What Kind of Wife Are You? Find Out!

What Kind of Wife Are You?

The old ball-and-chain marriage jokes have been doing the rounds since forever. Your husband seems to be happy enough with you but sometimes you ponder upon the kind of wife you are? Loving, dominating, crazy, or all-in-one? Well, we’ve created a list for you to find out!

If you were to choose an adjective to describe your wifely qualities, what would it be? You think you’re a mixed bag of everything so pinpointing one is difficult. Not anymore! Find out what kind of wife you are by checking which category describes you the closest.

What Kind of a Wife Are You?

1. Dominating Wife

Understanding whether dominating fits the bill is easy. Is your motto “my way or the highway”? If yes, you can do anything to have things work as you want. Though you don’t employ Hitler’s coercion techniques, your subtle cajoling is aimed to get the same result. Smart moves, we say.

2. Possessive Wife

Your man is yours alone. No other woman is allowed to bask in his attention or even catch his eyes. You feel bereft if you don’t have constant updates on his activities. The jealous wife in you would probably appreciate gifting him a set of horse blinders and make him use it every time he steps out of home!

3. Supportive Wife

You’re the rock that your partner can lean on whenever things get rough. You are caring, patient, and extremely supportive of him no matter what the situation. If the crisis is a financial one, you don’t think twice before taking on the role of a responsible wife and helping him out.

4. Independent Wife

You were born to be free. You hate bindings of any kind and hold your independence over everything else. You’re a modern woman who doesn’t subscribe to the conventional rules of how a wife should be. You make, break, and re-make your rules to suit your life.


5. Martyr Wife

You love sacrificing your happiness for others, true to the traditional “me-last” philosophy women have always been taught. It’s nice that you want to bring joy to other’s lives, but you cannot light candles when your flame is blown out right? Make sure you start thinking about yourself too or you’ll turn into a melodramatic and depressed wife. Oops!

6. Cranky Wife

Your husband tiptoes around you as he doesn’t know what might get on your nerves or hurt you. You can’t help it if you’re over-sensitive, can you? Tears are your best friend (and your secret weapon) any time you want to get your way.

7. Clingy Wife

You got married young or maybe you never really put much faith in yourself from the start. Either way, you find that you are uncomfortable without your man by your side. You prefer the familiarity of your home and dread having to step out into the big bad world.

Unable to find which of the different types of wives you are? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Most of the wives out there are actually type 8 – complete sweethearts who go about filling their homes with happiness and joy! We are sure you’re a little bit of everything and that’s what makes you special. Everyone appreciates the all-in-one kind of wife that you are!

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