. The Other Side

This is the story of thanksgiving for preschoolers that can be narrated to older kids also to teach them about helping others.

A blind boy was sitting on the stairs of a building holding a sign that read “Please help me, I am blind”. Next to him lay an inverted hat with few coins in it. The people kept going up and down the building stairs, some put coins in the hat others simply crossed him without noticing. After some time a man walked up to the boy, put a coin in the hat and took the sign from the boy. The boy could hear the man scribble something on the sign. The man handed back the sign to the boy. After the man left, there was more clinking of coins in the hat. To the boy’s surprise, people were putting more coins than before. The next day again, the boy came and sat down on the building stairs. As some time passed, he could hear familiar footsteps that approached him. The boy asked the man, “Hello sir, are you the same gentleman who wrote something on my signboard yesterday?”The man said that indeed it was he who did that. The boy wanted to know what changed everyone’s perception and why everyone started giving him more money than before. The man said that he simple strike out the old message and wrote, “It is a beautiful day and l cannot enjoy like all of you!” The man patted the boy’s back as he left a coin in his hat. The boy thanked him for his help and kindness.

3. The Thanksgiving Story

This can be a first thanksgiving story for kindergarten kids that can help them know about the importance and significance of this festival of gratitude and kindness.

A long time ago in the year 1620, a whole bunch of people embarked on a journey to find a place where they could live in peace and harmony and worship whoever they wished to. These people were known as pilgrims. As they sailed on the boat called Mayflower for days, they finally landed in America at Plymouth. They soon started settling down by building homes and also began searching food sources. As winter set in, many pilgrims died because of harsh weather conditions. Squanto, an Indian came to their rescue and taught them how to sow corn plants and other such kinds of crops. The harvest was bountiful and they not only had enough to eat but they stocked up for the coming winters. The people were elated and decided to celebrate. A day was declared for offering prayers and thanksgiving by Governor Bradford. Indians were also invited in the merrymaking as everyone indulged in a three-day long festival of fun and frolic.

4. Cold Turkey

A funny thanksgiving story for toddlers and older kids that also gives away a meaningful message in the end.

One fine morning, a few days before Thanksgiving, Bobby went to a nearby supermarket store. As he was venturing between the aisles and browsing different products, he suddenly collapsed. The fellow shoppers quickly gathered around him to help him as he was lying there unconscious. His condition started deteriorating when the blood started oozing from his ears and his face started turning white. The medical team arrived soon at the scene and examined the young boy. The team removed his hat, and to everyone’s surprise, there was a frozen turkey hidden inside his hat. It didn’t take much time for everyone to guess that the boy was trying to steal the frozen turkey under his hat, which numbed and chilled his brains and caused this condition. The manager was present at the scene too. Looking at the innocent and scared face of the boy, the manager decided not to take any action and he also handed over the thawed turkey to the boy. After a couple of days, the manager received a letter from Bobby that contained his apology, and he also expressed his gratitude towards the manager’s generosity. The manager had a grin on his face as he also found 15 dollars in envelop, which was the cost of the turkey that Bobby tried to steal.

5. The Story of The Ears of Wheat

This ancient German folklore talks about giving importance and value to food.

Once there lived an older woman with her granddaughter in a quaint village in Germany. She once told her granddaughter how long time ago, the wheat ears were not as scanty as they were in the present times. Rather they had more than 40 to 50 ears and the entire plant used to be flooded with wheat ears. It was a kind of blessing from God, but humans could not value it. The granddaughter asked the reason for the same. The grandmother said it happened because it was believed that once a woman and her daughter were walking along the wheat field and the daughter slipped and fell down in a puddle that spoiled her clothes. The panicked mother snatched some of the wheat ears and started cleaning her daughter’s dress with it. As the woman was cleaning her daughter, an angel happened to pass through the field and saw the entire scene. The angel was shocked to see how humans were valuing their blessings. The angel cursed and said that the wheat crops would no longer bear any ears as humans are not worthy of such blessings and riches. On learning this, all the peasants came down on their knees to ask for forgiveness, but the efforts went into vain. The peasants then urged that not for them but for the sake of innocent birds, the curse should be revoked. The angel took pity but revoked only partial curse, and thus the wheat ears became scantier than before.

6. Our Table

“Our Table” is a heartwarming Thanksgiving story that celebrates family, unity, and gratitude through the preparations and gathering for a festive meal.

In a quaint house on the edge of town, a family gathered for Thanksgiving. The table, meticulously set, showcased a feast of mouthwatering dishes. Each family member lovingly prepared their own special contribution.As they settled around the table, laughter and stories filled the air. Little Emily, the youngest, eagerly set the table, mimicking her mother’s careful instructions.With heads bowed, they gave thanks for love, trials, and simple joys. The meal was a mosaic of flavors, reflecting the family’s unique tastes and talents.

Yet, it was more than just a meal. It was a tapestry of moments woven together. The table stood as a beacon of unity, where each member played a cherished role in the celebration.In that warm house, hearts full and spirits high, they celebrated Thanksgiving, grateful for the blessings that graced “Our Table.”

7. Five Little Thank-Yous

“Five Little Thank-Yous” is a heartwarming tale about five friends who, upon hearing of a community Thanksgiving feast in need of volunteers.

In a cozy village, five friends – Timmy, Sally, Ben, Lisa, and Mike – heard of a Thanksgiving feast that needed volunteers. They eagerly signed up for different tasks.They worked tirelessly, laughing and sharing stories as they prepared. The day of the feast arrived, and the village square came alive with decorations and delicious scents.

Families gathered, sharing gratitude and stories. The friends looked on, proud of what they had achieved.That night, they realized that giving thanks was about more than words. It was about action, coming together, and making a difference.From then on, they knew that every act of kindness was a little thank-you to the world.

Share these fun and exciting thanksgiving stories with your kids that will inspire and educate them about the festival of gratitude!

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