My Pregnancy Journey From Two Pink Lines to Holding My Baby Girl

I am a software engineer and would like to share my pregnancy adventure, which had its ups and downs but also a lot of joy. This journey taught me a lot.

When I least expected it, I got a positive in my pregnancy test. We had no intention of having a child, yet it happened unexpectedly.  I usually get my periods five days before my due date, but I didn’t get mine until two days after my due date. I had a sense something wasn’t right, but I dismissed the thought, thinking I was overreacting. I was feeling nauseous due to the scent of oil and rice cooking, so I decided to conduct a home pregnancy test and noticed those two pink lines. When I showed it to my coworker, she confirmed it.

My first trimester was very difficult for me because I felt sick to virtually everything and vomited as soon as I eat. It was quite difficult for me to deal with work and weaknesses because this was a brand new experience for me. My spouse and mother, on the other hand, were a huge help to me at the time. They both looked after me.

Then came the second trimester’s honeymoon period. During this trimester, I was incredibly active and ate virtually anything and everything. I used to go on walks, do squats, and only use Indian restrooms. During this period, I had a strong need for chocolate and sweets. In the second trimester, I began to feel my baby. I started feeling flutters in the fifth month, but by the sixth month, my baby girl was giving me constant kicks. When her father placed his hand on my stomach, she used to play football with him.

Then came the most difficult part of my journey: learning that I had gestational diabetes. I had to cut off rice, sugar, masalas, and everything else from my diet. My mother used to feed me according to the nutritionist’s timetable. Because of my desires and mood swings, I was angry. My practice consisted of checking my sugar levels on a daily basis and avoiding the foods that were causing my sugar levels to rise. I was counting down the days till my kid arrived.

As per my doctor’s recommendation, I was admitted to the hospital at 40 weeks, went through the induction process, and had my baby daughter via c section on June 17, 2021.

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