diwali Outfit Ideas For Teens

Diwali Festival Clothing For Teens

Dressing up becomes important for boys and girls during their teenage years. Girls want to look their pretty best and boys are in a hurry to grow up to look like their dads. Fashionable dress up for teens in Diwali can be a fun experience for both you and your kids with these tips.

Stunning Fashion Ideas for Your Teen This Diwali

1. Indo-Western Jackets and Sherwanis for Boys

The Sherwani has evolved from the simple two piece into many avatars. Designers have created many variations by varying the lengths, fabrics, self designs, prints and brocades. Pair sherwanis with vibrant jackets. If your teen loves his jeans, then a chinese collar shirt and a neon coloured jacket will surely make heads turn. Give your teen the majestic look he so craves for this Diwali with a silk Sherwani. Pair it with khussa shoes.

2. Lehengas for Girls

Lehengas are every teenage girl’s favourite. Lehengas add to the grace, beauty and elegance of any girl. With lehengas, moms can experiment with unusual colour pair ups and combinations. Lehengas are great for several body types, but they are best suited for shorter girls and make them look cuter than ever! Play around with the blouse a bit with strings and pair with statement earrings.

3. Dhoti for Boys

Dhoti makes any man look majestic. They add to the charisma and elegance of men and have charmed women through ages. Watch your little boy transform into a magnificent man overnight with dhotis. Pair dhotis with sherwanis, kurtas or plain old shirts, and your young son is sure to woo everyone. Here’s one of the best tips for dressing up teens for Diwali- if crisp white dhoties bore you, then give colourful dhoti-pyjamas a try.

4. Sarees for Girls

If you think your daughter is ready for a saree, then why not! Sarees can never go out of fashion. Help your young beauty drape a saree and accessorise her look with chunky statement neck pieces, bangles and earrings. Add to the colour with matching terracotta or glass jewelry. Sarees make any girl feel special and pretty!

5. Indo Western Anarkalis for Girls

Floor length anarkalis are the rage now. Diwali outfit ideas for teens this year are dominated by anarkalis. They can be given a western touch with belts, jackets, pin tucks and asymmetrical cuts. Anarkalis with bold embroidery around the neck are popular this festive season. Buy your teen a fashionable anarkali in bold colours this Diwali and make her feel exceptional.

Sit back and watch your little one transform into an elegant teenager with our ideas on fashionable dress up for teens in Diwali. Mull over how fast days have gone by while your teen goes around making a fashion statement, all thanks to momma!

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