6 Ways To Be Absolutely Sure Your Baby Is Safe At Home

6 Ways To Be Absolutely Sure Your Baby Is Safe At Home

Your baby is so little you are afraid something will hurt him. His tiny hands and feet are delicate to touch, and the sight of him sleeping is the best thing you have ever seen in life! As new moms, you constantly find yourself worrying about your baby’s well-being. Yes, he is at home, but is he safe?

We have brought you some excellent ways to ensure your little darling is perfectly safe and happy. This will automatically translate into peace of mind for you and the entire household!

Babyproof everything in this list

Furniture, drawers, door, bed/crib, kitchen, bathroom and staircase – these feature in your list of things that absolutely must be babyproofed. Kids are energetic and curious right from the outset and will touch and play with everything they shouldn’t! Find here* tips from real mommies on how they babyproofed their house.

Keep a close watch when you are away from home

When Mamma is away, the baby is cranky! He is also doubly more likely to wreak havoc at home! But how can you keep a watch on him when you are away? Easy peasy – all you need is a baby monitor. Get one by Motorola that also allows you to talk and sing to your baby and also notifies you on your smartphone if anything seems off.

Wash, scrub and clean all these items with extra care

Your little one is at a vulnerable time in his life. He is much more prone to infections, seasonal illness and germs than you are. This makes it important for you to heed these items more carefully – bed linen, milk bottles and cups, upholstery and baby clothes. However, make sure you don’t go overboard either as too much sanitisation inhibits your baby’s immune system.

Make sure your older kids and pets are not up to this

An elder sibling makes a great babysitter – but also one you need to be careful about! Little children are very excited about the baby in the house, and in your absence, can indulge in, err, energetic play. If you also have pets at home, the need for monitoring only goes up. Your best bet is to install a home monitoring system; Motorola, for example, video records all the activities at home and lets you stream it real time. This way, you’re constantly in tune with what’s happening in and around home.

Make sure the room temperature and conditions are comfortable

Babies are very susceptible to environmental changes. A sudden rise or dip in temperature, air pressure and humidity can make them fussy, or worse, unwell. Endeavour to keep the baby’s surroundings comfortable, fresh and clean. Your safest bet is to use a device that lets you constantly monitor and, if need be, fix this. Some baby monitors now have the feature of tracking room conditions as well. This, and these other 9 unbelievable things, are now possible for you and your baby!

Protect your baby from these common household hazards

We are talking about burns/scalds, suffocation and fire. Since our households have several causative agents of these, namely plastic bags and gas burners, we need to be very careful. Keep all possible agents that can cause choking, suffocation or burns away from the baby. This includes small toys, furs, nut-bolts, matchboxes, etc. Also make it a point to get your home’s wiring and electrical system checked from time to time.

Nothing is more important for you than the safety of your baby. Don’t worry, Moms. Adhering to these home safety tips will keep your baby fit, smiling and growing up fast!

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