Common Lies We Have All Told Our Parents as a Teenager

5 Lies We Told our Parents as a Teenager

Teens, much as they love their parents, often end up telling some lies. The desire to make moms and dads feel good and keep some illusions intact leads them up this path. Do you remember telling these common lies to your parents as a teenager too?

No doubt you love your parents and acknowledge all that they do for you, but then, sometimes you lied too. This was probably because you never wanted them to think of you as anything other than their adorable darling (who could do no wrong). And then, sometimes, you lied to ensure that their make-believe world about you remained intact. When it comes to these common funny lies, we bet you told them all the time!

5 Common Lies We’ve all Told Our Parents as a Teenager

1. Dad, I will be at Rishi’s Studying; We have a test tomorrow.

Oh yeah! You were buried neck deep in notes and solving those tough problems in trigonometry—right? This little lie has a long history and has been probably repeated a zillion times. It’s a mere coincidence that Bob’s mom had baked your favourite cake and your favourite soccer team was playing on TV that night—right?

2. My friends drink, But do you think I’ll ever do so?

No, your parents didn’t think you’d drink; at least not when you were just 15. Teens are known to hang about at places that serve alcohol, tobacco, and sometimes drugs too. You may not have been a junkie but curiosity got the better of you, and then, there was peer pressure too. How could you ignore just a few swigs? This doesn’t mean that your parents need to know. Thankfully, the hangover discouraged you from drinking on the sly, ever again.

3. I swear I don’t know How this adult picture came here!

You enjoyed reading forbidden books and took pleasure in satisfying your basic instincts too. But was it important for those pictures to surface in your reference book, that too when you were discussing your class project with your dad? You were forced to speak a blatant lie at that time and blame it on a friend of yours to save your face.

4. My teacher is biased; He failed me

It’s easy to find many people like you who’ve made their teachers into villains, mainly when bad grades were likely to bring bad music their way. Shifting the blame elsewhere helped you get away from your parent’s wrath on the result day too, but it was still a lie!

5. It’s only an all-girls’ sleepover mom!

College excursions and high school sleepovers were those much-awaited occasions that gave you a chance to mingle with the opposite sex. But then, would your parents give you the nod if they knew more? Of course not! So, what’s the harm in telling a little lie in this case, right? After all, you live only once, don’t you?

Common lies such as these seem so cute and innocent before you become a parent. Your memories make you chuckle. Plus when your kids tell this lies, you can just smirk and say, “Been there, done that!”

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