Top 50 1st Birthday Invitation Messages

Top 50 First Birthday Invitation Messages

The first birthday of your child is exciting. However, there is something more special than that. It is the preparation for celebrating the child’s first year. It is a milestone, both for the baby toddler and for the parents as well. As you start with your planning for the first birthday party, you already have the list of invitees in mind. To start, you need to find the perfect invitation. We have put together a few suitable 1st birthday invitation wordings that your guests will love.

Funny Birthday Invitation Wording for 1st Birthday

Birthdays are special and so should be the ideas for first birthday invitation card wordings. Below, we have listed some funny birthday invitation wordings that you can use to invite your guests to your little one’s birthday party.

1. ‘First bunny teeth, first baby steps, our baby is already walking.
Come join us for our baby’s first birthday celebration and have some fun!’

A sweet, simple message that reveals your little one has already started walking and has a few teeth.

2. ‘Cute, naughty, and sweet
Here’s our little one who is turning 1
And we would like you to be there for birthday celebration and have fun.’

Don’t forget to add your baby’s picture on the invitation card holding the 1 shaped balloon.

3. ‘Tons of diapers
And sleepless nights
But nothing can beat being the happiness of being parents.
Join us for our baby’s first birthday celebration.’

A sweet remineder to all the guests that the happiness of being parents comes with a lot of responsibilities.

4. ‘The host and cake are small,
But the fun is going to be big.
Come on, join us in celebrating our baby’s first birthday!’

This a sweet and simple yet fun message for a birthday invitation card.

5. ‘Truly speaking, the first year speeded at blazing speed, and here we are celebrating our little one’s 1st ever birthday. We expect your presence on the day!’

A great first birthday invite wordings for invitation card.

6. ‘After 12 months of being around our baby, we take the opportunity of her 1st birthday to arrange for some more people to meet her, or you can call it a party. Come and shower your blessings on her.’

A hilarious first birthday invite idea.

7. ‘The very tasty cake and great food await you at our kid’s first-ever birthday party! Drop by and make the celebration even better!’

What a fun way to lure your guests with cake and food while inviting them for a party.

8. ‘Though we haven’t slept for one long year, we still have the enthusiasm to celebrate our kid’s first birthday with all our energy.’

Parents always have special ways to announce or invite people over for a party. This is another hilarious way to do so!

9. ‘Come to my party and celebrate a bit.
See my first cake, I’ll be wearing it!’

Let the invitation go from your ko from your baby’s side for an extra layer of fun.

10. ‘After 12 months of being
the baby around here,
It’s time to invite you to celebrate
my fabulous first year!’

Another great wording to send the invitation from your little one’s side. Your guests are sure to love this one!

Cute Birthday Invitation Wording for Baby’s First Birthday

Let’s take a look at some 1st birthday cute birthday invitation wordings that you can use on birthday cards.

1. ‘Cake, balloons, and presents, oh my! You’re invited to our little one’s first birthday party.’

This is a simple and cute message to invite people to your baby’s birthday party.

2. ‘Help us make our baby’s first birthday unforgettable. Join us for a day filled with fun and laughter.’

A great message from the parent’s side who wishes to make their little one’s birthday special and unforgettable.

3. ‘Happy Birthday we’ll sing
and such noise we will make,
when she blows out the candles
on her first birthday cake!’

A message that promises a fun-filled birthday and, of course, a sweet treat in the form of a cake.

4. ‘Join in the hoopla
    Join in the fun
    Join the best Birthday Party 
    under the sun!’

An excellent way to convey to your guests that your birthday party is going to be outside in fun, which promises a lot of fun.

5. ‘A little cake, a lot of fun.
    A little host who’s turning one!’

What a cute message to invite your guests over on your little one’s first birthday!

6. ‘I learned to laugh and squeal, then sit and stand,
     and I can walk now if you hold my hand.
    But the fun has only just begun,
    lookout world, I’m turning one!
    Come to my birthday party and have fun.’

A cute birthday invite wording directly from the birthday girl.

7. ‘As life keeps speeding through the alley, we enter a big lane! Let us together celebrate our kid’s 1st birthday.’

There is nothing more special than sharing your happiness with others. Here’s another invitation message for the first birthday of your baby.

