25 Fun & Exciting Challenges For Couples To Spice Up A Relationship

25 Exciting Challenges For Couples To Spice Up Their Relationship

Love, trust, care, and understanding are some of the essential ingredients of a healthy relationship. This list should also have room for some fun and adventure to keep your love life all spiced up. Indeed, you cannot travel back in time, but you can surely refresh those treasured moments by indulging in fun activities for couples! Browse this post to know some awesome challenges that can get some excitement in your life!

Best Couple Challenges to Try With Your Partner

Do not let any monotony set in your relationship, and perk up your love life with some of these couple challenge ideas! These challenges are essential to rekindle the lost spark in your relationship!

Fun Challenges For Couples

Here are some fun challenges for couples:

  1. Laugh and Lose: This crazy challenge requires you not to laugh to be a winner! You have to watch any funny movie or video together, and the catch is not to laugh during the entire duration of the video. The one who laughs first will be the loser and will have to do the dishes or any punishment beforehand!
  2. You Can’t Say ‘No’ Challenge: Now, this can get so wild and exciting to play. The rules are relatively simple, you and your partner cannot say ‘no’ to anything that the other person asks them to do, and if they say ‘no,’ they lose a point. You can get experimental and make your partner do all sorts of crazy stuff that you have been thinking about!
  3. Gargle-and-Sing Challenge: It doesn’t matter whether you and your partner are good singers. When it comes to singing with water in the mouth, it can get sheer crazy! The idea is not to spill water but also try and sing a song that the partner can guess. If the partner cannot figure out the song, you lose a point!
  4. The Pause Challenge: This couple’s challenge is straightforward, simple, and can be played for an extended period, say a day or even for the entire week. The rules are simple; whenever the partner says ‘pause’, you have to pause and stop doing whatever you are doing. You can decide the duration of the ‘pause’ and how many times each partner gets to ‘pause’ the other!
  5. Guess the Scent/Smell Challenge: Usually, people have some favorites and some absolute turnoffs regarding smells or scents associated with their partners! This challenge requires you to make those guesses, but you will be blindfolded as you guess. So, get ready to sniff some dirty socks, sweaty tees, his favorite cologne, or other such stuff, and the partner with the maximum correct answers will be the winner!
  6. Look for the Picture: Not all challenges have to be easy, you can try some difficult ones, and we assure you that these will be equally fun ones to indulge in. Give any weird combination to your partner and ask him or her to look for images matching your definition on the internet. For example, a turtle riding an elephant, a dog getting a manicure, and so on. The idea is to be as weird as you can get!
  7. Guess the Song: This is an exciting and musical challenge for the partners who love singing games. Choose a few songs for each other and play them just for a few seconds, or play only the instrumental bit from the song for some time for the partner to guess. The challenge is to see who can get maximum correct guesses!
  8. Swap the Routine: Most individuals with spouses think that what they do is more complex and taxing than what their better halves do! You can know what your partner goes through when you swap places and do each other’s routines or chores for the entire day. You can make it more challenging by swapping responsibilities for the whole weekend or the week!
  9. Staring Contest: No blinking, and that is just what you are required to do in this challenge! Sit opposite each other, preferably on a dining table, and look into each other’s eyes! The challenge is to keep staring at each other as long as you can, and that too without blinking, and the one who blinks first will lose the game.
  10. Make the Emoji Face: Using emojis while texting is something that we all do. But can we make emojis? This is what the challenge is all about! Both you and your partner have to decide on emoji faces and see who can imitate the maximum number of emojis.

Love Challenges For Couples

Now that you know some crazy and fun couple challenge ideas, take it a step ahead with some love challenges. Here are some of them.

