How to Deal with Workplace Stressors

5 Tips to Stop Stressors at Work From Biting your Head Off

Tight deadlines, meetings, not-easy-to-please bosses and barely 15 minutes to eat – all these are enough to drive anyone up the wall! But workplace stressors can cause health issues and put you (and your kids, in turn!) out of action for a long time. It is critical to deal with them to live a happier life.

Every organisation wants to hire the best employees and drive them to their full potential. In this rat-race, it’s common to face constant workplace stressors that make your blood boil. Sometimes, these stressors in the workplace also come home with you and rub off on hubby and the children. Identify these stressors at once and stop yourself from losing your sanity.

Dealing With Different Types of Workplace Stressors

1. Don’t let difficult co-workers get on your nerves

Get real – you can’t be friends with every single person in your office! It might be necessary to learn how to deal with difficult co-workers. Be diplomatic around colleagues you don’t like and use humour and tact to temper situations before they get out of hand. If you’re forced to work together on a project, try your best to be cordial and helpful.

2. Breathe, breathe in deep

A meeting with the boss that saw your idea being rejected could leave you seething in anger or hanging your head in disappointment. At such times, it’s important to control your emotions by breathing deeply and counting. Cliched? Try it out the next time and you’ll agree this really does help in managing stress at the workplace!

3. Don’t let distractions disrupt your routine

Right from the time you sit down at your desk to the time you get off, you may be bombarded with calls from home and friends. These disruptions can throw your time management plans awry. Allot a specific time to answer phone calls and reply to emails. This way, you can plan your entire week’s schedule and also enjoy some fixed time with friends and family.

4. Make smart food choices to keep stress at bay

Poor food habits and not maintaining proper eating times can rattle your blood sugar levels. This in turn can cause stress in the workplace. One way to keep your focus on your job is to eat at the correct time and set proper intervals between meals. Try your best to maintain a healthy and balanced diet to be stress-free at work.

5. Have a strong support system

Have a strong support system

Yes, you are an independent career woman but you do need friends and family to unwind. One tip to handle stress at work is to have a strong support system to take your mind off things. While your loved ones may not always be able to provide a solution to your troubles, they can lend a much needed shoulder and ear!

Once you learn what stressors are, you can find ways to work around them. If you’re a mom, raising kids and keeping house can add to your stress so it’s vital that you learn to keep your temper. After all, stressors are only temporary and there’s no need to let them rule your day. Be positive, adopt a healthy exercise routine and eat well for a fulfilling work and personal life.

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