8. ‘Hey, you know what? Here is another first that we want to celebrate with you. Be a part of our baby’s 1st birthday.’

After celebrating your baby shower with your dear ones, it’s time to throw another party for your baby’s first birthday, and these working are just what you need for an invite.

9. ‘It is nothing less than miraculous to see our little one taking the baby steps and celebrating the 1st ever birthday.

A special invitation from parents for whom their child is no less than a miracle.

10. ‘Let us double the fun and triple the joy on her/his 1st birthday. We await your arrival on the (date).’

A cute message that assures fun for sure.

1st Birthday Invitation Sample Wordings for Baby Boy

These attractive first birthday wordings for a baby boy are informal and straightforward and yet sound unique. These wordings are sure to hold the attention of your guests.

1. ‘The first year was flashy, and the second one begins. Come join the celebration as our prince turns one.’ 

These wordings will not go unnoticed. Sweet and jovial, your guests will feel happy upon receiving the invitation with these wordings.

2. ‘Come, we will have cake, pastries, games and lots of fun. The occasion is that our sweet little boy is turning one.’

With this invitation, you are also unveiling the little details for the first birthday celebration of your baby boy.

3. ‘It is the birthday of our (child’s name). You are invited to have fun as we celebrate the day with family and friends.’ 

In this invitation, your little bundle of love is inviting the guests for his first birthday party.

4. ‘It is time for fun as (name of your baby) is turning one. Cake, snacks, cold drinks, games, and more. Join the laughter and smiles galore.’

A rather personalized message mentioning your baby’s name, it is a delight to receive such a birthday invitation.

5. ‘Babies, cakes, and balloons, oh my! Come and join us as we celebrate (your baby’s name) the first birthday.’

An invitation with a lot of enthusiasm, and why not? Start the preparations for the birthday party of your cute little one with these beautiful 1st birthday invitation wordings.

1st Birthday Invitation Sample Wordings for Baby Boy

6. ‘As our boy turns one, there was so much fun that we had this year. It is time to celebrate with all the near and dear ones’

This invitation adds to the excitement of your baby’s first birthday. These straightforward wordings will work the best.

7. ‘With cakes and games, there will be a lot of fun. Our little boy is turning one. Join us for the 1st birthday of (your son’s name)’

These simple wordings for your child’s first birthday will be the best one, a colorful invitation card.

8. ‘Splashy and enjoyable, it is a birthday bash. Swim and play with water and get soaked. We celebrate (your child’s name), just bring a towel, enjoy the pool party. We are here to take care of the rest.’

For a birthday party of your baby boy with a theme, these wordings are an ideal first birthday invitation message.

9. ‘There are games, snacks and of course the cake. As we celebrate the occasion of our child hitting one. Come and enjoy this happy occasion with us. ‘

Inviting your guests with these words is going to be a lovely gesture. 

10. ‘Come and have a ball as our superhero turns one. Come, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and have good fun. Come and celebrate (your child’s name) the first birthday.’

It is an invitation for a superhero-themed party of your baby. 

First Birthday Invitation Sample Wordings for Baby Girl

Here are a few examples of 1st birthday party invitations for your daughter:

1. ‘We have animals on our farm, to celebrate (your child’s name) the first birthday. Come and join us for a day full of fun.’

This theme party will be hit with the guests as they enjoy the furry friends at your daughter’s first birthday.

2. Little cupcakes, little hands, and a small host. As the angel turns one, join us for some great fun. We invite you to our (your child’s name) first birthday.’

These cute wordings for your daughter’s 1st birthday invitation message are adorable. 

3. She’s learned to laugh and squeal, then sit and stand. But the fun has only just begun. Look out world, she is turning One!.’

These first birthday invitation wordings will be a nice one on your daughter’s birthday.

4. ‘Cake, icing, pictures, and balloons. Come with presents if you will, as I celebrate as I turn one. Now, I am one year old; let us have a time of gold.’

Your cute girl takes charge of the invitation with these wordings.

5. Hello! I am (your child’s name), and I am turning one. Join me in the celebrations with balloons, cakes and more’.

With these cute wordings, add a picture of your daughter on the card.

