Quit These 8 Bad Habits Before Pregnancy

Quit These 8 Common Habits Before Pregnancy for a Healthier Baby!

To be able to conceive, it is important to get rid of any habits that can prove unhealthy for you and hinder your chances of getting pregnant. Quit smoking, limit your consumption of alcoholic drinks, avoid oily fast food and keep your stress levels controlled as these may result in increased risk of infertility or lead to premature birth.

Bad habits are hard to break and when it comes to planning for a baby, you need to pay more attention to your health. Drugs, alcohol and smoking can harm your body and can be the possible reasons for complications during pregnancy. These factors can also interfere with your ability to conceive that is why you need to kick these bad habits before you prepare for motherhood.

Eight Bad Habits to Quit before Pregnancy

1. Smoking

Kick the butt before you try to get pregnant, as it can make conception harder to achieve and lead to premature delivery and neonatal complications after you do get pregnant. The nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar content in cigarettes can badly affect your embryo’s growth and lungs. Attend local smoking cessation programs and try nicotine patches and gums. Stay away from people who may tempt you to smoke. Passive smoking is equally harmful to your health, so try and avoid the company of the smokers around you.

2. Alcohol

If you are trying to get pregnant, you should keep a check on your alcohol consumption as heavy drinking can interfere with the process of conceiving. It can increase your risk of having a miscarriage and premature birth. Your developing baby’s brain and nervous system can also get affected, which might lead to foetal alcohol syndrome. When you are drinking with a company, choose to drink a juice or smoothie instead of an alcoholic drink. Opt for a small glass of wine instead of a hard-drink, if you must.

3. Prescription Drugs

Beware of the prescription drugs, categorised as C, D and X with regard to pregnancy. Category C drugs have shown adverse effects in animal studies, drugs from category D have indicated potential foetal risks and Category X drugs have shown foetal abnormalities. Thus, take your doctor’s advice before taking a prescription drug. Attend preconception counselling that can help you understand the side effects of such drugs.

4. Caffeine

As per some experts, more than two cups of coffee a day or any other sources of caffeine may contribute to fertility problems and an increased risk of miscarriage. Experts suggest you can consume 200mg of caffeine a day during pregnancy or better switch to decaf and herbal tea instead.


5. Junk Food

Binging on junk and oily food may affect the health of the developing baby during pregnancy and you are most likely to have an overweight baby. Indulging in junk food puts you at the risk of packing on kilos yourself, thus raising the risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery. Consume a well-balanced, healthy diet with a limited intake of junk food and sugar before the pregnancy period.

6. Sugar

Consuming a lot of sugar in the form of ice-creams and candies at the time of pregnancy may give your baby a sweet tooth. If you are pregnant with high glucose levels during pregnancy, then chances are your baby might have an increased risk of becoming diabetic in later life. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruits.

7. Stress

Being stressed is not exactly a habit one voluntarily gets into, but it’s essential to try and keep the stress at bay when trying for pregnancy. Stress can interfere with the results of fertility treatments and also can affect the pregnancy. Try to relax by doing exercises, yoga techniques and seeking family support.

8. Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep might result in an increased risk of high blood pressure. In case, you are not snoozing for more than five hours a night, you might be at the risk of developing preeclampsia when you are pregnant. Sleep for at least eight hours every night and improve your sleeping habits. Try not to stay up late to watch TV or work late hours.

The sooner you kick these harmful habits, the better it will be for you, your pregnancy and your baby. Adopting healthy habits before conception will go a long way when you are pregnant and also while raising your baby into a health-conscious human being.

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