200+ Truth or Dare Questions for Couples

200+ Truth or Dare Questions for Couples

Truth and dare is a fun game for a party or gathering, and if you are hosting a dinner or brunch at your place for couples and thinking of some interactive games to keep everyone amused and entertained, then what’s better than indulging everyone in an exciting game of truth or dare! These games are just not for groups, you can also play them one-on-one with your partner or child on weekends or any holiday. With questions on truths and dares, you will know about the other person(s) or spend the time worthwhile. Suppose you are out of questions or dares, our list of quirky and funny dare and truth questions will help out and make your game nights successful.

Don’t know how to play it or what truth or dare questions to plan? Fret not, as we have all this information for you. Keep scrolling for more!

How to Play Truth or Dare

This game is fairly easy to play, and here is how you can play it:

  • Make everyone sit in a circle.
  • Place a glass bottle or any bottle that can easily spin in the centre.
  • Gently rotate the bottle, and once it stops, the person sitting on the opposite side of the bottle mouth will be either asked question or asked to perform a daring act by the person sitting on the opposite side of the bottle-end. However, the person can choose between answering a question or performing a task.

Truth Questions for Couples

If you are looking for some interesting truth or dare relationship questions, here are some that you can choose from:

  1. What is the number of people you have kissed?
  2. Do you feel you should have married someone else?
  3. Have you ever picked your nose in public?
  4. Name three things that you own but have never used?
  5. What is your worst addiction?
  6. Are you fond of your partner’s culinary skills?
  7. Have you ever dreamt of anyone from this group?
  8. What do you fear most in your relationship?
  9. Have you ever peed inside a swimming pool?
  10. Have you ever farted and blamed someone else for it?
  11. What is one thing about your partner that you dislike the most?
  12. If you could be in someone else’s shoes for a day, who would it be?
  13. Which is your least favourite household chore?
  14. Which is that one song that you hum while you are in the shower?
  15. Have you ever cheated on your partner?
  16. Is there anything that you do not intend to share with your partner?
  17. What do you think is your best physical feature?
  18. What, as per you, is your partner’s worst physical feature?
  19. Have you ever been on a date with someone younger/older than you?
  20. Have you ever drunk-dialled an ex?
  21. If you were allowed to change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
  22. Who in the group do you think would be the worst option for a date?
  23. Who apart from your partner would be your best date option?
  24. Share your first hook-up story with all the details
  25. Have you tried to trick someone but got tricked instead?
  26. Have you ever hidden treats from your kids and had them all by yourself?
  27. State the reason for your first break up
  28. Who do you think has the best taste in clothes in this group?
  29. Which couple in this group looks happiest but is not, according to you?
  30. What is the most thrilling thing that you have done with your partner?
  31. Who, according to you, is the most truthful person in the room?
  32. What is your instant turn-off in a person?
  33. What do you think is the best part of being you?
  34. Narrate your most embarrassing shopping experience
  35. What is that one quality in your partner that no one in the room has?
  36. If you were invisible for a day, what are the three things that you will do?
  37. Have you ever gossiped about someone from the group?
  38. Has your partner shared any info in the public that was too personal to you?