  1. Treasure Hunt: This age-old game can be a fun couple’s date challenge. Just write a few love notes and hide them in different corners of the house. Give clues to your partner to find these notes and do the same for your partner. See who finds all the letters first and then read them together to feel all loved!
  2. Love Scrabble: Get more romance and love to the usual game of scrabble. This challenge will be on a whole new level because all you are allowed is to make words that relate to love, for example, hug, kiss, care, etc. You can make it more interesting by enacting the verbs that anyone makes in the game!
  3. Touch and Tell: This challenge can be very romantic and, at the same, a tad bit tricky! Blindfold your partner, take his or her finger, take it on any of your body, and place it there for a few seconds. The blindfolded partner has to guess the body part on which the finger is placed. The blindfolded partner cannot stroke or use more than one finger, and that’s what makes it more fun!
  4. Dress-Up Challenge: This may sound like a simple challenge, but it can be utterly romantic to dress up your partner in a way you like. You can choose the clothes, shoes, and other such accessories that you want your partner to wear. The act of dressing up the love of your life for a day or a week can be an absolute delight for both of you!
  5. Pose Like a Celeb: Collect some celeb pictures of each gender and take out an image one by one and ask each other to pose like the celeb in the picture. While one poses, the other clicks the pics and, in the end, sees all the pics together to check who did a pro job of posing like an actual celeb! It a great challenge to share some romantic laughs and giggles in the process!
  6. The Hugging Challenge: Who does not like to hug the love of their lives, but this challenge requires both of you to keep hugging until either of you gives up. Well, the one who gives up hugging will be the loser!
  7. Enact a Movie Scene: This challenge is a role play where both partners can decide to enact a famous scene from their favorite sitcom or movie. The idea is to dress up the same way as the on-screen characters and even say the dialogues in the same way! Both of you will love doing this challenge!
  8. Distracting Karaoke: Just like regular karaoke, one of you will be singing the song, but the catch is the distraction that the other partner will cause as their partner sings. The non-singing partner can kiss, hug, make faces or perform other such acts or gestures to distract the singing partner. The partner who completes maximum songs without fumbling will be the winner.
  9. Write Funny Love Poems: Writing some funny love poems can be extremely fun and very challenging. You can use any famous love poems and change the lyrics to recreate something of your own. The one who writes the funniest poetry will get more points.
  10. Do the Task: Take a jar and write down whatever you want the other partner to do. This is a great way to make your partner do what you want them to do, but the catch is that all the chits are placed together in the jar. So, any of you can take out any chit, which means that you stand a fair chance to get the task you want your partner to do!

YouTube Challenges For Couples

1. The Dress Up Challenge: You can have the time of your life with this fun challenge! Each partner has to pick a few outfits from their closet that they want their partner to wear. It will be utterly amusing to see your partner dress up in your clothes. It can be easy for girls to slip into loose baggy jeans and hoodies, but it can be tricky for men to slip into sheer dresses or jumpsuits!

2. Who Knows the Other Better: This is a tricky challenge that gauges how well couples know each other. Before you set your foot to play this game, you should decide on a set of questions that you plan to pop and keep a few papers and pens handy. As you read out the questions one by one, write down the answer and show the answer to each other when the buzzer clicks. The one who gets maximum rights, in the end, will be the winner!

3. What’s in Your Mouth: Go crazy with your partner playing this fun and quirky game that involves blindfolding each other and guessing what the other partner puts in your mouth! Well, it sounds simple, but it can be very tricky when you get some weird-tasting foods to taste and have to guess them. See who gets the maximum correct guesses, and the one who loses should make dinner for the rest of the week!

4. Not my Arms: Basic tasks such as plucking eyebrows, applying mascara, putting on cologne, etc., will be done in this challenge, but it’s the partner who will perform these tasks on you. You can write down a few tasks on paper chits and place them in a jar. The one taking out the chit will perform the task on the partner!

5. Conjoined Twin Challenge: This couple’s adventure challenge requires you and your partner to act like conjoined twins. You have to slip together in an oversized tee and track pants and try and do some basic stuff together such as hula hooping, skipping a rope, and other such activities that are otherwise simple to perform but can get challenging in this position. Perform as many tasks and activities as you can in a time limit that you set for yourselves!

You can enjoy these activities anytime and anywhere with your partner as all you need is each other! Performing such activities together is a great way to revitalize your love life. You can also make changes or tweak the challenges according to your liking and spice up your love life!

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