10 White Lies You Tell Your Hubby That You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About!

10 White Lies To Hubby You Shouldn’t Be Guilty About

There are times when a relationship becomes more important than being honest. But, there’s no harm in telling a teeny weeny lie sometimes if it can save your relationship from getting knocked.

Truth, Trust and being Transparent are the three Ts of a rock-solid relationship. But, sometimes, few innocent, harmless lies may just help in strengthening your relationship with your partner. Find out what they are and chuck your guilt!

When is it Ok to Lie to Your Husband and What Are The Fibs You Can Make?

1. Thank You for This Wonderful Gift!

However much you dislike that gift hubby bought you, be thankful. Your gesture will have a far deeper impact than you can imagine. After all, he bought it with your happiness in mind.

2. I want to Learn Cooking from Your Mom.

One way to a happy marital relationship is to keep the peace with his mom. If not anything else, praise her cooking from time to time.

3. Your Aunt is The Best!

Well, what’s the harm in going that extra mile to make him happy? You don’t really need to hug his aunt or gush about her, but the occasional praise is fine.

4. I Don’t Find Your Friend Hot at all.

No matter how drool-worthy your hubby’s friend is, don’t let him know! You’ll create feelings of insecurity and it may ruin their friendship.

5. I Like Hanging Out with Your Friends.

There will be instances when you have to socialize with your husband’s pals. And, there will be people who’ll bore you to death! Just don’t break his heart by mentioning it.

6. I’ll Miss You!

Sometimes, you just want to be alone and once hubby and the kids are gone, you have the house all to yourself. There’s no harm in that; just tell him you’ll miss him and ask him to come home soon.

I’ll Miss You

7. Have Fun at The Party.

Let him go. You don’t have a choice even though the thought of him merry-making with friends can leave you feeling a little antsy. You might as well put on a happy face. You can always coax his best buddy to spill the details later!

8. Wow, I absolutely Love your Sister’s Company!

Your idea of a good time may not include his sister, but it’s a gesture that he’ll surely appreciate. The next time you’re all together, make an effort to be extra nice and enjoy her company.

9. All My Baby Pics Got Lost.

You may not want to share embarrassing childhood pics that your mom so proudly clicked while you were performing or while you were bathing. This is the best excuse to save yourself from that situation!

10. I Have a Terrible Headache.

You’ve had a long day at work and have an early morning too, so there’s no harm in feigning a headache. It’ll help you get the beauty sleep you crave.

These harmless little lies will keep you going strong in your relationship. A fib that can keep your husband from feeling bad is oft times better than speaking the bitter truth. This is why it’s ok to lie sometimes in your relationship!

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