  39. Have you ever tasted your pet’s food?
  40. Who was your first crush?
  41. Have you ever intentionally done something to hurt your partner?
  42. Is there something about your family that you are hiding from your partner?
  43. Who do you think has the hottest body in the group?
  44. Has your partner ever found you lying?
  45. Were you ever caught stealing something?
  46. Have you ever flirted with your teacher?
  47. Which is your best excuse for being late?
  48. Have you ever stalked your ex on social media?
  49. Will, you ever go for plastic surgery, and if yes, then to correct what?
  50. What do you think is the one thing that your partner should change to strengthen your relationship?
  51. Have you ever had a crush on your partner’s sibling?
  52. Name the craziest thing that you want to do?
  53. Mountains or beaches?
  54. What is that one thing that really ticks you off in your partner?
  55. Have you ever had the hots for a colleague?
  56. Which is your most embarrassing incident during your school years?
  57. State one thing that you think that you should have never ever done
  58. Which body part fetches you most compliments?
  59. Have your ever worn your partner’s undergarments?
  60. What is that one question that you would never want to answer?
  61. Have you ever gone skinny dipping with your partner?
  62. Have you ever eaten food that you dropped on the floor?
  63. Which is the last photo clicked in your phone gallery?
  64. Have you ever wished for swapping your life with someone?
  65. Have you ever been kissed by a person of the same gender?
  66. What is the worst punishment that you ever got?
  67. Name one hidden talent that no one knows about you?
  68. Have you ever dropped your phone in the toilet?
  69. Have you ever texted your boss from the loo?
  70. What is the most illegal thing that you have ever done?
  71. What is that one thing that makes you jump and cry and at the same time?
  72. If you are allowed to sell your spouse for 10 million dollars, would you consider it?
  73. Have you ever made a tinder profile?
  74. If you could go back in time, when and where would you like to be?
  75. Has your partner ever hit you?
  76. Rate your love story on a scale of 1-10
  77. What would you prefer, a date with a spouse or a game date with friends?
  78. Have you ever faked sickness to avoid a family gathering?
  79. Does your partner know the passcode for your phone?
  80. What would you do if you get a week away from your partner?
  81. Who is the most called contact on your phone?
  82. Do you delete your phone’s call history or browsing history?
  83. Have you broken up with someone over a text message?
  84. Have you ever been too drunk in front of your parents?
  85. Have you ever stolen money from your partner’s wallet?
  86. What do you think is your biggest insecurity about your relationship?
  87. Do you think you are overly protective about your partner?
  88. Has your partner ever compared you with an ex?
  89. What thoughts were running your mind when you said: “I do”?
  90. Whom would you save first in this group, in case of fire?
  91. Which of your partner’s habits annoys your parents the most?
  92. Have you ever texted an intimate message meant for your spouse to someone else?
  93. What would you do if you found out that your partner is cheating on you?
  94. What is your least favourite time of the day that you spend with your partner?
  95. What is that one thing that changed in your partner that you wished should not have changed?
  96. Have you ever thrown up on your partner?
  97. Have you ever used your partner’s toothbrush?
  98. If you had to give up one thing, what would it be – food or sex?
  99. Have you ever danced intimately with anyone else apart from your partner?
  100. Who is your secret crush?

