The Perfect Playlist for You to Put Your Baby to Bed in No Time

The Perfect Playlist for You to Put Your Baby to Bed in No Time

As tired parents, you must have tried pretty much everything to put your baby to sleep. You must have turned on white noise machines, hung blackout curtains, swaddled your baby and even tried singing good ol’ lullabies to try and make her sleep. You must have thought to yourself “What are the best songs to get my baby to sleep?” Well, the answer is – no particular song can get your baby to sleep. Every baby has a different taste in music. Some babies might like songs with lyrics, some might find those annoying and prefer instrumental music, and some might like songs with catchy tunes. But it’s true that music can calm us down when we’re stressed and even helps us go to sleep. Babies are no different as they too respond well to lullabies and calming music.

7 Tracks That Will Put Your Baby to Sleep

Raise your hand if you have a little one who makes bedtime a living hell for you. If you often find yourself on the verge of tears, and have tried everything from hushing to reading, and even pleading with her to go off to sleep, then we’re here to help you. We did a little bit of digging and have come up with a list of songs which will put your baby to sleep and will end your bedtime woes.

1. Baby Mine by Betty Noyes

Baby Mine’ is a song which was featured in the animated Disney film Dumbo in 1941. It has also been used in the upcoming live-action version of the same film. In the movie, Mrs Jumbo sings this lullaby to little Dumbo while she cradles him with her trunk. This song has the most heartwarming lyrics, and when you play this to your child, we’re sure you are going to have a very special moment with your bundle of joy.

2. All the Pretty Little Horses by Judy Collins

All the Pretty Little Horses’, popularly known as ‘Hush-a-bye’, is a well-known lullaby in the United States. This is a beautiful lullaby in which the mother promises the baby that she will get him ‘all the pretty little horses’ if he stops crying and goes to sleep. The best part of this song is that you can customise the lyrics according to your baby’s likes, and keep on adding her favourites to the list of things you’ll get her if she goes to sleep. This song is so rhythmic and calming that it will surely lull your baby to sleep.

3. You are my Sunshine (Lullaby Version) by The Hound + The Fox

Even though ‘You are my Sunshine’ was originally sung by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell in 1939, our favourite is the cover version done by ‘The Hound and The Fox’ as it has a female voice, and research says that babies respond better to the voices of female singers (particularly, if the pitch of the voice is on the higher side). This track is a longtime favourite of caregivers and parents, and the lyrics are melancholic, melodious and sweet. You should definitely add this song to your sleepy-time playlist, as this is the perfect song to sing to your little sunshine.

4. Brahms’ Lullaby by Celine Dion

Brahms’ Lullaby, also known as ‘Lullaby and Goodnight’, is a classic bedtime song. This is supposed to be a cradle song and was initially meant to be sung with a piano. Later on, certain orchestras got interested in the song, and therefore, an orchestral version was produced. The lyrics describe the innocence and the sweetness of the sleeping child and has a very instrumental tone, which makes it a wonderful song to hum to your little one.

5. Chanda Hai Tu by Lata Mangeshkar

This compilation would be incomplete if we didn’t add any ‘loris’ to the list. This track is from the popular movie ‘Aradhana’ where Sharmila Tagore sings this song to her little son while playing with him in the park. This is a really popular song because of its simple lyrics and music. Also, the lyrics are highly relatable because our babies are literally our sun, moon, universe, and practically everything to us. Our world revolves around them, doesn’t it?

6. Meri Munni Rani Soja by Yesudas

We all have fond memories of our mothers singing to us when we were sad or sick, and this is one such song which we’ve frequently heard our mothers sing to us. You should sing or play this song to your baby girl as it will give her a sense of calm and make her feel secure. She is your princess, after all!

7. Chandaniya Lori Lori by Shreya Ghoshal

This is a contemporary lori song from the movie Rowdy Rathore and has been sung by well-known singer Shreya Ghoshal. The track has melodious music and soulful lyrics and is perfect to sing to your baby. It almost makes you feel as if Yashoda is singing to Krishna and trying to cradle him to sleep!

Quick Tip for a Musical Bedtime

If you’re putting your baby to sleep the musical way, try to make it a part of the bedtime routine and not something which stays on after you leave the room. If you continue playing songs even after the baby has fallen asleep, she might get up or start crying as soon as you turn off the music. But if you play one or two songs as part of the bedtime routine and then switch to a white noise machine that stays on overnight, she might have an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep, until she wakes up naturally.

Next time when you’re trying to calm those fussy cries or singing your little one to sleep, and you feel the need to mix it up, give these songs a try and see if your baby’s eyelids start drooping after listening to these calming tunes. Sweet dreams!

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