Life or Work? Let’s Simplify It with the Magic of Love and Care!

Life or work? This is the main question that a woman is asked when she gets married, and the importance of this question increases after she has children. Her family members may support her undoubtedly, but on the contrary, they have a bull’s eye on her.  She has to maintain equilibrium between her work and her children in order to come out as a real hero.

I have two daughters, by God’s utmost grace, and I am loving the way I manage them as well as my work. I am a software engineer by profession, but after my babies were born, I changed my work front from an HR person (as I have an MBA as well) in an IT firm, to being an IT teacher in a very famous convent school. This change is not by any pressure, but by my own choice – my choice to give my babies my time, and to share my moments with them and with my family.

Hence, life, or work?

I would say, life, as it includes my babies and my family, which is my world. With them, I can work without any stress. Just don’t forget to give yourself a little bit of me-time, and that’s it! It will work like magic. And this magic will remain with you, always. These are the pretty moments at present, which you can preserve as sweet and precious memories when you become old (but beautiful as always! Mommies can grow old, but are always beautiful by their heart and soul.).

I am sure most of the lovely mommies out there can quite relate with me. So, I wish you all the best, with lots of wishes and love. Enjoy your work, as well as your time spent with your babies, because time flies very fast!

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