How to Clean and Declutter Kids Rooms

Cleaning and Sorting Out your Kid’s Room

Wondering how to clean kids room? With the right tips under your belt, you can make the task of de-cluttering easier than expected. Adopt smarter storage solutions, create more visible space, and give your precious darlings a better-looking space to enjoy, and live in. They will love you for your efforts!

In most cases, the thought of de-cluttering and arranging your kids’ room can bog you down and make you yearn for easier ways of going about the task — right? Fortunately, these smart cleaning tips come in handy and help you sort out their space—quickly and effectively.

Cool Storage Solutions for Kids’ Room

1. What’s treasure, what’s not?

Be prepared for many arguments. Your precious angels will label ‘trash’ as ‘treasure’. Try your best, but you will be told that broken toys can be mended and don’t have to be given away. Be firm yet reasonable. If a certain toy is gaining enough play time in spite of been battered or worn out, let it be. The non-keeps would be the ones that rarely see the light of day or are often tossed away as ‘boring’. Choose your battles carefully and lay down the rules about what can stay and what goes.

2. Sort in an organised way

Want to know how to clean kids’ room? Opt for sensible and proven storage solutions that’ll make you sort their stuff in piles and as per types. Say, one pile for the action figures, other for dolls, and the third one for art supplies, and so on. This goes a long way in getting your kids’ attention and making them participate in your de-cluttering tasks with more vigour. Once these piles are ready, you need to keep a few bags or trash cans handy. These can be labelled as “for charity”, “for the maid’s children”, and so forth.

3. Put yourself in your kid’s shoes

Literally speaking, get down on your fours or stoop low to come to the eye level of your kid. Then, take a closer look at the storage, furniture, space, and possessions from his point of view. Clean up sticky handle drawers to help your child manage them better; get rid of folding closet doors as they end up pinching fingers; lower the hanging rods for greater accessibility; and more. Also, invest in open plastic baskets, floor-level containers, child-sized hangers, and easy-to-use racks and storage kits — your kiddo will love you more for these efforts.

4. Oh yeah, there will be distractions!

As you go about the task to de-clutter your kids’ rooms, you need to prep yourself for distractions. However, don’t hesitate to get your kids into action; they need to be involved and should learn to take responsibility. Think of ways of getting their complete attention and establishing ground rules, right at the beginning. By making them focus on different sorting and trashing tasks, rather than playing, you may look forward to getting things underway and much sooner than expected.

Go ahead and simplify your kids’ room cleaning regime by involving smart kids’ room storage ideas. By making this a weekly or fortnightly affair, you may look forward to handling less clutter on hand and keeping their space more hygienic and better organised — at all times.

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