14 Innovative and Creative Potty Training Ideas Moms are Trying

14 Innovative Ideas Moms Are Using to Potty Train Children Quickly!

Potty training is an important phase in our lives as parents. We want our little ones to be diaper-free (finally!) and use the toilet by themselves. But we also know that it isn’t easy at all! Since this is the stage when kids love to run around and explore, the chances of a mess all around the house are pretty much inevitable. But wait – some parents have learned perfectly amazing ways to toilet train their kids! You’ve got to check out these really superb ways to potty train your baby quickly and successfully

Poop! That’s probably one of the very few things about your baby that you do not find quite so pleasing (and you’ll be lying if you said you do). As mothers, we have a lot of diaper-changing and cleaning to do, for several years in our babies’ life. As an infant, cleaning your baby is still manageable. The cute gurgles and the new-found bond between you and your baby make even bum-cleaning fun! But come the terrible two’s and your little one running around: the mess is now too much! That’s when you know it’s time to potty train.

Many moms start potty training their kids in toddlerhood (2-3 years of age). And it would be an understatement to say that it is difficult. Babies take time to switch from diapers and understand when and how to use the toilet. There will be a lot of mess, day after day, and it can get really exhausting for any and every mother. This is why moms all over the world are looking for and creating new hacks to potty train their little darlings.

14 Creative Potty Training Ideas

Check out the six most creative and effective ways parents across the world are potty training their kids. These methods have done very well for fellow parents and we recommend you definitely give them a try!

1. The Art Pot

Recently, a mom shared a photo of her little boy in the toilet. He was sitting all put and not fidgeting at all, like many children do when forced to sit on the toilet seat. Guess what made him learn to sit on the toilet so well and so patiently? An erasable marker!

What this clever mom had done was made her son sit backwards on the toilet while she kept giving him markers. It worked! He sat there drawing doodles and was perfectly happy about it. Sitting in this posture also ensured that there was less chance of missing (read: less mess to clean from the toilet floor). It also saved her tons of time chasing after him like she usually had to.

2. The Toilet That Changes Colour

This trick is captivating many little kids worldwide and creating more willingness to use the toilet. Just use food colouring to dye the toilet water with red or blue. When your child takes a leak, the water will change to orange or green. Needless to say, this will be super exciting and encourage your child to actually use the toilet.

Tip: You can make a little game out of it, based on how many times in the day your child can change the colour of the toiler water (more practice means quicker learning!)

3. Three-day Potty Training

Sounds unbelievable, right? But believe it or not, some moms have actually seen success with the three-day potty training method. There are three ‘drastic’ things you have to do for this:

  • Remove all diapers from home
  • Dress your child only in underwear
  • Make sure your child drinks a lot of liquids

As per fellow moms, the situation of being diaper free and having a tendency to pee more often (due to the liquid intake) teaches little ones to use the toilet! You just have to guide them along gently as far as using the toilet is concerned. And yes, try this method only if you are prepared for lots of accidents!

4. The Praise Pot

This one is simple but very effective: just make your child feel appreciated and like a grownup when he uses the toilet correctly. It can work wonders for his overall morale and interest in using the toiler. Try using a little compliment the next time your child uses the toilet successfully:

“Wow, what a big boy/girl you’ve become!”
“Let’s call daddy and tell him?”

Praise goes a long way in motivating your child to use the toilet correctly. It may seem like a little thing to us but it’s a really big milestone for the child. Watching his mom so happy about it will encourage him to try and please you more often.

5. Take a Shopping Trip

Prep for this phase with a shopping trip and involve your little one by asking his opinion or choice when buying potty training gear like a potty seat, underwear, rewards (like stickers and chocolates), etc.
This will not only help build excitement in your little one but also make it easier for you to get through the potty training time.

6. The Sticker Chart of Success

Create a daily chart that is colourful, maybe featuring your child’s favourite cartoon character. Keep ‘success’ stickers ready. Each time your child has a successful bathroom trip, let her put up a sticker of success! Once the daily chart is all colourful and filled in your child will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment and you can heave a huge sigh of relief.

Why not take a leaf out of these moms’ books and create your own way to quicken potty training? Just remember the key element that was present in all the above tricks and tips – positive reinforcement. Praise and reward is always the way to go to tackle a difficult situation with children. It is, after all, a very stressful time – both for you and your child – and a bit of fun, creativity and patience is key to setting things right.

