Anna Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Anna Name Meaning and Origin

The name Anna has been one of the most famous names for a few decades. It used to be among the top 10 baby girl names in the US. However, the name suffered dwindling popularity with time. This name was the most prominent from 1880 to 1920. The decrease in the name’s popularity does not do justice to this beautiful name.

What Does Anna Mean?

Selecting the right name for a child can be a tough choice. Therefore, by looking into the name’s meaning, you can choose which name might be suitable. The meaning of Anna is “grace” or “God’s favor.” In Dutch, the name means “hope” or “bringer of peace.” According to ancient Roman, the name Anna denoting “the year’s cycle.” Therefore, this name is pretty symbolic with a serene meaning. The name is also associated with Tolstoy’s story, with Anna Karenina being the female protagonist. Its popularity further increased because of its use in the animated movie Frozen where Anna was the name of Elsa’s sister.


The origin of the name Anna is from the Hebrew “chanan,” which is derived from the Latin form of Hannah. The name became significantly popular among European Christians because of Saint Anna, also known as Saint Anne, Virgin Mary’s mother.




  • Ahn-na
  • Ann-na
  • An-naa


Two syllables


Four letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Other spellings for Anna signifies the name trend across different religions and nationalities. It indicates the cultural significance of the name across the globe. Some of the Anna name variations and their origin are as follows:

Name Origin
Ane Danish
Hanna German
Hajna Hungarian
Anni Swedish
Ance Latvian
Anouk Dutch
Hania Polish
Annu Finnish
Anča Romanian
Hana Czech

How Popular is The Name Anna?

The popularity of the name Anna has slowly decreased in the last decade. Before that, the name was widely popular, especially among Christians. The Anna popularity index suggests the gradual declination of the name from the baby names list. As per data obtained from Social Security Administration, the name has been among the top 50 list from 2000 till 2016. The name ranked 22 in 2000, followed by 19 in 2001. The name experienced an upward and downward trend till 2006 where the name ranked 22 once again.

The Anna baby name ranking still maintains its position in the top 100 girls’ names. The SSA data shows that the name ranked 35 consecutively in 2012 and 2013. After that, it jumped to 44 in 2015 and 49 in 2016. The name bowed down from the top 50 list after this year by ranking 53 in 2017 and 54 in 2018. In recent years, the name ranked 63 in 2019, followed by 68 in 2020. Despite the downward growth of the name, it holds significant potential to jump back in the top 50, considering its beautiful meaning.

Interest in Anna – Worldwide

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The interest in the name Anna across the world has started on a declining path. Although the name ranks over 50 in the last ten years, its highest popularity was observed in August 2011, followed by December 2014. After that, the name has catered towards a declining slope denoting its decrease in the name’s interest.

Interest in Anna – the US

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In the US, the interest in Anna’s name over the last decade has experienced a mix of the upward and downward curve. The name ranks over 45 in the country, its highest rank in July 2013, followed by May 2015. After that, the interest has declined; however, sudden spikes in the name’s interest can be observed in the last three years.

The popularity of the name Anna


Where is The Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Anna – Worldwide

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The top five countries where Anna is the most searched name are Poland, Sweden, Finland, Italy, and Hungary. It indicates that the name has been the most popular in these countries in the last ten years.

Search trends of Anna – the US

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The top five sub-regions where Anna is the most popular in the US are Virginia, Florida, Massachusetts, Columbia, and Illinois. The search trend of the name in these cities has been the highest in the last decade, denoting this name’s interest.

Middle Names That go With Anna.

Choosing a proper middle name can help in maintaining the beauty of your child’s name. Moreover, they are an integral part of American culture; therefore, you can put in your personal touch for a suitable middle name for your child. This list includes some double names with Anna:

Juliette Genevieve
Josephine Natalie
Emerson Paige
Celestine Marielle
Kelsey Jocelyn
Rosalind Eliza
Whitney Finley
Coraline Felicity
Lucinda Christine
Beatrix Adeline


Famous People Named Anna

The influence of celebrities knows no bounds. Famous people can significantly impact the popularity of a name. Therefore, some of the famous people called Anna that increased the popularity of the name are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Anna Camp American actress and singer
Anna Chakvetadze Russian tennis player
Anna Faris American actress
Anna Bergendahl Swedish singer
Anna Kournikova Russian tennis player
Anna van der Breggen Dutch racing cyclist
Anna K. Mapp American Chemist
Anna Eriksson Finnish singer
Anna Cathcart Canadian actress
Anna Gunn American actress

Similar Names & Last Names

There are numerous variations of a name with similar meanings. Similarly, baby names like Anna have a multitude of variations as well. Some of the suitable family names for Anna, along with other names are:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Amara Miller
Hannah Gray
Joanna Bennet
Anita Howard
Jane Brooks
Annie Kelly
Janet Morgan
Anya Bailey
Gianna Stewart
Annika Collins

Names That Sound Like Anna

Choosing names that rhyme with Anna can act as alternatives for this name. You can select names with similar sounds by evaluating the name choices for your kid.

Clara Illiana
Lina Liliana
Flora Tianna
Lana Sienna
Jordana Janya
Tonya Vanna
Bella Jada

Sibling Names Related to Anna

Selecting the proper sibling names that go with Anna is vital to maintain the harmony of all your children’s names. Therefore, you should do it after sufficient thought and understanding. Some of the suitable sister and brother names for Anna are:

Sister Names for Anna Brother Names for Anna
Eliza Adam
Rose Liam
Amelia Aiden
Helen Ben
Quinn Jack
Aurora Lucas
Caroline Noah
Elizabeth Wyatt
Alice Oliver
Margaret Benjamin

Nicknames for Anna

Nicknames are used in informal settings and are given by loved ones. These names are often used instead of the proper name. Therefore, some of the sweet and funny nicknames for Anna are:

Ann Ana
Anny Nana
Annabella Anabanana
Analia Annelle
Ans Any
Asya Anette


The popularity of the name Anna has started to fade with time gradually. The name has experienced immense popularity since the 1880s. However, in the present decade, the popularity of the name has started to go down. Despite this, the name has significant potential to jump back into the top 10 list like it used to. It is because the name has a beautiful meaning and a nice ring to it.


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