8 Ayurvedic Health & Beauty Tips - Exclusively For Moms!

8 Ayurvedic Health & Beauty Tips – Exclusively For Moms!

Motherhood is that life-altering, overwhelming experience which changes the meaning of everything you’ve formerly known. Your lifestyle, relationships, physical endurance and patience are all tested to the hilt. This means you need to be more careful about your health than ever before! Yes, every mother becomes extremely cautious about her baby from the moment her pregnancy is first detected. She eats healthy, gets exercise, and steers clear of consuming or applying anything that may harm the baby. But along with all this, there are a few things you need to do only for yourself. After all, a healthy and happy mom raises a healthy and happy baby! So, what are we talking about?

Modern research in the field of maternity and postpartum care has come with up a number of findings for mums and mums-to-be. The intriguing part is that a fair number of these actually have their foundation in something very old and indigenous to India – Ayurveda! This ancient medical science has a whole branch called Kaumarabhritya which prescribes principles of caring for baby as well as the mother. Some of these teachings have excellent and very practical advice to keep mothers healthy and glowing – even when the times get tough.

Keeping our powerful Indian traditions in mind, we have compiled for you a list of tips that are guaranteed to keep you healthy in your motherhood journey. The best part is – absolutely no side effects!

1. Get As Much Rest As You Can

As a new mother, getting rest can seem like an impossible task. But unless you are willing to risk both your and your baby’s long-term health, rest is an absolute must! Ayurveda advises moms to recognise that postpartum needs are different from prenatal ones. This means you need more rest than usual to recover completely. Adequate sleep and some alone-time will help restore your strength, vitality and also the youthfulness of your skin. Try and get as much support as you can from your spouse, family and neighbours.

2. Treat Yourself to Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

Massage therapy, also called abhyanga, is an intrinsic component of Ayurveda. This is a warm oil massage intended to avoid any imbalance or “vata dosha”. For postpartum women, it helps relieve strained muscles and body aches while speeding up tissue rebuilding. You can use a toning massage oil by Himalaya FOR MOMS primarily because of its all-natural composition and foundation in the principles of Kaumarabhritya. And guess what! This massage also lets you feel secure, loved and cared for – exactly the kind of emotions you want your baby to experience through you!

3. Include These Items In Your Diet

What you eat has a direct bearing on your skin and overall health. Plus, if you’re nursing, it will also impact your breastmilk, and in turn, your baby. Ayurveda recommends a “vata pacifying” diet at this time. This comprises items such as rice, vegetable soup, garlic, milk and ghee. Such a diet will keep you healthy and your skin glowing. A warning note – it’s not enough to eat these food groups; you also need to ensure that the preparation is fresh and healthy. As per Ayurveda, moms should consume only freshly made food as it has the most nutrition and ease of digestion. Time to get the husband and extended family to the kitchen! ||

4. Find Happiness In and Around Yourself

If you thought this was a modern lifestyle approach, prepare to be surprised! Ayurveda, since times immemorial, has focused on the importance of staying happy, calm and quiet to keep yourself healthy. The ancient science explains that when the mother is not happy or calm, it is likelier that she will suffer problems such as skin breakouts and hormonal imbalance. Worse, her child may also experience frequent colic, sleep problems and hyperactivity. This makes it important for you to be in harmony with your surroundings and keep the environment quiet and fulfilling.

5. Indulge in Some Aromatherapy

Ayurveda recognises the importance of uplifting aromas to rejuvenate your senses, especially during the difficult times of pregnancy and early postpartum. Aromatherapy can relax and heal your body while also providing a calming, therapeutic effect. Try out Himalaya FOR MOMS’ soothing body butter. It comes in the rich and indulgent flavours of rose, lavender and jasmine which have been specially formulated for the specific needs of a mother. The fragrances are sure to liven up the nerve endings in your skin and make you feel better instantly.

6. Try This Remedy For Sore Nipples

If you’re in the nursing stage, arrange to have 15-minutes every day just to focus on breast care! Nursing is an amazing way to bond with your baby and ensure he gets the best nourishment. But it can also mean that you experience sore or cracked nipples from time to time. To keep your breast skin healthy, Ayurveda recommends a concoction of basil leaves, aloe vera and other herbs to be massaged every day. Some modern nipple-care products that use this formulation can also come to your aid.

7. Fall In Love With These Herbs

Herbs have always been an integral part of Ayurveda. For pregnant moms and new moms too, there are several herbs proven to speed up healing in your body and skin. Some of the best ones include saffron, shatavari, bala, ashwagandha, vidari and jatamamsi. These herbs are so potent that some modern skincare researchers have also started working with them. The team at Himalaya, for instance, has extensively studied the quality and efficacy of over 10,000 herbs and included the most effective ones in their products. This is indeed the perfect way to balance the modern and the traditional when it comes to maternity care!

8. Enjoy a Hot Water Bath

We totally love this one! Ayurvedic principles emphasise the importance of a hot water bath for postpartum care. Hot water when poured on the lower abdomen and pelvic area is especially beneficial for speedy recovery. Warm water infused with neem leaves can be especially relaxing. Not just that, this is great to maintain a clean complexion too!

Who thought that an ancient science could have advice that is still very much relevant and useful? The next time you’re feeling down and out and experiencing a “bad skin” day, let yourself indulge in some of these tips. We promise you will soon start feeling revitalised and ready to tackle all things mommy.

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