How To Get Pregnant With Twins

How To Get Pregnant With Twins

Giving birth to a child is one of the most rewarding experiences for a woman. Some bring double happiness into their lives with twins. While most twin pregnancies are unplanned, having twins isn’t always luck. You can increase your chances of having twins ( or even triplets) if you take certain measures such as the consumption of certain herbs and different sex positions.

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How To Conceive Twins?

There are two kinds of twins: identical and fraternal.

Fraternal twins, also known as dizygotic twins, are developed when the sperm fertilises two eggs. These twins are usually of opposite genders. They don’t share the same placenta or even the same genetic makeup.

Identical twins share the same placenta and the same genes. Also known as monozygotic twins, the gender of the twins is usually the same, with a few exceptions. In this case, the sperm fertilises an egg that later splits into separate embryos.

Factors That Increase Your Chances of Conceiving Twins

Studies show that women who have twins in their family have a greater likelihood of conceiving twins themselves. Apart from that, other factors that play a role are:

1. Multiple Pregnancies

Conceiving numerous times increases the chances of split or dual fertilisation. After the first time, conceiving becomes a lot easier and therefore, having twins becomes a definite possibility.

2. Your Body Type

Studies have proved that taller and heavier women stand a better chance of conceiving twins as compared to shorter and thinner women. Ladies who swear by a low-fat diet have a reduced chance of giving birth to twins.

3. Heredity

As mentioned earlier, genetics has a lot to do with having twins. Heredity doubles your chances if it’s on your mom’s side. Having a pair of twins in your partner’s family won’t increase your odds.  Hyperovulation may be a hereditary condition and if that holds true, then the chances of your partner’s family history of having twins may not affect you as much.

4. Your Age

Women above the age of 30 produce follicle-stimulating hormones which increase the chances of having twins. These hormone levels support the release of high amounts of eggs during ovulation, thereby increasing the chances of having more than one baby.

5. Ethnicity

Your race plays an important role, as well. The twinning rates in Asia and Latin America are less than eight per 1,000 births. Women of European or African origin stand better a chance of conceiving twins.

6. Height

It’s believed that women who are taller (about 5′ 4.8″) are more likely to conceive twins than women averaging 161.8 cm (about 5′ 3.7″).

7. Fertility Treatments

Some fertility treatments like IVF can drastically increase your chances of becoming pregnant with twins. That’s because some fertility drugs stimulate the ovaries to release more than one egg at the time of ovulation.

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Ways To Conceive Twins Naturally

If you’re wondering how to increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins, try these natural ways:

1. Delay Your Next Pregnancy

While multiple pregnancies can increase your chance of having twins, not taking a break between two pregnancies can reduce your chances.

2. Try to Conceive While Breastfeeding

Prolactin is a component that your body produces while you’re breastfeeding. This component has been known to increase your chances of getting pregnant and conceiving twins.

3. Increase Your Consumption of Dairy Products

Several growth hormones are found in milk and other dairy products made from cow milk, therefore it’s consumption is suggested if you want to conceive twins.

5. Ask Your Partner to Consume Zinc-Rich Foods

Since zinc-rich foods accelerate the production of sperms, your partner should consume more of them. There are high chances that the fertilisation process helps in conceiving twins.

6. Eat Protein-Rich Foods

Since a lot of your chances of conceiving twins depends upon hyperovulation, protein-rich foods may be helpful to promote the same. Whole grains, tofu, soy isoflavones and especially yams help hyper-stimulate your ovaries, thereby increasing the chances of having twins.

7. Take Folic Acid Supplements

Although debated, this method has nonetheless shown some good results while trying to conceive twins. It is advised to take supplements as it’s known to prevent neural tube defects.

8. Sex Positions

Apart from the methods mentioned above, it is widely believed that certain sex positions increase the chances of conceiving twins. Read on to find out more.

Fertility Treatments That Can Result in Twins

You would have a better shot at conceiving twins if you chose fertility treatments over natural methods. Some of the treatments are:

1. IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

This method is usually teamed with fertility drugs to boost chances. In simple terms, sperms are injected directly into the uterus which may fertilise more eggs than in the natural method.

