Is It Safe to do Facial Bleach during Pregnancy?

Facial Bleach During Pregnancy – Risks and Precautions

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When you are pregnant, you are extra careful about the medication that you encounter, since this medication can affect the baby. In the same manner, the use of some chemicals which fall under the category of cosmetics should be given a thought before using. During pregnancy, the changes that happen in your body can lead to more hair growth or darkened skin due to an increase in hormones called androgens. Increase in hair growth on the cheeks, chin, and lips especially after the second trimester (sixth month) might make you use the face bleaching products. These products are mainly skin bleaching agents which are the most common treatment for facial hair as it lightens the pigmentation of facial hair. But is bleaching during pregnancy safe? Does that worry you?

Is Facial Bleach Safe During Pregnancy?

Can I bleach my face during pregnancy? This is something that must have crossed your mind. Bleaching agents are basically a chemical substance. These chemical substances have a drug-like action which lightens the skin. It interferes with enzymatic processes that lead to the production of melanin (which darkens the skin). The active ingredients used are hydroquinone, hydrogen peroxide with ammonia, potent steroids and glutathione. There always remains a risk of applying chemicals in pregnancy. Some of these are discussed in this article.

Risks of Bleaching When Pregnant

  1. The first trimester is crucial during pregnancy because it is the phase where all the vital organs of the baby are formed. Therefore, babies are at risk.
  2. One may induce symptoms of vomiting with the fumes and smells of chemicals.
  3. Anything that you apply on the skin tends to seep inside your body through the pores present on the skin, though in a very less amount.
  4. During pregnancy skin becomes sensitive and itchy, it is advisable to rest the bleaching sessions to avoid adverse reactions on the skin.
  5. As mentioned above, some bleach may also contain steroids and hydroquinone; these ingredients can cause low birth weight in babies. Hydroquinone also comes under category C, which means that it is clinically proven and tested to induce birth defects in animals, causing stillbirth, low birth weight but not conclusive that same effect can be seen in humans.

Symptoms of Bleach Poisoning in Pregnancy


Natural and Herbal Bleaching Methods While Pregnant

The above-mentioned facts may discourage you from using bleaching agents during pregnancy. However, the truth is that you can still use bleaching agents even if you are pregnant. The bleaching agents which are natural are without any side effects. Some of the natural face bleach in pregnancy are:

  1. Use of tomato juice, it acts as a bleaching agent and lightens your facial hairs. Apply the juice for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with normal water.
  2. Mix milk and mashed ripe papaya, the combination of these two ingredients is a natural bleach.
  3. Use of turmeric and milk paste will also help in lightening hair on the face.
  4. Lemon with honey can also be a natural bleach for facial hairs.

Precautions to Take While Bleaching in Pregnancy

  • Before skin bleaching, during pregnancy, a patch test on a small area of the face to check irritation or allergy is recommended. This is because during pregnancy skin becomes sensitive due to hormonal change.
  • Rinse the face with cold water; it will help in minimizing the bleaching agent to seep into the skin as cold water helps pore shrinkage.
  • To prevent from inhaling strong bleaching fumes, it is advisable to sit in a well-ventilated area.
  • Reduce the bleaching time on the face.
  • If your skin is itchy or has rashes, never ever apply the bleach.
  • Use a bleach which has mild bleaching agents especially which are of good brands and not a local one.
  • Facial bleach done by a professional person will be advisable rather than opting to do it yourself.
  • Lastly, consult your doctor before using bleach, as it is the kind of chemical which can interfere with pregnancy.

Pregnancy for a mother is the most delicate phase of life. Therefore, care and concern is always a priority, but that doesn’t mean that beauty and care should be neglected. Use of natural products can guarantee beauty as well as the safety of the baby’s health.

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