Unwanted Parenting Advice You are Sick of Hearing

“Well Meaning” Parenting Advice you Have Tired Of!

As soon as people discover you’re pregnant or are a new mom, you have them advising you on everything from what to eat to how to bring up your baby. After a point, it’s irritating and unwelcome! Check out these pieces of oft-repeated parenting advice you’re sick of and could do without.

How often has it happened that you’ve gone out walking with your little one and someone stops to coo over your baby? They then proceed to tell you what you’re doing wrong and give you a whole load of advice that you never asked for. It happens way too often! Every baby is different, and so is yours, and if you had a penny for all the unsolicited advice you’ve received, you’d have been a millionaire!

Unwanted Parenting Advice You Must Ignore!

Advice #1 – Let your baby cry herself to sleep

The understanding behind this one is that your baby will tire herself out and go to sleep, eventually understanding that no one will respond to her wails. Yet when a baby cries, it’s for a genuine reason. Either she’s uncomfortable or needs to be changed, or is hungry, tired, or just needs a hug. You have to have a very different heart to ignore the cries of a wailing baby!

Advice #2 – Let them eat what they want to:

This is one of the worst pieces of advice! Of course, the people who give it may mean well, but you can’t very well provide free reign to your baby. She’ll grow up becoming dependent on junk food and won’t stay healthy either.

Advice #3 – Sleep when the baby sleeps:

That’s easier said than done! You can’t sleep at the drop of a hat especially when there are so many other things to do. If only you could ask the people who give you this advice to babysit your child and do your household chores while you catch up on your precious sleep!

Advice #4 – You don’t dress your baby warmly enough:

Most moms are in the habit of dressing their babies warmer than they need to be. However, many doctors will tell you that children need not be bundled under layer after layer of clothing. Of course, clothe your baby in layers but don’t overdo it. If he seems to be squirming too much, or if you know for a fact that the weather is a tad too warm, you might want to peel off a layer or two.

You must have heard these ‘gems’ innumerable times, especially if you’re the mother of a newborn. Well-meaning but annoying parenting advice you are sick of! Go by instinct when bringing up your baby. Take advice you deem important and from people you trust. After all, what works for another mother may not work for you and your baby. So, hang on to the pieces of wisdom that make sense to you and ignore the rest!

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