2. IVF (In vitro Fertilization)

The gambit in this treatment is that the number of embryos placed in the uterus makes all the difference. Since multiple embryos are implanted, the likelihood of more than one embryo surviving increases. In fact, women have even been known to conceive identical twins by using this method.

Fertility Treatments That Can Result in Twins

Fertility Supplements And Drugs To Conceive Twins

Sometimes, it’s best to team two methods together for better results. As mentioned above, IUI is an excellent example of teaming treatment and drugs to enhance chances of conceiving twins. The basic idea behind these drugs or supplements is that it will regulate hormones while also promoting a healthy reproductive system. And, most importantly it will ensure that more eggs are released that can fertilise with sperms.

Listed below are supplements and drugs that can help boost the process.


1. Pergonal

This is used to treat infertility and as a supplement with other hormonal medicines during IVF

2. Clomid

This fertility medicine facilitates ovulation

3. Humegon

This medicine releases the follicle-stimulating hormone which helps in ovulation


1. Progesterone

This is also known as the pregnancy hormone, and is crucial in sustaining pregnancy.

2. Folic Acid Supplements

This help eliminate congenital disabilities, especially those related to the spine and nervous system.

3. Gonadotropin

These hormones are responsible for the production of the sex hormones which also stimulates ovulation.

Fertility Herbs For Having Twins

Here are a few useful fertility herbs that can boost your chances of conceiving twins.

1. Licorice Root

This sweet little herb is known to be quite a champion in helping conceive twins. It helps in the process of ovulation by regulating the menstrual cycle, while also regulating hormonal levels, thereby improving fertilisation.

2. Maca Root

Due to its role as an adaptogen, this root helps in a healthy reproduction process in the female body. In fact, this herb accelerates fertility in both females and males, thereby improving the chances of conceiving twins.

3. Flaxseed oil

This helps not just in creating a hormonal balance but also promotes better fertility in females. It also helps in regulating the menstrual cycle, thereby aiding ovulation and making conception easier.

4. Evening Primrose Oil

Apart from the other benefits of primrose oil, a lot of positive results have been seen as far as conception is concerned.

5. Sweet Cassava

Best taken through supplements, this herb helps with hyperovulation.

6. Chaste Tree Berry

This helps in promoting double-ovulation, while also keeping cysts at bay and therefore aids in the process of conceiving twins.

7. Black Cohosh

This is another natural substance that promotes fertility and conception of twins.

What Are the Risks of Conceiving Twins?

Twin pregnancies come with their own risks. Some of them are:

  • Low birth weight
  • Premature delivery
  • Stillbirth
  • Congenital disabilities like cerebral palsy and autism
  • Diabetes during pregnancy
  • Preeclampsia
  • Need for a C-section


What Are the Risks of Conceiving Twins?

1. How Common Are Twins?

Twins are fairly uncommon, at least in India. But with fertility treatments increasing the incidence of twins, the numbers are constantly increasing.

2. I Have Twins in My Family. Does That Increase My Chances?

Genetics play an important role, and you stand a good chance of conceiving twins if there is a pair in your family. However, even genetics don’t come with a guarantee.

3. What are the Facts and Myths of having Twins?

Whether you are trying to conceive twins or merely exploring the possibility, you will come across several facts and fictions. Some of them are listed below:

  • Therapies such as aromatherapy, acupuncture, flower essences naturopathy or even chiropractic procedures do not increase the chances of having twins.
  • While genetics play an important role when it comes to conceiving twins, the finding that they alternate or skip generations is only a myth.
  • While eating proteins and dairy products accelerate ovulation, they do not guarantee conceiving twins.
  • Though age and weight can make a huge difference, it may not be the only deciding factor when it comes to conceiving twins.

While getting pregnant with twins can prove to be quite challenging, you can surely attempt the above-mentioned methods if you have your heart set on having twins.

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