6 Things ALL Of Us Moms Have Done During a Sleepless Night With Our Babies...

6 Things ALL Of Us Moms Have Done During a Sleepless Night With Our Babies

It’s way past midnight and your baby is still in mood for play. Wait, looks like all your rocking and lullaby-singing finally paid off and he seems to be drifting off to sleep. But sleep for you is still far away! You will need to check on your baby to ensure he is fine and be there for him the next time he wakes up crying and looking for you…

Sleepless nights are the norm for new mothers. This is why we have created a unique night routine list that totally works for us and helps us be, um, productive, creative and also kills our time as we wait…

We asked moms for their routine of a sleepless night with the baby! How many of these things have you done too?

1. Finished an Entire Chocolate Bar + A Big Packet of Chips

So? The whole world gets hungry when up in the middle of the night. Add to that post-pregnancy hormones, mood swings, and hunger (owing to the bland and tasteless diet we are often served after delivery) and you have a great excuse for some midnight munching. Just make sure your munching doesn’t wake up the little darling from his precious, precious sleep!

2. Scrolled Right to The End of The Facebook Feed

Who’s going on a vacation next weekend? Who’s getting married? Who’s kids just got the first prize in the Fancy Dress competition at school? We know all the answers! Why? Because when the baby went on one of his ten-minute naps, we scrolled all through our news feed on Facebook! Nothing better than social networking in the middle of the night, even though your eyes are probably watering from lack of sleep…

3. Checked The Internet for “What Kind of Mother Am I?”

Pop quizzes are so much fun. Especially when they tell you revealing and personal things such as which mother character from your favourite TV serial you most resemble, and which ice-cream flavour you should eat based on your parenting skills. Plus, no matter how much we do for our baby, so many of us still have that nagging doubt – are we doing enough? Are we a good mom? Time to seek help from the expert quizmasters…

4. Sent Baby Poop Pictures on WhatsApp Groups

Babies pee and poop so much and it fascinates us endlessly! Well, perhaps fascinate is too strong a word, but we do obsess a lot about whether the baby is pooping properly. As per doctors, the colour, texture, consistency, etc. of poop can reveal a lot about the baby’s health. So, while the little one is finally napping after you changed his diapers, it’s time to get those latest poop pictures evaluated…Thanks to our mommy friends on WhatsApp, we now find so much more mental solace than earlier!

We recommend you also download the World Of Moms mobile application so you can get some peace of mind during those sleepless nights. Promise we won’t make faces or irritated noises!

5. Spent Several Long Minutes in The Washroom, All Alone

Now, you know what we mean – going to the bathroom by yourself is a huge luxury when you are a new mom! If you do manage to go alone, chances are you will need to be out within seconds as your baby starts crying right then, or you get a panic attack that he hurt himself in some way. But now, during a quiet, sleepless night, when your baby is FINALLY napping, you can steal some precious minutes in the bathroom. Bliss!

6. Congratulated Yourself for Being The Superwoman Who Needs No Sleep

It’s almost 3 AM and the little baby looks far from asleep. In fact, he is quite hyperactive and seems to be in the mood for play! After you’ve rocked him and sung him a dozen lullabies, he finally seems to be slipping off into slumber. And here you are, wide awake from all the activity, dreading the morning when you will feel oh SO sleepy! You pat yourself on the back then, and marvel at how amazingly you manage to function with such little sleep. To think that there was a time when you could sleep in till midday and still feel groggy…What a superwoman you have now become!

How many of these things have you also done when up with your baby all night? Do share your experiences in the comments!

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