Tips to Boost Your Baby's Immunity During Winters

Tips to Boost Your Baby’s Immunity During Winters

Winter is already upon us and the dreaded sniffles and sicknesses are spreading like wildfire. You’re probably already keeping those trusted home remedies at hand, should your little angel show even the slightest sign of a cold.
So, how do you try to protect your child from the many germs populating the air in winter? What do you do to keep that dreaded virus family away from your own family?

Tips to Boost Your Baby’s Immunity

Children have immature immune systems. Over time their bodies learn to battle sicknesses better, especially if they live a relatively healthy lifestyle. That’s where you come in! Everything you do for your child now, keeps him strong enough to battle those pesky viruses, bacteria, germs and other evil microscopic beings in the future! Let’s look at the best ways to keep your child’s immunity strong.

1. More Fruits and Veggies

As much as you’d love to let your child discover the joy of cheesy, gooey pizza daily, leave that to his poor adult choices later in life. While he is still young, introduce to him the goodness of fruits and vegetables to build his affinity towards them early in life. Having plenty of fruits and vegetables in his diet will automatically keep his immunity under check. Seasonal fruits like oranges and strawberries are packed with vitamin C, essential to keep the sniffles away!

2. Let Him Sleep

It might be a nightmare trying to put a child to sleep, especially if he is a toddler. However, master this art you must! Sleep deprivation can really cause immunity levels to dip low, making your child susceptible to illness. Less sleep plus winter chills and you’ll have your little one sneezing in no time! Try using a soothing solution like *Vicks Baby Rub to help moisturize, soothe and relax your baby. With the calming scent and gentle strokes, Vicks BabyRub helps the baby relax and sleep.

3. Breastfeed!

If you’re little one is still in the breastfeeding stage, then nothing works quite as well as breast milk to boost immunity. Not only does breast milk provide enough nutrients and more, it even cures your baby’s ailments. The formula of breast milk changes to produce anti-bodies your baby may need to fight off sickness! Amazing, right?

4. Protect

While fighting off contact with germs doesn’t really boost immunity, it works to keep germs off when trying alternate ways to boost your child’s immunity. Basic hygiene never goes to waste, does it? Keep those wipes handy, and make sure your child’s hands are always clean to avoid him ingesting any nasties!

5. Kick that butt

Cigarette butts of course. We should be the one’s to tell you this but keep your child away from secondhand smoke. Cigarette smoke contains over 4000 toxins and no, we haven’t mistakenly added that 0 to the end!Your child’s natural detoxification system is very immature, meaning that smoke gets right into their system and can cause asthma, bronchitis, infections and even SIDS. It can also affect overall development. Need any more reasons? Keep those cigarettes far away!

Apart from the above, do keep your baby well covered in winters, especially his extremities (hands, feet and head). That’s where the cold creeps in and troubles him. Feed him plenty of homemade soups and broths and keep him cozy. After all, winter is one of the best times of the year and neither you or your little one should have to fall sick!

*Disclaimer: Keep the areas of application loosely covered to avoid accidental ingestion or slipping while walking. Read the label carefully. Use as directed. If symptoms persist see your doctor/ healthcare professional.

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