Let your Birth Month Reveal your Sex Personality

Let your Birth Month Reveal your Sex Personality

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If you’re a believer in the stars, you know that your birth month plays an important part in determining your sex drive. So don’t feel guilty if your partner is a wild cat in bed, and you’re not able to match up with his passion. It could be that it’s your birth month which is to be blamed!

Determining What Birth Months Reveal About your Sex Life

1. January

People born in the month of January are said to be the kinkiest in bed. However, they don’t just give in to anyone. Those born in this month are very picky about their partners and wait patiently until they find their special someone.

2. February

People born in the month of February are full of passion. It’s fun being with them. Just be ready to put in some hard work to get them to bond with you emotionally.

3. March

March-born people are intense lovers. They love indulging in lovemaking and can go to any extent to satisfy their partners in bed. If this is your month, you and your man probably enjoy terrific sex!

4. April

Those born in April are sensual and extremely passionate. They give themselves entirely to their partners. However, they can also get bored of people rather quickly.

5. May

May people love it if you’re soft and tender yet sensual in bed. Ambience is of utmost importance to them. They love it if the room is cosy and comfortable.

6. June

June finds people inquisitive and curious. They’re open to trying all sorts of positions in bed and they also like to talk dirty during sex.

7. July

July men and women give in only when they establish a deep emotional bond. Once you win their hearts, they’ll go to great extents to please you in bed.

8. August

You can’t tell an August-born person what to do in bed. They’re confident and demanding lovers and may even get miffed if not satisfied.

9. September

September-born people are full of passion though they don’t give in to emotions easily. You’ll have to work hard to get them to make love. Once they connect with you emotionally, they’ll strive to please you.

10. October

People born in October are romantics. They like to take sex slow and make it last long. You have to be patient and wait a while before they get comfortable.

11. November

Those born in this month love trying new positions and want you entirely for themselves. Full of passion and zeal, November-born people are all about passionate sex.

12. December

They love foreplay more than the act. They like weaving creative stories and indulging in role-play. You can expect something new and exciting every time.

True or not, this is a fun way to see if you and your partner’s birth months and sex life add up. He’ll love you for pleasing him and will be only too eager to return the favour!

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