First Birthday Invitation Sample Wordings for Baby Girl

6. ‘As we go wild in excitement, here is the invitation for you to join. Our sweet little (your baby’s name) is celebrating as she turns one.’

For a wildlife theme at your little girl’s birthday party, these invitation wordings go best.

7. ‘A year has gone by, how time has flown, No one can believe how she’s grown! She’s really cute and so much fun. She is turning ONE!.’

For your sweet daughter, these are some excellent invitation wordings.

8. ‘She is learning to walk, and can’t wait to run. She is full of smiles and laughter, and is almost one! ‘

Your princess will have a gala time on her birthday when the invitation has these beautiful wordings.

9. ‘As she learns to crawl and the first tooth peeps out. With cake, balloons and you, we will have good fun. Please join us to make it memorable.’

Your baby girl’s birthday celebration will be an extraordinary party, for sure.

 10. ‘The year has gone by was quick for sure. Our darling had a lot of fun while growing up. As she turns one, let us have a blast. ‘

These are perfect wordings for the birthday party of your daughter.

1st Birthday Invitation Wording for Twins

Let’s read baby 1st birthday invitation wording for twins below.

1. ‘Twins are undoubtedly the most fun thing that can happen to anyone, and I think I am blessed with both. They are so filled with love and happiness. Come and witness the first birthday of my cute twins.’

An invitation message to invite people to your twin’s birthday.

2. ‘One of them is an angel, and the other one is batman. But together, they are the best. You are cordially invited to join us and celebrate their 1st birthday on Sunday at 5 pm.’

A simple invitation message that says how adorable your little twins are while inviting people over for their birthday.

3. ‘We would love you to join in our happiness as we are all set to celebrate our twins’ birthday. You are invited to come and celebrate and make them the happiest.’

An invite that says your presence will make your twins happy. What a sweet way to invite people over.

4. ‘Remember the happy times and raise a toast to cheer. It is our favorite twins’ birthday near. You are invited to join us in the celebration.’

Invite from parents of twins to people for their twins’ first birthday party.

5. ‘A reason to celebrate, a reason to come, and a reason to dine. It is our twins’ birthday, and you are invited to the camp side.’

A message that says you are hosting your twins’ party by the camp side for some added fun.

6. ‘Ignore the number of candles on the cake as we invite you to be present at our twin’s birthday bash. Don’t miss the spectacular event!’

A quirky first birthday invite for little one’s big day.

7. ‘Our cute twins are turning one tomorrow. You are graciously invited to come and join us in the celebration.’

A simple message to invite over people to your twins’ birthday.

8. ‘We are hosting a mini birthday celebration with very close friends and relatives for our twins. I hope you can spare a few hours of your time to party with us.’

An invite wording when you are inviting only a few people over for your twins’ birthday.

9. ‘Our beloved and craziest twins are turning one tomorrow. Please make a special appearance at our place tomorrow night as we celebrate the special day.’

A great party invite idea for a night’s birthday celebration.

10. ‘Here’s inviting all my lovely people to celebrate the birth of my daring twins!’

A sweet short message reveals how much you wish people to attend your kid’s party!

What Can You Write on a First Birthday Invitation?

Here are the things you can write about the first birthday invitation.

  • Date of the party
  • Time of the party
  • Venue of the party
  • Name of the host


1. Which Invitation Should I Send for My Childs’s 1st birthday – Physical or Digital?

You can send either invite on your child’s first birthday. Although, a physical invite adds a personal touch.

2. When Should I Send First Birthday Invitations?

If you are planning to throw a party for your little one’s first birthday, do send the invite weeks in advance, as your guests might need to know beforehand to take out time for your party.

3. How Can I Ensure That My 1st Birthday Party Invitation Reaches to Right People?

You should first create a guest list and then compile the guest’s addresses. Send the invitations with the correct details, and follow up with the guests who have responded.

A memorable and eventful birthday party requires proper planning. Try these creative wordings to let the guests know how special your baby is. Elegant and simple wordings with a unique rhyme, use any of these examples of 1st birthday party invitations. After all, the first birthday is a special occasion in all aspects. Make it a memorable one. Choose these new and exciting words to invite guests to your party.

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