This Brilliant Method Lets You Potty Train Your Child In Only 3 Days!

This Brilliant Method Lets You Potty Train Your Child In Only 3 Days!

Together with sleep time woes, crankiness, breastfeeding concerns and eventually toddler tantrums, there’s something else that scares us all. Potty training! It can be a long, frustrating exercise and results just don’t seem to happen! But wait, what? Are we really saying potty training is possible in only three days?

Primarily because potty training is an area of frustration for most new parents, researchers are always on the lookout for a breakthrough. One of these is the 3-day potty training method. And no, it isn’t a lie!

For this method to work, follow the given steps very carefully over a period of three days. Make sure you select this time carefully, preferably a long weekend, so you can focus entirely on the task at hand. At the end of it, we can assure you’ll definitely see progress.

Warning : Before embarking on this method, please make sure your child shows signs of readiness. Check out this complete list to see if your child meets the criteria.

Step 1: Remove All Diapers from Home

This is mental preparation – more for you than your baby. Not having diapers within your reach will save you from the vicious cycle of getting frustrated and resorting to a diaper, say on the second day.

Step 2: Dress Your Child Only in Underwear

Yes, there will be accidents and plenty of underwear is going to get dirty. But this also means your child will learn a crucial lesson – wet underwear can be very nasty! They will learn to pull it down well in advance. Here’s an expert tip – why don’t you get them underwear like these with their favourite Chota Bheem or Disney character? These guys don’t like to get wet at all!

Step 3: Make Sure Your Child Drinks a lot of Liquids

Water, juice, smoothies, milk…try anything that gets their bladder full and makes trips to the bathroom frequent. This will ensure they get enough practice of going to the bathroom and getting about their business. You can even try and keep the frequency as high as every 30 minutes or so – yes, taxing for you, but very beneficial in the long run. This means you’ll need to keep pressing them to go to the bathroom every now and then.

Step 4: Teach Your Child to Sit Properly on the Potty – and for Quite Some Time

What happens when your child complains he doesn’t want to go? Persuade him to still sit on the potty for at least a couple of minutes. Teach him to sit comfortably. Preferably, get a potty seat that’s specially designed for toddlers. It helps if the seat is colourful and attractive! Potty seats are also available with handles for firm grip. You can select some fab and funky multifunctional potty seats here. If your child gets bored and fusses while sitting, get him some distractions such as a bubble-blower or even a favourite toy.

Step 5: Congratulate Your Child When He Manages to Stay Dry for Some Time

As your child gets the hang of this rigorous bathroom routine, congratulate him when he is dry for longer than half an hour. And yes, peeing now, and then again after five minutes, just because they didn’t empty their bladder fully, is not something that gets a reward! You can use the occasional candy bar, a sought-after toy, or Mamma’s special hug to serve as the reward.

Step 6: Express your Disappointment When there are Accidents

Don’t refrain from doing this out of fear of upsetting your child. It is important for him to know when an accident makes you unhappy. Don’t be harsh and angry but gently convey that you wish he’d try harder. This will encourage him to try and please you the next time. If you’re still unsure, read this mommy’s personal experience of toilet training her 2.5 year old.

Step 7: Make Sure you keep Everything in this list Handy

We are talking about this: paper towels, room freshener, stain remover, fresh underwear, fresh sheets and wet wipes. Try as you will, accidents are bound to happen especially in the beginning. Better be armed!

Step 8: Finally, Prepare for Nightime as Well

It is as important (possibly, more) to train for night time as for during the day. Not doing this will make your child assume that it’s okay to take it easy at night or perhaps use a diaper. After dinner, avoid any liquids and foods. Go through one potty round before going to bed, and then once again in the middle of the night. You can set an alarm for this one. Disturbing, yes, but very effective!

There, you got this! Potty training is a massive and difficult experience for both the mom and her child. But this method has been tried and tested to work – especially if you add to it a generous sprinkling of patience! Of course, the training will not be over on Day 3. You need to keep going for your child to understand this properly, but yes, this is definitely a fantastic headstart!

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