Top 10 Baby Massage Oils in India of 2022

10 Best Baby Massage Oils

Massaging has numerous benefits for a baby, as it helps in growth, development and much more. Most parents prefer to massage their baby before bath. Massaging has many health benefits for babies, right from developing the bones and muscles, promoting sound sleep, boosting digestion, improving skin texture and more. While choosing a massage oil for your baby, go for organic oils, such as almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil or sunflower oil, which are considered safe to use. Make sure to choose one that suits your baby’s skin type and sensitivity.

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List of Top 10 Best Massage Oils for Babies in India

These are some of the best massage oils in India that are specially formulated for babies:

1. Babyhug Daily Massage Oil

With the power of 7 natural oils, this gentle oil is one of the best baby massage oils in the market. It offers deep moisturisation and conditioning.

Product Description:

Babyhug daily massage oil is a mild oil that is dermatologically tested. This massage oil for babies provides effective skin conditioning from the Olive oil, deep moisturisation from the Sweet Almond oil, and ultra nourishment from the Coconut oil. This mild & gentle oil leaves no residue and gets absorbed quickly into the skin.

2. Sebamed Soothing Baby Massage Oil

This non-greasy oil takes care of your baby’s sensitive skin, leaving it soft and supple.


Product Description:

This Sebamed Baby Massage Oil takes gentle care of your baby’s skin and protects it. As your baby’s skin is sensitive and tender, it is vulnerable to extreme weather and skin problems like dry skin and diaper rashes. This massage oil acts as an emollient that soothes and softens your baby’s skin. Hence, you can strengthen your baby’s skin and increase its tolerability, as the Sebamed massage oil contains Vitamin F (a soya oil compound). A great massage oil for babies!

3. Himalaya Herbal Baby Massage Oil

This gentle and mild oil is one of the best massage oils for premature babies. It leaves the skin soft and nourished.

Product Description:

This massage oil contains olive oil, winter cherry and aloe vera, which nourishes and boosts your baby’s skin quality. A regular massage with this non-staining, light oil will significantly boost your baby’s health well-being. It is free from mineral oil and lanolin, and has anti-microbial properties that help in maintaining healthy and radiant skin.

4. Dabur Lal Tail

This Ayurvedic oil is one of the best baby massage oils for strong bones. It nourishes your baby’s skin, keeping him healthy and happy.


Product Description:

Dabur Lal Tail is an Ayurvedic Baby massage oil made from time tested ayurvedic ingredients which have many proven benefits for the baby. It strengthens bones and muscles and is proven to be safe and effective for the overall growth of babies. Through research, it is clearly proven that babies who were massaged with this oil experienced a 2 times faster increase in weight and height. It also helps in inducing a better sleeping pattern in neonates and infants, which is very important for a baby’s development.

5. KLF Nirmal Virgin Coconut Oil

This oil is great for a baby massage. It is gently and keeps the skin soft and healthy.


Product Description:

An excellent offering from KLF Nirmal, this virgin coconut oil serves various purposes, apart from baby massage. This rich oil is an ideal baby massage oil with anti-bacterial properties. It offers complete protection and acts as a natural moisturiser. With natural lauric acid, vitamins and minerals, this oil nourishes the skin and makes it smooth and supple. It is chemical-free and protects the skin from rashes and dryness, keeping it healthy.

6. Cetaphil Baby Massage Oil With Triple Blend

This triple blend of sunflower oil, soybean oil and shea butter preserve your baby’s skin barrier and keep him healthy and nourished.


Product Description:

This Cetaphil Baby Massage Oil locks in moisture and helps protect the skin from external factors. The triple blend of sunflower oil, shea butter and soybean oil keeps the natural moisture in the skin intact and organic calendula protects the skin from the external environment. With ZERO % PAMAS (No Paraben, No Animal Origin Ingredients, No Mineral Oil, No Alcohol, No Soap), Cetaphil Baby Massage Oil is a dermatologically-tested, gentle formulation for delicate baby skin.

7. Mamaearth Soothing Massage Oil for Babies

This 100% natural, cold-pressed oil is soothing and gentle on your baby’s skin, keeping it supple and soft.


Product Description:

Massage time is ‘love time’, where you strengthen your bond with your baby and keep his skin soft and nourished. This oil is a natural blend of pure almond, sesame, jojoba and olive oil. This natural, cold-pressed oil leaves your baby with healthy and glowing skin.

8. Chicco Natural Sensation Body Massage Oil

This specially formulated oil is perfect for your baby’s delicate skin and keeps it healthy, soft and supple.


Product Description:

This baby massage oil moisturizes and soothes your baby’s delicate skin. It helps in strengthening your baby’s bones and muscles. This oil is proven safe and effective for better development and health of babies. It is allergen-free, approved by dermatologists, and enhances the natural elasticity of the skin.

9. The Moms Co Natural Massage Oil

This oil has natural ingredients that nourish and moisturise your baby’s skin, leaving it glowing and healthy.


Product Description:

The Moms Co. Natural Massage Oil helps nourish, relax and strengthen baby’s bones and muscles through regular massage, with its toxin-free blend of 10 powerful oils like Sesame, Avocado, USDA-Certified Organic Almond, Organic Jojoba, Organic Chamomile and Natural Vitamin E. It is clinically tested for safety, hypoallergenic and gentle, leaving your skin healthy and soft.

10. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Massage Oil

This moisture-rich baby oil will work magic on your baby’s skin, leaving it soft, healthy and glowing. It is best suited for a gentle, daily massage for babies.

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Product Description:

Massaging your baby provides the opportunity to connect and care for your baby’s skin. Do you know, your little one’s skin can lose moisture almost 5 times faster than yours? That’s why the Baby Dove Rich Moisture massage oil was created. It locks in moisture, soothes dry skin and keeps your baby’s skin healthy. Its light, non-greasy and fast-absorbing formula keeps your baby’s skin feeling soft and moisturised all day long.

FAQs on Baby Massage Oil

We answer a few frequently asked questions about baby massage oils:

1. How can I choose the best massage oil for my baby?

Different babies have varying types of skin ranging from normal to dry, oily or even extra sensitive. Thus, it is always advisable to do a patch test before applying any massage oil. Simply rub a little oil on a small area of your baby’s skin to check for any likely reactions.

2. How can I give my baby a massage at home?

Pour a little oil in your hand and begin from the thighs going down to the feet, massaging gently. Massage the belly area lightly using circular motions. Turn the baby over and massage the back to soothe him. Next, massage the arms followed by the head slowly to relax him.

3. When is the best time to massage my baby?

The best time to massage a baby is when he is alert and calm. Look for times when the baby seems interested in his surroundings and not bothered by any outside disturbances. Avoid massaging after a feed or when the baby is sleepy or cranky.

4. What all do I need before I start massaging my baby?

You will need the following things:

  • A baby massage oil or lotion
  • A soft towel
  • A sheet to spread underneath your baby

5. How soon after birth can I massage my baby?

You can start massaging your baby from the very first week of his birth. Be mindful of choosing the best Ayurvedic baby massage oil. Remember to be very gentle with your massaging strokes.

6. Which oil is best for my baby in summer?

Coconut oil is an ideal option in summer as it has cooling properties. You can also consider olive oil to nourish your baby’s skin.

Various types of baby massage oils are available in the market, so making the right choice may prove difficult. Be extra careful while selecting a baby massage oil to avoid any probable skin and health-related complications later on.

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