Creative Ways to Reuse & Repurpose Used Baby Stuff

5 Genius Hacks With Stuff Kids Have Outgrown

It’s time to relook at kids’ items they don’t use anymore and get creative. With the right reuse repurpose recycle ideas in place, you need not dispose off your collected baby goods in a hurry. Cradles, bottles, weaning plates, puzzles and feeding chairs – they can all be reused and how!

Remember how you shopped till you dropped in the seventh month of your pregnancy? From bottle covers to cute napkins, bedding, feeding bottles, nipples, and bibs…the list goes on. Exciting as those shopping experiences were, your baby collectibles are redundant now that baby has grown up. But hey, you can adopt some smart ways of reusing these items. You’ll be glad you did!

5 Creative Ways to Recycle Used Baby Stuff

1. Stuffed teddies and doll dresses

Your kiddo is all grown up and needs to complete a summer project. Carefully stacked teddies, doll furniture and clothes, board game counters and other colourful playthings can be revisited for adding zing to her toy-train model or project file! Apply artsy ideas and help her use brightly coloured plastic pieces and fabrics as patches, stick-ons, and other enhancements. She’ll be happy carrying your artsy ideas to school.

2. Blankets to be cherished

One of the best reuse repurpose recycle ideas that you can use is a good-looking memory blanket for your kid’s next birthday. Just look around for outgrown baby clothes and create special night time bedding. While you’re at it, consider making a few more such blankets for your friends and loved ones too. They’ll be pleased as punch!

3. Hanging decor item

Have baby bottles and food jars? You can reuse kids items that have attained the status of ‘no-longer-in-need’ by making small slits and attaching colourful strings to create wall hangings. Fill these containers with water and soil and plant small flowers or ornamental plants. You can also paint them in attractive hues and designs to create multicoloured, attractive mini-vases.

4. Lego figure heads

Do you have a black Sharpie marker, differently coloured spray paints, and some time to spare? If yes, use your ideas to convert baby food jars into Lego figure heads for long term use. Your girl will be amazed at the sort of things you can do.

5. Button me up

Gather all the buttons that you can find from outgrown clothes, pillow covers and other stitched baby stuff. Arrange them all in the form of an attractive design on a thick cloth, using colourful threads and ribbons. Post this, use your handicraft as a table cloth, throw rug or an extra curtain. Your friends will wonder where you got such an exclusive piece from!

Your precious angel’s things are equally precious, and you just cannot add them to your scrap list without feeling bad. No sweat; these ideas can guide your creativity and help you reuse these items to create a beautiful home!

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