15 Best Potty Training Games to Play With Your Toddler

15 Potty Training Games for Toddlers

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Potty training is a challenge, and it can be frustrating for both the parent and the child while going through this process. There are bound to be minor triumphs, a few setbacks, and plenty of accidents along the way, so it is important to keep a positive attitude and make the learning process fun for you and your child.

Games That Can Help Parents Potty Train Their Child

Children are naturally curious and are willing to learn if things are presented to them in a fun way, and potty training is no different. Teach your child how to use the potty with these fun and simple toilet training games.

1. Magic Potty

Add a bit of blue food colouring to the water in your potty, and watch the fun as your child notices the water turn green after yellow pee is added to it. You can also get potty training stickers that are blank when dry, but when your little one pees on it, it will show the image of a butterfly, train, flower, and others. These make for some exciting baby potty training games that will keep your little one interested in using the bathroom.

Magic Potty

2. Potty Scavenger Hunt

Curious children will enjoy playing potty scavenger hunt as they will need to seek out the potty related objects that you have hidden around the house. You can explain what they are for once all the items are found. Showing your child what these things are used for will also make her more interested.

3. Bathroom Explorer

Make a game out of exploring the bathroom and talking to your child about what certain things are for. You can even allow her to come to the bathroom with you and watch how things go. Once she is a bit more familiar with the objects and their names, you can always ask her to assist you by asking for simple things like to give you some toilet paper or help you to flush the pot.

Bathroom Explorer

4. Potty Training Race

Keep your child’s potty chair in an easily accessible room. Show it to your child and say “time to potty!” You both need to race to the potty chair. Whoever sits down first will be declared the winner. You can mix things up by moving the potty chair to different rooms or more challenging places. Your child can also be encouraged to beat her previous timing if she is competitive.

5. Potty Seek And Find

Children who are uncomfortable when they are outside the home and refuse to go potty anywhere else can be made to feel comfortable with this game. All you need to do is allow your child to pick out a toy to help her find the potty. Place her potty chair in a room without her knowledge. When she finds the potty with the help of her friend, you can then show her how to use the potty with the same toy. Get her to use the potty chair in the new room the same way her Potty Time friend did. This technique can also be used outside.Potty Seek And Find

6. Which is Faster

When you are changing your child’s diaper, set a timer on your phone and talk to her about how long it takes to change the diaper and how messy it can be. After changing your child into pull up diapers, you can ask her if she wants to try playing “Time to Potty” so that she can see that going potty in the potty chair with her new pants is faster and cleaner than going potty in her diapers.

7. Sing a Song

It is not an easy transition to make for a child when she has to shift from the soft and comfortable diapers to the cold and hard potty. You can encourage and make this transition more relaxed and fun by making up a song about it. The song can explain the role of food going in from the mouth, and what happens to it on the way down until it comes out as a potty.

Sing a Song

8. Blow Bobbles

When first sitting on the potty, your child is not going to be comfortable, nor is she going to be interested in keeping still. You can hand your child a bottle of bubbles and allow her to blow some bubbles to pass the time. Blowing bubbles stimulate the same abdominal muscles that are used to help push when taking a poop, so if your child is unable to go due to discomfort, this method will help.

9. Chuck The Nappy

Children can grow comfortable with their nappies, but it is not something that they can hold onto forever. Get your little one used to the idea of discarding her own nappies by placing a basket in the living room and asking your child to throw in as many diapers as possible.

Chuck The Nappy

10. Log It

Children sometimes need to know that going to the potty is a normal thing to do. To help with this, you can make a chart with all the family members’ names on it, including the pets, and ask your child to record every time someone goes to the potty. Children soon learn that everyone does it.

11. Teach Your Toy

Have your child explain to her favourite toy why she needs to go potty in the potty chair, and have her train her toys. Children will undoubtedly make a game of it, but it will also help them understand the concept of using the toilet themselves. It is, as they say, you learn while you teach.

Teach Your Toy

12. Join the Dots

An activity that every child finds interesting is joining the dots. Find a bathroom version of the game, so that your child will become more familiar with everything related to the bathroom. You can always tell your child what are the different things in the picture, once it is complete.

13. Decorate the Potty Chair

Having your child decorate the potty chair will make her feel more comfortable and special when she needs to go potty. In fact, it will give her a sense of pride and excitement every time she sees it.

Decorate the Potty Chair

14. Aim for the Cheerios

This is one of the more fun potty training games for boys. Toss a few Cheerios into the potty and then have your little one aim for the cheerios.

15. The Scent of Potty Time

Most girls are fascinated by scented soaps so tell your daughter that she can use the fancy scented soaps to wash her hands after she uses the toilet correctly. This makes for one of the more motivating potty training games for girls.

The Scent of Potty Time

Children need motivation and encouragement when learning, so remember to be patient with them. Though it can be challenging, children are often easily distracted by the smallest and simplest of things, and training can always be made fun for them by using these games to your advantage. Using potty training games for kids will make it less stressful for both of you, so pick a game your child will like and get started.

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