How To Teach Your Baby To Roll a Ball

How To Teach Your Baby To Roll a Ball

Is your six-month-old baby able to sit independently? Are you planning to teach your baby to roll her favorite ball back and forth? That’s great! Teaching your baby to roll a ball promotes a range of development skills in babies. Learning this activity boosts your baby’s social-communication skills, balancing skills, gross motor skills, and promotes many other abilities that help her overall development.

So, if you are wondering how to teach your dear little angel to roll a ball, worry no more! Here we list some key tips that can help you teach your baby to roll a ball.

1. Say ‘Ready, Set, Go!’ As You Roll Ball

Sit in front of your baby with a colorful, smooth ball, say ‘Ready, Set, Go’, and then roll the ball towards her. Make sure you add emphasis and attention to the ball so that your baby looks at you and then at the ball. Let your baby get her hands on your rolled ball. She may not roll the ball back, but that’s fine as your baby is too small to learn it in the first-take. Repeat this activity several times daily so that your baby learns that the ball rolls to her as soon as you complete ‘Ready, Set, Go’.

2. Pause to Let Your Baby Anticipate

As your baby gets used to this ball rolling activity, start out as usual but with a pause before saying ‘Go’ and rolling out the ball. Having a brief pause before uttering ‘Go’ and holding back the ball will make you baby look at you expecting you to roll the ball. Your baby will make eye contact trying to communicate with you to roll the ball to her. Eye contact is crucial for promoting social communication skills in babies. And, letting your baby anticipate the ball rolling movement will boost her eye contacting and interacting abilities significantly. Plus, whenever you say ‘Ready, Set’ you will find your baby looking at you with a smile and trying to say ‘Go’ by making /g/ sound as she grows.

3. Teach Your Baby to Roll the Ball By Herself

Sit beside your baby and teach her to roll the ball with her hands. A six-month-old can sit independently balancing her head, back and legs. First, help her hold the ball using both her hands. Then, hold her hands and apply some force with her hands on the ball to roll it. Also, you can teach your baby to apply force to the ball or push it with just one hand. Even when your baby lies on either side, she can roll the ball with one hand. Thus, rolling a ball promotes fine motor skills of your little one. ||

3. Clap and Appreciate

Once you roll the ball and your baby gets her hands on it, clap both your hands, smile at your baby, and praise her. Also, when your baby rolls the ball and it goes some distance away from her clap, smile at her, and appreciate her. Say something like ‘Good job’ or ‘Well done’. This will make her happy and boost her morale to get hold of the ball and roll it just like you did.

4. Let Your Baby Lean to Reach the Rolling Ball

As you roll the ball to your baby or if your baby wants to get hold of a ball lying near her, don’t rush to help her get her hands on the ball. Let your baby lean over, use her hands and knees for support, try to balance, and get the ball on her own. Reaching a rolled ball and rolling it back helps boost your baby’s gross motor skills. As the time passes, your baby will try to get into the quadruped position by balancing her body on her hands and knees and crawl to reach the ball. So, once your baby learns rolling the ball activity, let her reach the ball on her own by leaning.

Did you teach your baby how to roll her favorite ball? How quickly did you baby learn it? How did your baby benefit from it? Share your unique experiences in the comment section below.

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