Potty Chart

Source: https://www.graphicloveshop.com/listing/449700178/elmo-inspired-potty-training-chart-free

7. Get Daddy Involved

This one is for the boys. Get daddy involved to help train your little one and take out a weekend for potty training! Get some ‘big boy’ underpants and ask your hubby can get his little one to go the bathroom by simply helping him do it ‘just like daddy’. You can even make a game out of it & see who goes to the bathroom at regular intervals!
This is not only an excellent way for potty training your child but also helps you get some quality family time!

Tip: You can even make a game out of it & see who goes to the bathroom at regular intervals!

Real Mom Rhea Swears by This Idea!

Mommy Rhea, a specialist in Child Psychology, states that she used this trick when it came to potty training her own child. She says, “You can keep a family competition around this time, as to who goes to the toilet each time they feel like going to the potty. Once your child connects with this thought that every member goes to the toilet each time they feel like going to the potty, they will develop a habit soon.” For potty training, she also adds,“ Appreciation is the key to the whole exercise. Each time your child even attempts to go near the toilet, praise him/her. If there is a caretaker who takes care of your child during your absence, instruct her as well to do the same.” Read more about her tips and tricks for positive toilet training here.

8. Tackle the Fear

From being scared of ‘falling in’, to being fearful of the flush noise, there is a range of reasons why kids are reluctant when it comes to potty training. Some kids even feel that their potty is part of themselves and flushing it can be a scary prospect. Try understanding what your little one’s fear is and tackle it by talking it out with him and explaining the natural process of potty in a fun way. When your child understands that there is nothing to fear about potty training, it will make it easier for both of you to get through this milestone.

Pro Tip: You can take a little quiz to understand your child’s personality. The Pull-Ups Potty Training Program is designed to help you determine your child’s personality – which can be one of 5 types: Owl, Puppy, Bear Cub, Turtle or Squirrel and share a custom potty training program based on the same


9. Set Fun Alarms

Use fun sounds that your little one loves as alarms at regular intervals to signal that its time to go sit on the potty! With your child looking forward to his favourite tune, he will gradually look forward to potty time as well.
Associating stuff that your child is fond of will help build a positive association with potty time, instead of the ‘fear’ or ‘forcefulness’ associated with it.

10. Create a Routine

From feeds to playtime to potty time, create a routine and help your child understand what’s coming next so he is prepared for what’s to come. Make sure to keep the routine in a manner that there’s some potty training time around 2 hours after every feed and a fun activity for your little one right after potty training.
This method will not only help you avoid accidents, but will also cut down on any fussiness or tantrums your child throws about potty training time as he has something fun to look forward to right after.

11. The Bag of Treats

We know most children aren’t very gung-ho about potty training; who cares when there are diapers and the whole house at their disposal? This is when you get out the treat-bag! This is, in simple words, bribe, or in scientific words, positive reinforcement. 😉

Get a bunch of inexpensive gifts like stickers, candy and small toys and put them in a big colourful box or bag. Every time your child uses the toilet they get to pick a gift out of the bag and celebrate! This can go on for a week or so and by then the child automatically begins to use the toilet. Do continue to praise her even after the gifts run out. Many parents say that this was a quick and painless way to toilet train and is worth a shot!

The Bag of Treats

12. Dress for Success

Opt for more functional clothing that is easy to remove (like trousers instead of dungarees) to make it easier and reduce the number of accidents. Additionally, get some ‘big kid’ underwear instead to help get your little one excited about this phase. If you opt for underwear with your kid’s favourite characters on them, you can better incentivize potty training by suggesting that their favourite character will be safe (“You don’t want to ruin your new underwear and pee on Elsa, right?’) if they sit on the potty seat.

13. Give the Gift of Choice

From letting them choose the location to asking them if they need to ‘go’ at regular intervals, give your child little chances to choose so he feels like he is in control of the situation. This will also help your little one be more prepared for potty training time

14. Finally, Get a ‘Potty-Whisperer’

Whether it be the lady at your baby’s daycare, the aayah or your own mother, taking some help from a ‘potty- whisperer’ – someone who has experience in handling kids and potty training them – will go a long way in making potty training easier and quicker for your little on as well.

The ‘Elimination Communication’ Potty Training Trick

The ‘Elimination Communication’ or ‘Early Potty Training’ trick is a method of potty training that moms employ as soon as they got their babies home from the hospital! Many parents from earlier generations used this trick before diapers were invented and it is making a big comeback! This trick eliminates the need for diapers – one of the many reasons that have made potty training harder for moms. This potty training trick might not be for everyone as all babies are different, but you can surely give it a try! Know here how to go about the ‘Elimination Communication’ trick.

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