Best Songs to Sing with Children

Singing With Your 22 Months Old

Just like adults, toddlers too love to listen to good music. You can even catch them jiggling to their favorite songs. However, getting them to sing can be a totally different feat. Looking for the best songs to sing to toddlers is one way to make them croon.

Music has healing and soothing powers. No wonder your little one is easily soothed when you hum a tune to him. Now that he’s growing up, he’s probably enjoying listening to music and moving to his favourite tunes. Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if you could get him to sing too?

How to Sing with Toddlers: Initiating the Love of Singing

1. Pick the Right Mood

When it comes to singing with your little one, any time is perfect. It could be while you give him a bath or dress him up for bed. You can even designate a time for crooning lessons. However, make sure that he’s in a good mood. If your toddler refuses to listen to a song, you can’t get him to sing with you. Don’t compel him if he’s hungry or tired.

2. Select the Right Song

Picking an appropriate song is also important when introducing singing for toddlers. Pick any that catches your child’s fancy. You can start off with one that soothes him. It doesn’t matter if it’s a song made up by you; if your tot loves it, it’s good enough.

3. Sit Right

For toddlers, music is not only about the lyrics and the tune. It’s also about expressions and actions. While introducing your toddler to music, sit down facing him. It will allow him to look at you and gauge your expressions and actions as you sing.

4. Go Slow

Don’t expect your child to be a pro at singing from the word ‘go’. He’ll take time to understand and learn the words and imitate your actions. One of the best tips for singing with your toddler is to do so at a slow pace and let him fall in line with your crooning.

5. Repeat the Song

You might have to sing a song many times before your child starts associating it with the words and actions. Be patient and repeat it as often as possible. He’ll soon chime and sing along.

6. Take Important Pauses

Once your little one has learnt some of the catchier lines in a song, pause when you reach these lines while singing the song for your toddler. It will encourage him to fill in the words. Don’t forget to applaud your child. Children need the encouragement.

7. Bring in Some Effects

When singing with your toddler, ask him to add in some beats by banging on the table or a plate. Show him how it’s done. It will add a fun element to the whole exercise and make him look forward to these sessions even more.

Singing to your toddler and having him sing along is a great way to bond and spend quality time together. Who knows? You could be training a future singing sensation in the process!

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