How to Potty Train Twin Toddlers

A Definitive Potty Training Guide For Twins

Potty training of twins can be a tough task to accomplish, as there are chances that both twins will react differently to the training. Follow some easy steps to ensure that both toddlers are able to understand, learn and follow the steps for training properly.

Tips to Potty Train Twins

  • Initially, parents have to gauge if the twins are ready to be potty trained. Generally, the toddlers are ready by the age of two and a half years, and in some cases toddlers are ready at 18 months too.
  • It is easier to potty train both the toddlers together. Both of them will be influenced by each other and will give each other company as well. The kids may benefit from each others’ companionship, and you can encourage both of them by challenging each others’ success and setbacks.

Potty Train Twins

  • Rewards can be put to use while potty training. The parent can challenge both the twins on who learns to poop properly in the pot and the winning twin will receive a reward.
  • Two separate potty seats should be bought, because the twins may not want to use the same potty seats with each other, even if used interchangeably.
  • During the potty training of twins, there will be setbacks and accidents. However don’t freak out, as like every other experience, the twins will learn from their mistakes.
  • While potty training, the parent has to be flexible enough to understand that both the twins require different ways in which they can be potty trained. Implementing flexibility in behavior is the key to success!

So, if you have been getting nightmares about how to potty train your twins, it is time to implement these tips in your daily routine. Soon your little ones will be a pro on using the potty seat when they need it, without your help.

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