My Enthusiastic Daughter and Her Imagination – A Reminder of My Childhood!

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Hello all, I am a Pediatrician by profession and come across all kinds of children in my day-to-day practice, but the actual facets of child health were taught to me by my daughter who is now seven years old.

This not-so-little bundle of energy is always bursting with new ideas and never gets exhausted. She manages to surprise me even no matter how late it is. I don’t know what keeps her going throughout the day. My husband and I are super-super exhausted when compared to her. I guess most of you also are exhausted after caring for your baby all day long.

I think God has made kids like that only; they are small, they eat less than us, but the moment they have any ideas, they don’t care about anything, be it rest, food, or tiredness. This is one natural instinct which is eventually lost as we grow up. This idea may be anything – a game, an art or a craft.

I start remembering my childhood days when we used to play all the silly games for hours and hours. Our imagination improved as we participated in role plays, and made crafts out of paper. And then I look at my child, who would continue with her things with full diligence, despite pointing out or reminding.

I do get angry and upset with her many times, and we have those ‘I hate you, mom’ moments, but despite that, I love her enthusiasm and zeal towards these activities which I know would eventually be lost as she grows up. And then there will be times when the house will be super tidy, clothes in place, and no glue or tape will be lying around.

So, I try and remind myself of this beautiful phase which is precious, timeless, and so innocent, it’s so worth it!

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