A New Mommy ‘s Heartfelt Feelings About Pregnancy and Motherhood

a new mom's heartfelt feelings about being pregnant and motherhood

Two pink lines appeared in the pregnancy test kit and it all started. Motherhood had not started, but the exuberant feeling was already there. Nine months seem like a long time but they fly by like an arrow. A few days were really tough – big belly, pigmented body, inflated face, not seeing my feet for 3 odd months, walking like a king because it was impossible to walk without my thighs joined together. There was office pressure, going from medium to large to extra large dresses, no makeup days, maternity photo shoots, trying to get good sleep, nausea, and more than that, a moving child who was inside me and growing. Yes, I was very pregnant.

If it’s a regular vaginal delivery, there will be unbearable pain beforehand. If there is a c-section, there will be unbearable pain afterwards. So many thoughts, lots of phone calls, videos and articles just to know what it looks like and how it’ll happen, but trust me – this feeling is different and cannot be described in words.
Finally, Etisha was here – my little bundle of cuteness with that innocent face and big eyes that are always gazing.
It all looks and feels beautiful – photos, congratulations, calls, sweets, happiness on the faces – but what about the mother? She is surgery pain and is mostly told to sleep straight, no pillow, no movement, an IV drip, BP heartbeat monitoring, no food, and most importantly, she can’t even hold her baby like she wants to or even see her because she’s struggling with her own body. Then, by the evening, she needs to feed her baby. Pregnancy, delivery, feeding is so natural, but for the one who deals with it, it is tough. Every day of pregnancy is hard, delivery is unyielding, and feeding is a tough task.
From the hospital to home and from maternity gowns to pyjamas and t-shirts, life take a 360 degree turn. Heavy breasts, leakage, pain in the stitches, bleeding, body ache, long feeding sessions, and issues while walking. Motherhood brings along with it unwanted issues like UTIs, cough, cold, fever, and pain during urination. It’s important to know what new mothers need at this time – understanding what she needs to eat as the health of the child depends on it. Her body needs rest despite the sleepless nights, and it’s important to understand that motherhood is a full-time job that comes without any prior knowledge or experience.
Whether a mother is working or not, whether is she breastfeeding or giving her baby formula milk, whether she is taking care of the baby herself or using a nanny’s help, she should be appreciated and praised for what she has done and will be doing for the rest of her life. After all, the bond she has with her child is irreplaceable and beyond words.

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