Camila Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Camila Name Meaning and Origin

Feminine names for girls with a stunning meaning are timeless in their appeal and will stay trendy and relevant even years down the line. One such name is Camila. With its stunning European origins and being the name of one of the most famous pop singers, the name is more than worthy of being suitable for your girl. So, please get to know all about it here!

What Does Camila Mean? 

Boasting a huge variety of origins, the meaning of Camila is “attendant at a religious ceremony.” However, this meaning is only as per the Latin origin of the name. According to the Italian roots of the name, one can translate the meaning of Camila to the impactful but straightforward “perfect.” With the name itself meaning perfect, it is sure to be the perfect name for your girl.


There can be multiple origins for the name, with the meaning of the name changing accordingly. If you wish for the name to mean “attendant at a religious ceremony,” then the origin you prefer will be the Latin origin of the name. However, the name also has Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish origins. Camila can be considered the Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish version of the name ‘Camilla,’ which is the feminine form of Camillus and means “acolyte.” In this way, regardless of the origin, the meaning of the name Camila is significant and will act as a foundation for her character and personality as she grows up.




  • Kuh-mee-la
  • Kə-Mee-lə
  • Cuh-mi-la


3 Syllables


6 Letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

Camila name variations can significantly inspire you to use other cultures when choosing a name for your girl. Considering that Camila has so many roots and potential origins, there is a huge variety you can choose from when it comes to the name. So, here are some other spellings for Camila that can help you choose the best name for your little girl:

Name Origin
Camilla Latin
Kamala Hindi
Kamela Slavic
Camille Latin
Caimile Latin
Camelia Latin
Kamille Latin, Shinto, Slavic
Kamilla Latin, Arabic, Slavic
Mila Latin, Italian, Russian
Cammy Latin, Shinto, Slavic

How Popular Is the Name Camila? 

The name Camila has been on an aggressive trend of growth since 2000. As per data released by the Social Security Administration, the name started the millennium with the Camila baby name ranking as the 660th most preferred girl name in the US in 2000. However, the name has experienced an almost perfect upward trend, achieving its best-ever rank in 2020 by placing 11th in the most popular names for girls. As a result, if the previous years’ ranking were to be considered, the Camila popularity ranking is expected to grow even further in the coming years, potentially reaching the top five ranks within the next few years.

Interest in Camila – Worldwide

Interest in the term ‘Camila’ has been consistently positive, as per Google’s worldwide search trends. While the name reached the highest popularity score of 100 in January 2018 at 100, the lowest score was recorded in December 2013 at 32, which is still a considerably high ranking.

Interest in Camila – the US

Compared to the global interest trends, the average interest trend for the term ‘Camila’ has been considerably lower. In the case of the US, while the score of 100 was recorded in January 2018, the lowest score was recorded in May 2012 with a mere score of ten, signifying a hugely fluctuating popularity trend over the last decade.

The Popularity of the Name Camila


Where Is the Name Most Searched? 

Search Trends of Camila – Worldwide

In terms of the search trends globally, Chile has generated the highest volume of search for the term ‘Camila’ over the last decade. Followed by Brazil, El Salvador, Argentina, and Uruguay, these five countries have been recorded to have generated the most searches in the specified duration.

Search Trends of Camila – the US

Although the overall search interest from the US has been lower overall, California has emerged as the sub-region in the US with the highest score at 100. New Jersey follows this at 96, Florida at 96, Texas at 92, and New York at 85, which rounds up the top five sub-regions in the US.

Middle Names That Go With Camila 

Choosing suitable double names with your preferred first name is also a task that needs considerable research and contemplation. So, if you have settled upon Camila for your little girl’s name, here are some equally beautiful middle names you can go with:

Rae Kris
Mew Louise
Anne Jean
Beth Ruth
Sophie Amy
Hazel Belle
Marcella June
Jones Bree
Annette Willow
Casey Jodie

Famous People Named Camila 

The popularity of any name increases exponentially when a celebrity bearing the name emerges. And Camila is definitely no exception. So, here are some extremely popular personalities who have contributed to making the name even more popular and helping it reach ran 11 in the US in 2020:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Camila Cabello Cuban-American Pop Singer
Camila Giorgi Italian Tennis Player
Camila Mendes Brazilian-American Actress
Camila Vezzoso Miss Uruguay 2012
Camila Nakagawa Brazilian TV Figure
Camila Bordonaba Argentinian Actress and Singer
Camila Castillo Venezuelan Fashion Designer
Camila Alves McConaughey Brazilian Model
Camila Martins Pereira Brazilian Footballer

Similar Names & Last Names 

Baby names like Camila, which boast the same beautiful meaning, can be great substitutes if you wish to look at other options or in the absence of suitable family names for Camila. If this is the case for you, here are some other names for Camila:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Arieanna Jones
Chantell White
Deandra Winston
Isabella Swan
Leisel Brand
Soo-Yeon Gray
Tammy Slater
Tuba Sloane
Katiya Desmond
Elyza Brown

Names That Sound Like Camila 

Apart from names that hold the same or similar meaning, many names are also incredibly similar to other names phonetically and can make equally great alternatives. So, if you are looking for names that rhyme with Camila, here are some recommendations:

Alessandra Sofia
Estella Brianna
Maria Delilah
Avila Karina
Carissa Yamila
Aminia Kamila
Carolina Catalina
Amelia Lila
Luna Isabel
Emilia Amelie

Sibling Names Related to Camila

When you select a beautiful name for your first child, the names of all your following children should be equally beautiful and complement each other. So, when looking for sibling names that go with Camila, this list of suitable sister names for Camila and charming brother names for the name can be helpful:

Sister Names for Camila Brother Names for Camila
Ava Luke
Charlotte Christopher
Victoria Jeremy
Stella Levi
Olivia Julian
Lexi Mateo
Harper Malachi
Chloe Brian
April Daniel
Summer Nathan

Nicknames for Camila 

A child can never have a single nickname – depending on their moods; parents frequently come up with equally funny, adorable, and embarrassing nicknames. If you wish to explore some unique nicknames to add to the nicknames list of your little Camila, here are some excellent nicknames to choose from:

Lala Lulu
Millie Cam
Callie Mills
Milo Cam-Cam
Camz Cami
Lili Mimi
Milky Mia
Mika Miles
Calzone Clem
Clam Camsy

Choosing a name for your child is often more complicated than it needs to be, especially with parents buying for a trendy yet meaningful name and the huge list of names that fit these requirements. And to make your choice more accessible, we have told you everything there is to know about the name Camila. So, why not go ahead with it and give your little angel the precious gift of a beautiful and timeless name?


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