PlayDoh Shape & Learn is Perfect to Activate Fine Motor Skills of My Kid

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The new Play-Doh Shape & Learn series has so many amazing variants and it was hard to decide just one to begin with. The texture and shape set caught my fancy as it had unique tools suitable for my 3 year old.

We used the ideas from the together time guide to use the different play mats to create unique learning experiences which made my work simple!

My daughter loves tracing and the stylus and roller tools are perfect to activate fine motor skills while the tiny scissors is great for improving her hand eye coordination. We discussed about textures like smooth, rough, and bumpy and shapes we could make.

Am highly impressed by the quality of the tools. Also love that the play doh doesn’t stain or sticks on clothes!

As a working mom I found this box perfect for hours of open ended play and learning opportunities.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the Blogger. The Blogger is a Mom of a 3 Yr old & is an active user of FirstCry Parenting.

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