Your Baby’s 6 Secret Weapons are Crazier Than You Know!

Your Baby’s Secret Weapons are Crazier Than You Know

Just when you thought your baby is defenceless, they let you experience some oddities that are not only weird, but are also tear-jerking! Check out what do babies do that keep the new moms fretting – all in good fun, of course!

Babies are adorable and cute, little darlings. But they can be weird and tough to handle at times. Your little bundle of joy is full of surprises. But, again all surprises are not supposed to be pleasant. Some of these can really give you head-scratches as your baby has zero life experience. Whatever it may be, simply enjoy this phase till the moment it lasts. Check out the list of baby oddities that you might come across.

Some Really Weird Things Baby Do

1. They Are Little Explosive Machines

Your baby may look so delicate, but when it comes to spit-up and poo… time, they can be a nightmare. Just when you are done with feeding and making him burp, he will throw up. So, even if you cleaned the mess few seconds ago, you have to do it again. Don’t go crazy if it gets all over you! Maybe, it’s bathing time for both mommy and baby.

2. Changing Diapers Can be a Battle

Argh, that awful smell! Even though you hate it, you can’t escape. When there is shit blowout, you can only carry the diaper bag for a quick change and never let the humour in you go away. Trouble isn’t just over there. They like to play with that wastage. Who knew this sweet tiny human can do something so foul!

3. Their Smile is Angelic, But Those Nails Are Most Devilish

Like you, your baby’s nails need to be clipped and trimmed every week. But, what do babies do when it’s time for the cutting process? Neighbours might think you are torturing the baby. You’ll have to wrestle with the baby’s kicks, a lot of crying, sharp shrieks, and mostly getting clawed by those surprisingly sharp fingernails.

4. Rough Sleeping Time for Mama

Every mother must have experienced sleep deprivation. They do sleep a lot, but not the way you would want them to sleep. So, they can wake you up regardless of what hour it is, and you’ll need to settle them down. And then when you think you can finally go to sleep, they will wake you up!

5. Breastfeeding Can be Hysterical

Motherhood doesn’t necessarily mean you enjoy breastfeeding. It may hurt at the beginning, whether you are doing it right or wrong. When your body gets used to it, your little baby will make you scream hysterically. When their teeth start to grow, there is high risk of your nipples getting nipped. Newborns will drive you crazy!

6. They Smell Delicious, But Not when They Fart

There is nothing sweeter than the smell of a baby. Unfortunately, they will fart from time to time without being discreet. Yes, burping and hiccups will also accompany. They are going to bother you and the father.

These are a few things to know about newborns that you may not have known. If you are a mother for the fist time, enjoy this phase as you’ll never experience this again. Happy mommying!

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