Solo Travel and Marriage

Why Solo Trips are Good for You…and Your Marriage!

Most couples don’t like travelling apart. More likely, they don’t see the point in travelling apart. Some even ask “what is solo travel?” Well, solo travel even after marriage can be the most liberating way to enjoy a destination on your own terms!

Sometimes, travelling on your own is not just an option but a necessity! A little away time from each other is, in fact, the secret to a happy and healthy marriage. If you’re wondering, why solo trips are good for you and your marriage, take one to find out!

The Perks of Travelling Solo

1. You Can Choose Your Own Destination

A difference in destination is sure to crop up when you and your husband are planning a vacation. He might crave the outdoors and want to go on a hiking or camping trip. You, on the other hand, might crave a trip to the countryside with its cottages and farms where you prefer to curl up in front of the fireplace. Why sacrifice your choice of holiday destination for another, especially if you only get to travel once in a while? There, being a solo traveller suddenly sounds like a good proposition, right?

2. Your Time is Your Own

Women travelling solo don’t have the distractions of family and children where her holiday is anything but that. Why not have a week of solitude where you have the freedom to chalk out your own schedule? You don’t even have to stick to a schedule as your time is your own. Just imagine not having to get up when everyone else does! You can sleep when you want, eat what you want, go wherever you want or just curl up and read a book. Let the solitude be your reward.

Your time is your own

3. Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Yes, this really is true! Time apart only succeeds in pulling a couple closer. In fact, a solo trip actually creates longing and yearning for your partner after a few days. What could be a more relaxing idea to keep love alive and fresh? You’ll come back to make a fresh start and realize anew just why you love your husband so much.

4. “Me” Time

Too much of anything is bad – even being constantly stuck to each other as a couple! When the feeling of being stifled takes over, you know it’s time for a solo travel experience. It gives you the chance to unwind and relax from the pressures of being married. Let your husband take a solo vacation too. Alone time is important if you want your marriage to stay healthy.

There’s no denying that travelling together is fun. But solo travel and marriage do go hand in hand contrary to popular opinion. If you are too wrapped up in everyday life and tend to take each for granted, take a vacation on your own and reflect on your years of marriage. Get packing!

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