Plastic to Silver - A Way to Your Baby's Healthy and Wealthy Future

Plastic to Silver – A Way to Your Baby’s Healthy and Wealthy Future

In most families, there is a tradition that when a baby is born, among other gifts, the maternal grandparents come bearing silver utensils for the baby. And even though I have lots of cute and fancy Bisphenol A i.e. BPA-safe baby utensils, I still prefer using those silver ones for my little one. Since a long time, silver utensils have been the choice of kings and queens; then why should we choose anything less for our princes and princesses? Besides silver has lots of hidden qualities.

Silver is not only 100% bacteria free but has anti-bacterial properties too, so there is no hassle of sterilising it. A usual wash and hot water rinse are enough.

Whenever a hot meal is served in a dish, the material melts and infuse with the food we eat. In this way, silver with its anti-bacterial qualities helps boost immunity from the very initial stage.Silverware is non-toxic in nature and it kills a wide variety of bacteria. It also prevents spoiling by retaining freshness in all the liquids.Apart from all these, silver also has an additional advantage of cooling the body. And the most important benefit is buying silver is a one-time investment only. If you buy plastic or any other material, you may need to keep buying new plates after some time but if you buy silver plates, you can use them forever without having to buy plates again. And they make a great memento as well.Generally, one should buy silver plates for roti, glasses for liquids and beverages, spoon-bowls for semi-solid foods and paladai for feeding milk during the initial months and later for fruit purees.

But there are certain things you should keep in mind while using silver:
1) Every once in a while, you can use toothpaste to clean the utensils.
2) Regular polishing is not advisable as it may harm the baby.
3) Avoid buying utensils with carving and lots of design as it makes them difficult to clean.
4) Please don’t serve eggs in silver utensils, as they contain sulphur which reacts with silver.

Most importantly, please continue using silver containers when your babies grow up as well.

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