Why and How to Preserve Baby Teeth

Why and How to Preserve Baby Teeth

Parents love to keep certain mementoes from their child’s early years. Some may save the first footprints while some may keep locks of hair of their child. Similarly, some parents may even prefer preserving their child’s milk teeth. Many scientists of today also encourage parents to store their kid’s ‘baby teeth’ for stem cell research. However, you must know how to take proper care of your baby’s teeth before you conserve them. After careful cleaning, you can either place them in a small container or stick them in a memory book as souvenirs.

Why Should You Preserve Your Baby’s Teeth?

Teething is an important milestone. Babies can actually start teething as early as around two to three months of age, although their first tooth usually erupts by six months of age. And keeping track of your baby’s teeth i.e., when each one of them will erupt has never been easier, thanks to the Baby Teething Tool ! Give it a try to figure out when your little one will start teething and what you can do to help him through the process. When you see your baby’s first tooth, you’ll definitely be excited and will want to preserve it once it falls. Well, taking good care of his baby tooth (when it’s still in his mouth!) will ensure that it will be in decent condition to be preserved. And don’t worry, apart from losing some of its lustre over the years, there won’t be any other significant problem when it comes to preserving your baby’s tooth. Also, there is a reason why doctors recommend you do this.

Saving your baby’s first teeth may also prove beneficial as they contain stem cells which have remarkable regenerative qualities. Simply put, stem cells can renew themselves and convert into more specialised cells with the ability to repair specific organs and tissues. Most doctors suggest keeping a child’s baby teeth, as the stem cells in their teeth can be harvested and later utilised for treating the child, if he suffers from any disease, like cancer or spinal cord injury. These stem cells can also be used for replacement tissue or cell therapy in case of burns and macular degeneration. Therefore, preserving baby teeth for stem cells can save a child’s life.

In case you are keen to donate your child’s early teeth for stem cell research, consult your dentist first for appropriate information and guidance.

Ways to Preserve Your Baby’s Teeth

Before you go about preserving your baby’s teeth, you must know how to preserve it the right way. Usually, parents like to keep the first tooth. Here is how you can store baby teeth for stem cells at home:

1. Clean

To protect your baby’s teeth, first clean them properly with soap and water.

2. Disinfect

It is also important to disinfect the teeth. You can easily do this by using cotton swabs and brushing the teeth surfaces with rubbing alcohol.

3. Dry

Completely drying the teeth is also vital. In case the teeth are not properly dried it can lead to the development of bacteria. You can use a cotton towel to dry the teeth. Air drying for some time may also prove useful.

By preserving your baby’s teeth or even his first tooth, you can hold on to the memories of his childhood. The practice of keeping your baby’s milk teeth can also save his life in the future by forming the basis of various treatment for life-threatening illnesses.

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