10 Simple & Effective Tips on How to Entertain a Baby

How to Entertain a Baby – 10 Effective Ways

Taking care of a baby and If your baby is 6 months old or more, you must be looking for ways to entertain him. While there are always toys and other objects to keep babies busy but they tend to get bored of the same toys easily. So, here are a few tips that will help you to keep your baby engaged and entertained for long.

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10 Easy Tips to Entertain Your Baby

While a baby may keep him busy and happy with new things that he may find on his way, he would also get bored rather quickly. Thankfully, there are some ways that may help you in keeping him engaged and entertained for hours at end.

1. Use Random Objects Around the House

What a baby needs more than anything is more stimulation in the form of different objects to play around with. You can place his fancy toys or blocks or gather some plates from the kitchen, take a few old objects out of the cupboard, plastic containers from the shelves, and arrange them all around your little one. As you start creating towers from them or putting one object inside the other, your baby’s brain will kick into action and he will use those objects in every way possible.

A baby crawling towards a toy

2. Let Your Little One Talk About the World Around Him

As babies start growing up, they begin to make attempts to talk and communicate with people around them. Some babies tend to be quite talkative, while a few others may require a little encouragement to do so. If you spot your toddler getting bored, start talking to him and ask him to tell you what he’s doing. Let him form words, clap his hands together, or even shout out and scream. The more expressive he is, the more he will start enjoying talking to others.

3. Introduce New Things to Your Baby

We tend to take a lot of things around us for granted. But this is a new world if you start seeing it from the eyes of your baby. Take a light switch for example. The act of pressing a button and seeing a bulb light up may seem normal to you but is actually quite magical for a baby. Introduce your little munchkin to multiple aspects like these, and join in their awe as well. The more surprised you will act, the more he will feel like he has someone to share his emotions with. The doorbell is another favourite and it can be interesting to track down the source of the sound.

4. Make Funny Faces or Use Masks

Entertaining a baby who is 3 months old can seem a little tricky since he cannot understand the numerous things happening around him easily. But babies at this age do have a good idea about facial expressions and the people they are getting used to. This is precisely why babies seem to laugh and enjoy something that seems strange and weird because it is quite funny for them. Make funny sounds and weird faces. Your baby will have a rollicking time and will want you to keep doing the same action, again and again.

A mother and baby having fun together

5. Let Your Baby Get Used to Sounds

A baby’s sense of hearing is the strongest at this stage. Even the slightest sounds can cause a baby to turn around or behave in a different manner, causing him to respond to it as well. At times, a specific sound could cause a child to laugh or even shout out as a way of communicating with it. Use different objects to make sounds, including plastics and steel utensils. A box of wafers can turn into a small toy that he can shake around and listen to the sound. Give him an empty box which can be slammed or kicked to make sounds.

6. Introduce a Toy as a Friend That Can Crawl with the Baby

As a baby begins to crawl around the house, he will need some encouragement to keep going, like a companion to keep his interest levels high. Use a toy that your baby likes and keep it at a distance from him. Let him spot it with his eyes and make attempts to reach it. Try to get a soft toy or a safe object that you can tie a string to. As your baby crawls, you can make the object move along with him as well. This can help him feel like having a friend who crawls along together.

7. Read Stories as Vividly as You Can

Most of the times, your baby’s entertainment stems from your interactions with him. While your little one may not be able to understand your conversations or when you tell him about the things happening on television or the stories you read to him, he is definitely listening to them intently and picking up on repetitive patterns. Try to procure books that have pictures and colourful imagery that your baby can look at. Make sit on your lap, read out the stories to him or just make up your own. Your baby will be transfixed completely.

A mother reading to her baby

8. Turn the House Into a Disco

Just like their listening skills, most babies tend to respond positively to music. Human bodies are innately built with the sense to recognize rhythm. Try playing a popular song that has a nice beat and you will see your baby rocking himself or bouncing around with excitement. Hold your baby on the shoulder and dance around with him in front of a mirror, watching him smile and laugh with glee. Clap as the music plays and your baby will attempt to mimic you as well.

9. Play Hide and Seek

When everything else fails, going for ‘hide and seek’ is a tried and tested option. The act of seeing something or someone disappearing, only to reappear suddenly is quite exciting for babies. Try this with your baby. You hide for a minute and then appear in front of him or hide his toy. Your baby will have a rollicking time.

10. Blow Soap Bubbles

If you want to take some rest but entertain your baby as well, make a quick soap solution and use a piece of bent wire to blow soap bubbles. Watching the bubbles float in the air and around him will keep the baby entertained to no end. And you can do that with minimal effort.

Figuring out a way to entertain a baby is not that difficult. A few ways mentioned above will keep your baby happy and entertained for long. Try these tricks and see your little one all excited and chirpy!

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