Top 70 Last Names as First Names for Girls

Top 70 Last Names as First Names for Girls

If you’ve recently given birth to a baby girl and are looking for a unique, whether modern or old-fashioned, we might have something for you. You’re a millennial parent, and of course, you’d want a name for your baby that is Instagram-worthy, right? We get you, and trust us, we won’t suggest you those portmanteau names derived by combining the names of mommy and daddy – it’s so yesterday. The trend of using last names as the first names for babies has picked up lately. So if you want to keep up with the trend, we bring you a list of the coolest surnames that would make for a perfect first name for your cute little girl!

Cute Last Names as First Names for Girls

Surnames which are chosen as first names, sound classy and elegant. If you’re looking for ideas or simply want to explore, we’ve rounded up a good list for you. From creative surnames to titles that befit royalty, we’ve made a compilation of the best surnames for baby girls, which you can use as their first names. Have a look below:

Name Meaning
Adler Eagle
Addison A quirky surname that means son of Adam.
Arden An English surname meaning ‘valley of the eagle’ and ‘high’.
Ashley A person who lives near the ash tree meadows.
Bailey A popular boys name worldwide, Bailey refers to porter.
Beckett A refreshing name that is linked to the famous Irish playwright, Samuel Beckett.
Blair Blair has roots in Gaelic blár and means battlefield.
Cameron This Gaelic cam surname means crooked nose.
Carlin A unique last name that probably means freeman.
Carson This name of Irish origin means son of the marsh-dwellers.
Channing An Asian surname that means young wolf.
Colby An Old Norse name which means dark.
Darcy A popular Victorian name which refers to someone from Arcy.
Devon This last name could belong to the place name called Devin.
Ellis This surname of English and Welsh origin means benevolent.
Fallon An Irish surname referring to the descendant of the leader.
Flores This Spanish surname means son of Floro.
Greer A Latin last name which means watchful.
Harlow Came from the name of a town in England which means army hill.
Harper An occupational last name referring to someone who played or made the harp.
Hayden An eccentric last name meaning valley of the hay.
Hayley Belonging to an English town, Haley means hay clearing.
Hester A modern version of Ishtar – the goddess of love, fertility, and war.
James A Hebrew last name meaning supplanter.
Jennings This surname dates back to medieval times and means Little John.
Kennedy An Irish name referring to the descendant of Cennétig.
Larkin An Irish or Russian last name meaning from Laurentum.
Levin A Germanic last name meaning beloved friend.
Lowin A Germanic surname meaning lion.
MacKenzie A Scottish last name meaning son of handsome.
Monroe This Scottish surname means ‘from the mouth of the Roe’.
Nieves A Spanish first name as well as last name meaning snow.
Cooper This Anglo Saxon surname stands for a ‘barrel maker’.
Copeland A unique surname for a first name, it stands for ‘bought land’.
Davis This is a common surname which means beloved.
Hutton This name of Old English origin refers to a settlement.
Finley This surname means a fair warrior.
Duncan This Scottish surname means a dark warrior.
Lincoln This name means town by the pool.
Mason A stone maker.
Paisley A Latin surname meaning church.
Penn This English surname means enclosure.
Raleigh A European last name meaning red woodland clearing.
Sawyer This Old English surname stands for woodcutters.
Shelley Means clearing on the bank.
Brady A vintage surname that means spirited.
Walker A 20th-century surname that’s still popular today. It stands for ‘cloth-walker’ and is of English origin.
Thompson A Scottish origin surname that stands for Son of Thomp.
Lennon This Surname means lover.
Ashley A name that became famous as a girl’s name because of Laura Ashley, it means ‘dweller near the ash tree meadow’.
Avery It means ‘ruler of elves’ and is a gender-neutral surname that’s been used since decades.
Bellamy This surname fine friends.
Pattinson This surname means son of Patrick.
Raddix This surname means new beginnings.
Cassidy An Irish name that means curly haired.
Everly This Old English surname means from the boar meadows.
Emerson This surname stands for brave and powerful.
Griffin The meaning of this surname is ‘fierce’.
Hazel A 19th-century name that comes from plants.
Aislynn Aislynn means vision or to dream.
Bexley This surname of Old English origin means a clearing in the forest.
Connelly Connelly is a popular surname being used for the first name amongst girls. It translates to ‘fierce as a hound’.
Stone For those who want something unique but less popular, Stone is a good name for girls.
Madigan This name of Irish origin means a little dog.
Jones This surname of English origin makes for a perfect name for baby girls.
Sullivan This Irish surname means ‘hawk-eyed’ or ‘dark-eyed’.
Tatum Refers to bringer of joy.
Taylor A Latin last name which means to cut.
West This surname of English and German origin.
Winslow An Old English name which means friendly hill.

The above names will give you a good idea of what you’re looking for. Go with what sounds right and resembles your child’s character or personality. Your child will definitely respond more lovingly to these pretty last names for girls, too, when they like it, and that’s a good sign. You can also look into your ancestral ties to uncover more connections to these names and if you’re looking for classics, the above list has some good ones.

These are some of the coolest and classiest surnames out there that would make for a great name for baby girls. Choose the one you like the most!

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