Mazikeen Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Mazikeen Name Meaning and Origin

Of Hebrew origin, Mazikeen is usually a female name, meaning ‘Those Who Do Harm.’ Rooted in history, Mazikeen were small demons who created great dangers and annoyances in Jewish mythology. Mazikeen is the Anglicized version of the Hebrew name Mazikin, meaning “those who harm.” Mazikeen is a pop culture character in the DC Universe and made popular by the TV series Lucifer in which Mazakeen is the beautiful demon ally to Lucifer. Its short-form Maze is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means “honor,” “respect,” “love,” or “affection.” Maze with an accent is a habitational name from a place in Maine-et-Loire, named in Latin as Masiacum, the ‘estate of Masius.’

What Does Mazikeen Mean?

The meaning of Mazikeen is “harmful spirits” in Hebrew. The Hebrew term mazzikin, found in the Talmud, refers to the tiny invisible demons corresponding to the Arabian Jinns, who were agents of magic and enchantment. They are strong and powerful “damagers” or “those who harm.”


Neil Gaiman used the name for the first time for a character in his comic book Sandman, which now appears on the famous mystery TV show Lucifer. Mazikeen is a wrathful and ruthless bodyguard of Lucifer, who seemingly doesn’t feel emotional pain. The name’s inspiration came from the Hebrew term Mazzikin, which refers to sinister invisible spirits one encounters in daily life.




  • Ma-ze-keen


3 syllables


8 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Mazikeen name variations have no alternatives in other languages. However, its pet form, Maze, can be translated as Labyrinth that has interesting forms in other cultures and countries. The maze represents a complex passageway between walls or hedges. It is designed to confuse people who try to find their way through it, often as a form of amusement. Some other spellings for Mazikeen that may highlight the cultural significance of the name in other languages:

Name Origin
Labirint Albanian
Labirinto Basque
Lavirint Bosnian
Laberint Catalan
Labyrint Danish
Labyrinthe French
Labirinto Galician
Labirintus Hungarian
Labirinto Italian
Labirint Maltese
Labyrint Norwegian
Labirint Slovenian

How Popular Is the Name Mazikeen?

Since 2016, Mazikeen has been used in the United States, with over 35 girls given the name in the past 200 years. However, the Mazikeen popularity index for a baby name was the highest in 2020, when its usage increased by 100%. Mazikeen was #1296 on the baby names popularity charts in the US in 2020. This year, seven babies were given the name, beginning the slow but steady journey to make the Mazikeen baby name ranking reach its peak.

Interest in Mazikeen – Worldwide

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Search trends for the name Mazikeen have recorded a consistent search value of over 5, reaching 100 in May 2019 over the last ten years. The lowest value was recorded in January 2016 at 2.

Interest in Mazikeen – US

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Over the last decade, search trends for the name Mazikeen have recorded a consistent search value of over 1, reaching 100 in August 2020. The lowest value was recorded at 1 numerous times.

Popularity of the name Mazikeen 


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Mazikeen Worldwide

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Search trends show that the name Mazikeen has been searched the most in the Philippines in the last ten years, followed by Mauritius, Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa, and Australia. With more than 86 percent of the population of the Philippines being Roman Catholic, this name of Hebrew origin has become very popular amongst there.

Search trends of Mazikeen in the US

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Florida has led the search trends among the sub-regions of the US for the name Mazikeen over the last ten years. New Mexico, Arkansas, Hawaii, Montana, and West Virginia have secured the top 5 positions.

Middle Names That Go With Mazikeen

A child’s middle name is an opportunity for a parent to express their style and even be a little more daring since you won’t likely use it daily. Here are some double names with Mazikeen that can be coordinated to upgrade its style quotient:

Avarie Eziyah
Jorley Amelah
Clarinda Vangey
Auberta Kanilah
Jazzleen Jasmira
Ritamae Shermia
Epimenia Teneha
Rosslynn Kellina
Kermina Adreena
Lauraanne Nayelis
Brooklyn Cezanne

Famous People Named Mazikeen

Celebrities who rule the limelight for their professional achievements get unlimited public attention who look up to them for inspiration. While there are hardly any celebrities bearing the name, here are some of the popular personalities named Mazikeen from a pop culture whose name can bring in good luck and fame for your child:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Mazikeen Character in American versions of DC Comics
Mazikeen ‘Maze’ Smith Character in Neil Gaimen’s Book Sandman

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Mazikeen aren’t exactly mainstream, but they follow unique styles that rise to prominence. Family names for Mazikeen can be a way to keep family ties, establish a family tree and pass it down for generations. Here are some of the other names for Mazikeen that can sound equally appealing but are modern versions of the given name.

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Maz Elberg
Mileena Elkin
Axle Brownfield
Embelia Bronston
Hanzo Arnold
Equinox Gabel
Carlena Freidman
Reynelle Ford
Roselynn Burns
Kellina David
Jaxyn Glassberg

Names That Sound Like Mazikeen

Names that rhyme with Mazikeen can be based on similar alphabets or a common theme like nature, musical notes, or mythology. Some parents even choose names according to the syllable corresponding to their birth star. Here are some names that may go well together with Mazikeen:

Aberdeen Ameen
Arsheen Karolyn
Amir Kobie
Rhaven Jacari
Templeton Maxine
Maxim Maxima
Mohsen Michigan
Meaghan Macon
Mason Michon
Mckenna Maegan

Sibling Names Related to Mazikeen

Sibling name combos sound perfect together within a family unit due to their matching sound or meanings. Some of these names can be super rare, while others are incredibly common. Here are some of the sibling names that go with Mazikeen that can flow beautifully together without affecting their identity:

Sister Names for Mazikeen Brother Names for Mazikeen
Lilith Malcolm
Keziah Oliver
Lydia Dallas
Harmony Tom
Jade Shane
Ruby Nolan
Josephine Amon
Rachel Alijah
Juliet Benjamin
Simone Rem

Nicknames for Mazikeen

Nicknames are adorable substitutes of the formal name that might sound downright non-sensical, whacky, or funny but would highlight the best character traits of a child. Here are some of the most adorable nicknames for the name Mazikeen that may sound as cute as your little munchkin.

Maze Harley Queen
Mazi Tony
Mazie Lucifer
Dark Shadow Exito
Thunderbeat Mazakeen
Killer Wizard
Black Panther Maze Team
Nightblade Maziana
Mazen Mazianni
Mazr Mazicrazi
Mazekeen Mazibo

Depending on how the meaning of the name is interpreted, Mazikeen can be full of potential. Mazikeen is an unusual name for parents who want to follow the sci-fi trend or name their child after a beautiful, strong, and trustworthy demon. These unique qualities of the name can put it back on-trend as a popular choice for baby girls.


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