Buying Guide for Rocker Swing

Rocker Swing Buying Guide

What is a Rocker Swing?

A rocker swing has a detachable seat that can be used as a rocker. The bottom of this fabric seat has a curved support, making a rocking motion possible. When the seat is harnessed onto the swing frame, it can move at various speeds in a swinging motion.

Features of a Rocker Swing

Rocker Swing

Rocker Swing

Must Haves

  • Removable Rocker Seat: After detaching from the swing frame, the seat converts into a rocker, as the base of the seat frame allows rocking motion.
  • DC Battery Slot: The battery-operated swings work cordless and offer portability.
  • Motion, Speed, Sound and Light Control Unit: Most baby swings offer a control panel which allows motion, speed, sound and light settings in accordance to your baby’s preference.
  • 5- point Safety Harness: To keep the baby secured in the swing seat.
  • Removable and Washable Seat Cover: To maintain hygiene, just in case baby throws up or spills foods and liquids.
  • Sturdy Frame: To ensure even weight distribution of the growing child and allow for some safe movement within the harness.

Good to Haves

  • AC Adapter: For a battery-free operation.
  • Mobile Toys with Light: Felt or cloth toys for the baby’s entertainment and stimulation.
  • Canopy: Provides shade if the baby wants to take a nap.

Pros and Cons of a Rocker Swing

Pros Cons
Rocker swings offer a versatility of usage – If babies want to swing excitedly, they can swing; if they want to rock gently, they can rock too. Babies can become increasingly dependent on their rocker swings to go to sleep and relax.
They are easy to handle and highly portable. Their weight specification usually restricts their use. Babies between 2.5 to 11kg can safely rock or swing in them.
Built-in music tracks and toy accessories can help babies spend a lot of creative time in their rocker swings. The swing setting consumes a lot of power and may use up an average set of batteries in about a week’s time.
Economical buy: A 2-in-1 product – a cradle and a swing. The constant rocking or swinging motion may calm colicky babies, but they might take longer to develop motor functions if they spend excessive time in their rocker swings.


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