Dare Questions for Couples

Here are some funny dares for couples and, if have guts, some quirky and dirty dares for couples too:

  1. Call up an Indian restaurant and order Chinese food.
  2. Perform a seductive dance on a nursery rhyme.
  3. Kiss any player other than your partner.
  4. Dip a fritter in Nutella and eat it.
  5. Stand on the road and bark like a dog for a minute.
  6. Gargle with and drink apple cider vinegar.
  7. Give a piggyback ride to your partner on a busy street for 30 seconds.
  8. Like 10 posts of your ex on Instagram.
  9. Trade shoes with any other player in the group.
  10. Talk senseless things for the entire duration of the game.
  11. Call up a friend and yell at them for no reason.
  12. Mimic any other player in the group.
  13. Wear your clothes inside out for the rest of the game.
  14. Talk only by whispering for the next 10 minutes.
  15. Speak 5 sentences in any language other than English.
  16. Eat a teaspoon of cinnamon powder very slowly.
  17. Walk up to a stranger and ask them on a date.
  18. Wear make-up (man) or draw a moustache (woman) on your face for the rest of the game.
  19. Act and dance like a monkey on your favourite song.
  20. Read a page of a book in a romantic style.
  21. Take a dollop of toothpaste and wash your hands with it.
  22. Say something mean to the person sitting next to you.
  23. Hold the ice cube between your teeth until it melts completely.
  24. Dip a cookie in soya sauce and eat it.
  25. Chop off some of your hair.
  26. Hop like a bunny for a minute.
  27. Use talcum powder to give yourself a facial.
  28. Call up your favourite ordering place and ask where your order is.
  29. Kiss the person of the same sex passionately.
  30. Hold a staring competition with anyone in the group.
  31. Enact a funny scene from a movie.
  32. Wave to a stranger and pretend that you know them.
  33. Walk up to the kitchen and use adorn different vegetables as accessories.
  34. Call up your ex to and say something nasty.
  35. Unbutton your partner’s shirt without using your hands.
  36. Crawl in the room like a baby.
  37. Yell some curse words on top of your voice.
  38. Stuff your mouth with cookies, and then sing a nursery rhyme.
  39. Lift anyone in the room and take five rounds of the room.
  40. Sit on the lap of the person sitting next to you for the next three rounds.
  41. Kiss and hug a pillow.
  42. Eat a snack in the messiest way possible.
  43. Drink four glasses of water without stopping.
  44. Use your tongue to draw all the alphabets in the air.
  45. Open the freezer and stick your head in for 30 seconds.
  46. Lick the nose of the person sitting next to you.
  47. Spank your partner 20 times in a naughty way.
  48. Imitate any 10 emojis.
  49. Twerk on a nursery rhyme.
  50. Stay tied to your partner for the rest of the game.
  51. Blow on any three players’ faces.
  52. Apply make-up blindfolded to someone in the group
  53. Free rap a song about your partner.
  54. Drink three alcoholic beverages in one go.
  55. Stand on one leg and sing a song.
  56. Pick your nose in front of everyone.
  57. Chop onions as you share a funny incident.
  58. Talk to the sofa as if you are trying to woo it.
  59. Pretend to sit on a chair for two minutes.
  60. Hold a balloon between your knees for the whole duration of the game.
  61. Show everything in your bag/wallet.
  62. Upload the pic on your driver’s license on Facebook.
  63. Share a poor joke in your family group.
  64. Break an egg on your head.
  65. Send a random message to the 20th person on your contact list.
  66. Put a tape on your mouth and then try to sing a song.
  67. Make a profile on a dating app with a quirky bio.
  68. Call up your sibling and hang up abruptly in between the conversation.
  69. Dance without any music.
  70. Say all the alphabets backwards without fumbling or stopping.
  71. Let anyone else post a status on Facebook on your behalf.
  72. Let any one person go through your phone for five minutes.
  73. Smell everyone’s armpits.
  74. Pour a glass of water on your head.
  75. Call up your parents and talk gibberish.
  76. Peel a banana with your toes and feet.
  77. Moonwalk in the street for a minute.
  78. Wish ‘Happy New Year’ to everyone on the street.
  79. Show everyone your worst pic.
  80. Eat a bite of your pet’s food.
  81. Bark at every dog you see on the street.
  82. Eat a spoonful of mustard.
  83. Scare a child.
  84. Make some dirty dance moves with a mop or broom.
  85. Eat a spoonful of any three condiments.
  86. Wear your underwear on your head for 10 minutes.
  87. Act like anyone’s pet for 10 minutes.
  88. Give a foot massage to the person on your right.
  89. Trade your pants with the person on your left.
  90. Drink a raw egg.
  91. Act like you are walking on the ramp and pout for the cameras.
  92. Keep doing push-ups for three rounds of the game.
  93. Ask a stranger to kiss you.
  94. Lick the floor.
  95. Let the person sitting next to you draw on your face with a marker pen.
  96. Juggle with three eggs.
  97. Let the person sitting on your right slap you hard.
  98. Put your arm in a filled trash can for a minute.
  99. Pole dance with an imaginary pole.
  100. Say ‘banana’ after every sentence until the game is over.
  101. Jump like a frog in the front yard.

Romantic Dare Questions for Couples

When you are cosy, these romantic dare questions will be just perfect to spice up the evening. Choose any from these good truth or dare questions for couples and make your evening memorable.

  1. Kiss your spouse/partner like you were in a romantic comedy.
  2.  Go live on your most-used social media account and declare your love for your partner.
  3. Do the laundry for the entire next week.
  4. Twerk along to any drab tune till the music stops.
  5. Describe how you felt when you first saw your partner.
  6. Flirt with your partner for a minute.
  7. Tell your partner an erotic fantasy.
  8. Read a book in a romantic style.
  9. Express your love for your partner in a text message using only emojis.
  10. Cook a delicious meal in around 40 minutes.
  11. Get down on one knee and propose to your partner with a joke.
  12. Dance without music for two minutes.
  13. Crossdress and take pictures. Send them to your close friends and family.
  14. Whistle your favourite song.
  15. Pick a fight with the wall.

We hope you will include these fun and exciting truth and dare options to make the game more thrilling and memorable for your guests!

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